Here are the 8 Best Culinary Schools in Port Harcourt for Culinary enthusiasts

Have you ever wondered what makes the top culinary schools in Port Harcourt so highly regarded?

For many, cooking is an art that has withstood the test of time; advancing and rejuvenating with each generation, in this blog post, I will discuss why the schools in the blog post are highly regarded where they are located, and how they can improve your cooking skills.

Even if you are a newbie in the art and science of catering services or a professional chef seeking to improve your cooking skills, attending one of the culinary schools in Port Harcourt is the right step. Cooking is one of the many skills you should have, you can learn how to cook for your personal use.

Cooking has indeed gotten a bad reputation for being a chore, because of this thought process, a lot of people lose interest in cooking. But in the grand scheme of things, you would realize that the core of food preparation goes beyond filling hungry stomachs, you have to ensure you fill them with healthy meals.

If you are searching for a culinary school, you are in the right place because we have compiled the best catering schools in Port Harcourt. You will be coached on baking cooking, hotel management, hospitality management, cooking, pastries, menu planning, time management, food costing cooking for a larger number of people.

What Should I Consider Before Attending a Culinary School?

  • Work and life balance
  • The difficulty of the restaurant business
  • Alternative
  • flawed curriculum
  • Working in a restaurant
  • the reality of working for a chef

How Good Are Culinary Schools in Port Harcourt?

So is going to culinary school in Port Harcourt worth it? There’s not one right answer to the long-asked question. It depends on different factors, including the costs of culinary school, alternatives, career aspirations, and temperament. There are passionate arguments on all sides.

Most culinary institutions in Port Harcourt are good and conducive to learning the art and science of culinary techniques, there are also culinary schools in Lagos with certificates.

List of the Best Culinary Schools in Port Harcourt

Early Chef Culinary Academy

Early Chef Culinary Academy is one of the best culinary schools in Nigeria that focuses on culinary arts skills like knife techniques, food service, and food business entrepreneurship. You will be exposed to an excellent learning atmosphere and a staff committed to excellence in culinary education and entrepreneurship.

This particular school commits to teaching young and interested students a more unorthodox approach to culinary arts like cooking, baking, pastries, event planning, cooking for a larger number of people, and all they need to know about culinary art to become professional chefs.

Phone number: 080521211975.

Address: 6 Shell, Pipeline Street, Elimgbu, Port Harcourt.

Auma College

The Auma College teaches its students the arts and science of culinary arts and management. Auma College covers all topics in the culinary field, and it also has culinary programs to prepare its students for their culinary careers.

They also offer scholarships to some of Its students, the chefs in this culinary institute are top-notch, their culinary cuisines are excellent and they have a beautiful ambiance which makes this academy one of the best culinary schools in Port Harcourt.

Address: 32 Okilton Drive, off Ada-George Road, Port Harcourt.

Phone: 0704 504 4441.

Ample-link catering and fashion school

Ample-link Catering and Fashion School is one of the best schools in Nigeria, this establishment is a catering and fashion institute in Porth Harcourt where students both professional and novice get trained in baking, cooking, pastry making, and other culinary-related skills.

Students attending Ample-link catering and fashion school and students who have graduated from this institute are trained to become professionals in the culinary industry. The chef instructors will teach all you need to know about event management skills.

Address: Behind Boni Filling Station and Opp. St James Catholic Church Rumuogunuma Eneka/Igwuruta Road, Emeka Port Harcourt, Rivers Nigeria.

Benny Hospitality Limited

Benny Hospitality Limited is a culinary school located in Port Harcourt, for students who are interested in building their culinary skills into professional culinary skills should consider this culinary institution.

This culinary institute offers its students culinary skills from basic culinary skills to advanced culinary skills which involve national intercontinental cuisines and pastries, theories, and practicals this culinary institute is one of the best culinary schools in Port Harcourt.

Certificated offered by Benny Hospitality Limited

  • Diploma in the culinary arts
  • Basic catering certificate
  • Certificate of competency
  • Food safety certificate
  • Hygiene certificate level 1

Programs offered by Benny Hospitality Limited

  • Hotel and hospitality management
  • Vocational training

Phone: 0806 519 4071.

Email address:

Address: Q26G+J6V, Aggrey Rd, Port Harcourt 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Sovise-cook-bake Culinary school

This Sovise-cook-bake Culinary School is also one of the best culinary schools in Port Harcourt, this culinary school will teach you how to cook, take baking classes, and make pastries, and African cuisines, they have highly trained professional chef instructors who are qualified, certified, and have years of experience in the culinary arts.

This chef school has the aim of providing their culinary students with quality culinary courses, students are exposed to world-class chef training, and the teachers make sure that their students learn the art of being creative, and innovative with whatever they do in the kitchen and outside the kitchen.

After completing a culinary program at this chef school you can venture into these career opportunities chefs, caterers, food stylists, hotel chefs de cuisine, hotel food and beverage managers, test kitchens, restaurant managers, and kitchen managers.

Address: 101 Ada George Road Mile 4 Rumueme 234000, 243000, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Phone: 0803 473 8924.

CMK Culinary Arts School

This culinary institute has been approved by the city & Guilds and recognized by the International Hospitality Council (IHC), this institution teaches professional culinary, different kinds of culinary arts, and baking lessons this school is one of the best culinary schools in Port Harcourt.

CMK Culinary Arts School’s goal is to embed its students with advanced culinary skills, extensive coaching, and practical training, they also offer courses like a diploma in cooking, Nigeria cookery, level 1 cuisine, and professional certification of chefs.

The CMK is one of the most recognized award-winning culinary schools in Nigeria, and as a student, whether you are starting your cooking journey or you need advanced knowledge, there are professionals here to guide you.

Beyond teaching culinary arts this culinary institute is the only institution in Nigeria that supports its students with international partnerships and programs abroad through its internationally accredited connections.

Address: 36 Trans-Amadi Rd, rumoubiakani 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

Contact: 0803 578 2455.

Email Address:

BDI Institute of catering, home and hotel management

This culinary institute focuses on event catering, technical and vocational secondary section, culinary skills, and knife techniques which makes this culinary academy one the best culinary schools in Port Harcourt.

DOF Institute Of Catering and Hospitality is one of the catering and hospitality institutes in Port Harcourt that has the vision of training youths to become professionals in the field of catering and hotel management.

DOF Institute Of Catering and Hospitality has the vision of providing training to youths to become skilled professionals in the field of hotel management and catering.

Phone: 0803 309 5376.

Address: 10 Peace Place Off Peace Drive Opp First Bank, Rumuodara, Best catering schools fashion, Port Harcourt.

DOF Institute Of Catering and Hospitality

DOF Institute Of Catering and Hospitality is one of the best culinary schools in Port Harcourt, This catering and hospitality institute has the vision of training youths to become professionals in the field of catering and hotel management.

This culinary school has the vision of providing training to youths to become skilled professionals in the field of hotel management and catering which makes it one of the best culinary schools in Porth Harcourt, the learning environment provided for the students is comfortable and conducive for proper learning.

Phone: 0802 540 8061

Address: DOF Institute of Catering and Hospitality is Located at No. 10 Lord Emmanuel Close, Rumuomasi in Port Harcourt.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Meaning of Catering?

Catering can be referred to as the art and science of delivering food service at a slight site or a site such as a hospital, hotel, pub, cruise ship, aircraft, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site, or event venue for profit.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, catering is said to be the provision of food and drink at a social event or another gathering.

What is the No. 1 Culinary School in Nigeria?

The Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School is the number one culinary school in Nigeria, seeking to groom, teach, and equip individuals with the skills needed to create, replicate, and re-vamp the finest cuisine from around the globe

How Long does it take to Study the Culinary Arts in Nigeria?

The duration of studying the culinary arts in Nigeria varies. Studying the culinary arts can be from three months, one year, two years, three years, or four years depending on what you choose while registering, you can choose a program that is longer or shorter the choice is yours to make.

What’s the Highest Culinary Degree you can Acquire?

People often ask this question “What’s the highest culinary degree”? the answer to this question is a master’s degree in culinary arts, the master’s program is for students who know what they want to achieve in the culinary world. Master’s level studies involve focused training with upper-tier chefs and mastery of particular culinary disciplines. Master’s studies in business and management also serve chefs who have ambitions beyond the kitchen walls.


Many other catering schools were not listed above due to the unavailability of information. Culinary schools in Port Harcourt play a crucial role in shaping the culinary landscape of the region and beyond.

Through their comprehensive programs, experienced instructors, and hands-on training, these schools equip aspiring chefs with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive culinary industry.

As Port Harcourt continues to evolve as a hub for gastronomy and culinary innovation, these institutions will undoubtedly remain instrumental in nurturing culinary talents and contributing to the vibrant culinary scene of the city.


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