10 best culinary schools in Nigeria

This is an article about culinary schools in Nigeria, I have compiled a list of the best culinary schools in Nigeria where you can learn basic culinary skills like baking, cooking, frying, and African cuisines.

These culinary schools in Nigeria offer quality courses because the culinary institute maintains certain academic standards.

In this article, you will be able to find any culinary school that aligns with your choice, interest, and personality in Nigeria, there are also free online culinary courses.

Top culinary art courses

  • Bachelors in Hospitality Management – Culinary Specialisation.
  • BVoc in Bakery and Cookery.
  • BA in Culinary Arts.
  • Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts.
  • BVoc in Culinary Operations.
  • BSc in Culinary Science.
  • BHM with Culinary Arts.
  • BA in International Culinary Arts.

Skills taught in culinary schools

  • Varieties of knife skill
  • Sauce Skills
  • Cooking With Herbs And Spices
  • Baking procedures
  • Different Cooking Methods
  • Knowledge About Nutritional Science.

List of best culinary schools in Nigeria

  • Redish chronicles
  • Syda culinary academy
  • CMK Culinary Arts School
  • Abuja Culinary School
  • Chef’s Academy Abuja
  • FOOD PERFECT Institute of Culinary Arts
  • Sovise-cook-bake culinary schoolAuma College
  • Crumbles Chef Academy
  • Chopsity School of Culinary and Hospitality Management

1. Redish chronicles

Redish chronicles culinary school is an institution-approved center by ILM, this culinary school has different branches in both Lagos and Abuja where their culinary services consist of large-scale catering.

Their learning duration ranges from 3 weeks to 1 year and it’s a place for students looking to get a career in the culinary world, this institution aims to train its students in different aspects of the culinary study.

Address: sterling bank Boulevard Plot 990, By Grandsquare/Leventis Motors, opposite Tuwo place, Central Business District 900211, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

Contact: 09092222208

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2. Syda culinary academy

This culinary academy has been approved by the government, this culinary school was established to teach students various ways of cooking, baking, frying and even making pastries.

This institution also offers long courses which cover continental dishes, food business entrepreneurship, African culinary arts, baking, and pastry. Syda culinary academy is the best place to build your culinary career.

Address: Besides Gemstone Stores, 35 Airport Road, Okurede Urhobo 332211, Wado City, Delta

Contact: 09070400010

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3. CMK Culinary Arts School

This culinary institute has been approved by the city & Guilds and recognized by the international hospitality Council (IHC), this institution teaches professional culinary, different kinds of culinary arts, and baking lessons.

CMK Culinary Arts School’s goal is to embed its students with advanced culinary skills, extensive coaching, and practical pieces of training, they also offer courses like a diploma in cooking, Nigeria cookery, level 1 cuisine, and professional certification of chefs.

Address: 39, Osolo Way Ajao Estate Lagos Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria

Contact: 0803 578 2455

Email Address: info@cmkculinary.org

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4. Abuja Culinary School

This culinary institute is one the best culinary school in Nigeria, they offer online courses for 3-6 months for a diploma in cuisine, African cuisine, continental cuisine courses, and patisserie cake baking.

This culinary academy has experienced chefs and a culinary team, they teach their students how to cook, baking of cakes, making of pastries, and a lot of different cuisines like African cuisines.

They also have different good courses, you can choose any one that matches your interest and personality.

Address: M.I.B Plaza, Gwarinpa, Abuja

Phone: 08119880434

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5. Chef’s Academy Abuja

Chef’s Academy Abuja is one of the best culinary schools in Nigeria, this culinary establishment provides its students with well-organized and well-equipped kitchens and staff.

They offer various culinary courses, including Diploma In Culinary Arts, Hygiene, Fire Safety, PastryArts, Continental, Cakes, National Cuisine, Catering Consultancy, Indoor & Outdoor Catering, Hospitality & Restaurant Management, And Chef’s Academy Junior.

Address:  33 Parakou St, Wuse 904101, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Phone: 0809 218 9734

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6. FOOD PERFECT Institute of Culinary Arts

This culinary institute provides its student with well-equipped facilities for a better culinary experience and also provide them with well-rounded professional chefs who don’t mind holding their hands throughout their culinary study.

They offer culinary courses, for three months diploma courses in continental and French Cuisine / National cuisine and Pastries, this culinary establishment is also one of the best culinary schools in Nigeria.

Address: 5b Chief Nna Layout Artillery, Aba Road Between 1st and 2nd Artillery, Rumuogba, Port Harcourt

Phone: 0809 782 7117

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7. Sovise-cook-bake culinary school

This culinary institute is also one of the best culinary schools in Nigeria, this culinary school will teach you how to cook, take baking classes, making of pastries, and African cuisines, they have highly trained professional chef instructors.

Address: 101 Ada George Road Mile 4 Rumueme 234000, 243000, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Phone: 0803 473 8924

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8. Auma College

This culinary institute teaches its students the arts and science of culinary arts and management. Auma College covers all topics in the culinary field, and they also have culinary programs to prepare its students for their culinary careers.

They also offer scholarships to some of Its students, the chefs in this culinary institute are top-notch, their culinary cuisines are excellent and they have a beautiful ambiance.

Address: 32 Okilton Drive, off Ada-George Road, Port Harcourt

Phone: 0704 504 4441

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9. Crumbles Chef Academy

Crumbles Chef Academy is one the best culinary school in Nigeria, this culinary institute focuses on basic culinary techniques, and procedures they not only teach you how to cook but also teach you how to be successful.

they also offer culinary programs such as the Amateur chef program, professional chef program, young chef, and also courses like day courses.

Address: 21 deco medical rd, chevy view estate, off Chevron Dr, Lekki

Phone: 0803 338 7883

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10. Chopsity School of Culinary and Hospitality Management

Chopsity School of Culinary and Hospitality Management is also one of the best culinary schools in Nigeria, in this academy, you’ll get to understand the fundamentals of culinary art and Hospitality management.

Their pastry training, and continental, and national cuisines are top notch they also offer programs for three months of diploma courses in continental and French Cuisine / National cuisine and Pastries.

Address: C/O Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies (IFEDS Road1- Adesakin Footpath Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife

Phone: 0803 790 7877

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Culinary Schools In Nigeria

How long does it take to study culinary?

The duration of studying culinary varies, learning culinary can be from 3 months to 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and even 4 years depending on what you choose while registering, the challenge is yours.

What’s the highest culinary degree?

people often ask this question What’s the highest culinary degree/, the answer to this question is a master’s degree in culinary arts, the master’s program is for students who know what they want to achieve in the culinary world.

What are the levels of culinary?

#1. Purchasing manager
#2. Station chef
#3. Junior chef
#4. Executive chef
#5. kitchen porter
#6. Head chef
#7. Deputy chef

Is culinary a 4-year course

Studying culinary can take up to four years that’s if you want complete a bachelor’s degree in culinary art because getting a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree comes with a lot of opportunities in the culinary world.


This is the end of this article on the best culinary schools in Nigeria, if you are in attending a culinary school in Nigeria I hope you have been able to find an excellent culinary school to attend.


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