11 Best Plant-based Chef Training Programs to Master the Art

How can you create a culinary revolution celebrating health, sustainability, and creativity through plant-based chef training?

The answers to your questions lie in this article, I have compiled a list of 11 plant-based chef training for people interested in learning how to make plant-based meals whether you are a vegetarian or not, you can learn new recipes and procedures for cooking healthy meals.

As the world embraces sustainability, health-consciousness, and culinary innovation, the demand for skilled plant-based chefs is skyrocketing, I know most of us love the idea of learning how to make these meals but you need to know about the training, the cost, and how it can upgrade your skills.

Plant-based chef training programs have emerged as the cornerstone of this gastronomic revolution, offering aspiring chefs a gateway to mastering the art of creating exquisite dishes solely from the bounty of nature, like the popular saying health is wealth and in to be healthy you have to eat healthy meals.

In this article, we delve into the captivating realm of plant-based chef training, exploring its significance, methodologies, and the profound impact it has on shaping the future of food.

What Does the term “Plant-based Diet” Mean?

A plant-based meal can be referred to as eating patterns that focus on food primarily from plants, these include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oil, whole grains, legumes, and beans, you do not need to be a vegetarian to take or make plant-based meals, you can still eat meat or dairy products.

Most nutrition research has proven diets such as the Mediterranean and vegetarian diets to have benefits like reducing the risk of developing coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, increased longevity, and certain cancers (colon, prostate, and breast cancer).

This pattern of eating also decreases depression, and in advanced adults, the risk of fragility, it also increases mental and physical performance, plant-based diets offer all the necessary carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, fats, and minerals for optimal health, some vegetarians may need to add supplements — just to make sure.

List of Plant-based Chef Training Programs

Below are the best plant-based chef training programs.

Diploma in Plant-based Culinary Arts

The diploma in plant-based culinary arts is a training program offered by Le Cordon Blue which is recognized as one of the best culinary institutions in the whole world, this program will enlighten you about the preparation of delicious meals solely from plants and being creative while making a plant-based meal.

This program has six modules:

  • Plant-Based Cuisine and Diet
  • Professional Culinary Skills and Product Knowledge
  • Vegetable and Plant Foods
  • Grains, Pulses, Nuts and Seeds
  • Specialized Plant-Based Cuisines
  • Desserts: Chocolate, Fruit and Nuts

Students will be allowed to study a wide range of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and pulses, gaining expert skills on how to curate recipes that align with the preparation of plant-based meals, you will gain knowledge of ingredients from plants, the plant-based dietary requirements will also be explained in details.

This training has a duration of three months, and your fee for this diploma will cover your learning materials, uniform, and professional knife kit. The demand for vegan, plant-based products, and restaurants is fast rising, and students will be opportune to learn about flowers, bulbs, fungi and stems, tubers, and sea vegetables.

Plant-based Cusine Diploma

Plant-based cuisine diploma is a course offered by Auguste School of Culinary Arts, it is a forty-two-week program that will help you get a focused career in the plant-based industry by learning how to make healthy meals. You can help other people live a healthy life by learning how to effectively teach what you have learned.

You will learn how to preserve ingredients to capture their peak flavor, how to fix these ingredients in an entire menu, and how to create a plant-based menu, as much as we want to live healthy lives nobody wants to eat a boring-looking meal so food styling will also be taught in this course.

Online — Plant-based Culinary Arts

The plant-based culinary arts and food operations diploma is one of the programs offered by the Institution of Culinary Education. What makes this program stand out is the fact that you can study the culinary arts in the comfort of your home because this chef training is offered online, this way you can study and work.

You will be exposed to professional training and techniques used in making plant-based meals, and fundamental knowledge about the science, technique, theory, and sustainability of making professional healthy plant-based meals, the goal of this diploma is to let you know that you do not need to put your life on hold to study.

The duration of this training is sixteen months, this program was designed by a group of professional chefs and educators from the institution of culinary education’s New York and Los Angeles campuses, in a week you will be taught how to cook a variety of dishes and cuisines, instructional videos, individual and group projects.

Live classes are usually led by chefs, assigned reading is involved in this diploma, and you can decide to view the classes live or on-demand.

Plant-based Culinary Program

The plant-based culinary program is recognized as one of the plant-based chef training offered by the Auguste School of Culinary Arts. Whether you are a novice in the culinary industry or not you are eligible to take up this program, you will learn the fundamentals and different healthy methods of making plant-based meals.

Plant-based business planning, plant-based menu planning, plant-based ingredients and seasonality, and plant-based creativity are a glimpse of the number of lessons taught in the plant-based courses offered by Auguste School of Culinary Arts. It offers a variety of programs related to plant-based meals, which I may or may not mention.

Taking up a culinary program is one of the fastest ways of getting in-depth knowledge about the niche you want to venture into and the efficient way to get a stand in the culinary industry, you will be exposed to the fundamentals of capturing and vetting a business idea, how to pitch to investors and also receive feedback from a chef instructor.

Plant One

Plant One is an online program that allows you to learn at your own pace, it is a twelve-module course that is supported by five guest chefs, this chef training covers the basic and efficient plant-based techniques, the art of plaiting, recognition of flavors, and how to style your food.

This program is offered by the Plant Academy, you can make your payment for the course at once or in installments, if you decide to pay at once the fee is four hundred euros, while the monthly installment is one hundred and fifty Euros, you can learn how to make healthy meals using plants.

Dashi, Sunomono, Lost Rice Bowl with Vegetable Treacle and Smoked Carrots, Dark and Light Stock, Miso Soup, and Chard Hemp Tamales, are the recipes you will be exposed to during the nuts, seeds, and cream session, you will first master your knife skill and how to make base stocks before moving onto the next modulus.

Plant Two

Plant Two is one of the plant-based chef training for students who are interested in the advancement of their culinary techniques relating to plant-based meal preparations, it is also a twelve-modulus course offered by the Plant Academy and is supported by ten guest chefs, each with their unique style and experience.

There are twelve modules in this program:

  • The Mushroom Module
  • The Zero-Waste Blueprint
  • Cooking From the Market
  • The Salt Module
  • The Business of Plants
  • Herbs + Healing
  • The Hemp Module
  • Share Your Message
  • The Creativity Module
  • Plant Two Final Project Brief
  • Plant Two Final Project Submission

This module was carefully formed to help you find and cultivate your creativity, and show you how to express yourself and your feelings through food design, you will be exposed to so many opportunities in the plant-based niche.

Plant Three

Are you interested in starting and owning a business in the plant-based sector?

If yes then the Plant Three program will hold your hand while you work on bringing your vision and idea to life, you will learn at your pace and this is a fourteen-modulus course that allows you to work on different challenges while learning how to create your business concept.

The Plant Academy has guest experts, entrepreneurs, and brands that will teach you and also help you kick start and grow your business from idea, design, and finance, you will be able to network with a community of plant-based leaders who will help you with the upgrading of your business skills.

The modules include the following:

  • Origin
  • Persona
  • Action
  • Community
  • Beauty
  • Passion
  • Future
  • Opportunity
  • Sharing
  • Masticating
  • Incubating
  • Eureka
  • Shaping
  • Plant Three Project Submission.

Plant-based Certification Pro

The Plant-based Certification Pro is recognized as one of the plant-based chef training that has twenty-two units and approximately one hundred and fifty lessons with three hundred and twenty-four tasks, you will be taught by instructors who have years of experience in the plant-based industry.

You will have access to a minimum of two hundred instructional techniques videos that are related to cooking, recipes, knife skills, plaiting techniques, how to bake using plant-related ingredients, and different methods used in making healthy meals, health is wealth, so learning to make healthy whether you are a chef or not will still impact your life positively.

You can earn a certificate of completion after taking this course for nine months, the instructors will focus on core techniques, different raw methods used in cooking, and no oil, low sodium, and gluten-free options when it comes to preparing meals that are health-friendly.

Focussed Fermentation

This is a complete chef training program that has to do with fermented food and drink, this is a self-paced online course, have you always wondered about the science behind plant-related fermentation? if yes then this course is what you have been searching for because it has the answers to almost all your questions and more.

The fundamentals of fermentation and all the resources and equipment you need to master the science of fermented food drinks will be provided by the Plant Academy, at the end of this course you should know all about microbial fermentation, making starter culture, and using ferments to boost flavor.

This chef training curriculum includes;

  • Introduction to Microbes
  • Koji
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Acetic Acid Bacteria
  • Plant-Based Cheeses
  • The Sourdough Module
  • Cooking with Ferments
  • Fermentation Project Submission.

Online Plant-based Culinary Arts Diploma

Online plant-based culinary arts diploma is an online training that will teach you how to create delicious meals with vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and plant proteins, this course will prepare you for the real-life experience that will help excel in not just the plant-based industry but the culinary industry at large.

You will be taught how a plant-based lifestyle can change your health by the tutors. They do this by teaching you the foundation of creating your dairy-free pints of milk at home, including how to choose which plant bases to use, what equipment you will need, general storage techniques, and beyond.

You will learn about the sources of a vegetarian diet, the concept behind vegetarian meals, identify the number of proteins found in plant-based meals, you will learn recipes that facilitate your cooking, workout diet plans, macronutrients, advantages of taking plant-based meals, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Different Types of Plant-based Chef Training Available?

Yes, there are various types of plant-based chef training available, including classes focused on specific cuisines (e.g., Mediterranean, Asian), specialized diets (e.g., gluten-free, vegan), and cooking techniques (e.g., baking, meal prep). You can choose classes that align with your interests and goals, so you should research your interests and goals to find the kind of classes that will help you achieve whatever goal you have in mind.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Plant-based Chef Training?

The duration of plant-based chef training programs can vary depending on the institution and the level of training offered. Some programs may last for a few weeks to several months, while others may span over a year for more comprehensive training.

Are Plant-based Chef Training Programs Accredited?

Many plant-based chef training programs are accredited by culinary institutions or professional organizations, ensuring that the curriculum meets industry standards and provides students with valuable skills and certifications.


Plant-based chef training not only enriches culinary expertise but also embodies a sustainable and health-conscious ethos that resonates with the evolving tastes of our time. As we continue to nurture this culinary revolution, the skills imparted in these programs will not only shape the future of gastronomy but also contribute significantly to a healthier, more sustainable world for generations to come.


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