6 Best Part-Time Culinary Schools in Toronto

There’s no definitive ranking for the “best’ Part-Time Culinary Schools in Toronto.

Still, I have carefully done my research about these culinary schools, and there are renowned schools that have flexible courses and also have provisions for students who want to study culinary arts via part-time programs.

I know it is not easy to study the culinary arts via full-time programs when you have other responsibilities like work, if you are a mother or father taking care of the kids, and family duties will also come into the way, but these programs offered by these culinary schools have made it possible for you to juggle work and your culinary studies.

Just like there are online culinary courses with certificates that are flexible, these part-time cooking courses are very flexible, you can earn a certificate in the culinary arts through part-time programs, achieving your dreams in the culinary arts is possible you just have to take a step forward.

The culinary schools listed below are the best culinary schools that offer part-time programs in the culinary arts, they offer detailed quality culinary courses, and after reading this article you should be able to choose a culinary school that suits your interest.

In this blog post, I have curated a list of culinary schools that offer part-time programs in the culinary arts, I will discuss the meaning of part-time culinary school, the advantages of taking up a part-time culinary program, and answers to questions often asked about the culinary schools in Toronto.

Meaning of Part-Time Culinary School

A part-time cooking school typically offers culinary education on a less intensive schedule compared to full-time culinary programs.

It caters to individuals with other commitments like work or studies who can’t dedicate themselves to a full-time culinary education.

These schools often provide classes, workshops, or programs in various aspects of cooking, ranging from basic culinary skills to specialized cuisines or techniques.

The courses are designed to accommodate flexible schedules, allowing students to pursue their culinary interests without committing to a full-time curriculum.

Is Toronto a Good Place to Study the Culinary Arts?

The province of Toronto is a good place to study culinary arts because the culinary industry in Canada has won a lot of medals in the culinary Olympics and a whole lot of other culinary-related competitions.

This means that if you attend a very good culinary school in Toronto you will be trained by professionals who have studied and also gotten the qualification of well-rounded chefs who are passionate about food.

Canada is a diversified country because there are so many nationalities and cuisines that you will come across one way or the other while attending a culinary institute in Toronto, and am sure you will want to learn different cuisines in the culinary industry.

List of Part-Time Culinary Schools in Toronto

  • George Brown College
  • The Culinary Art school
  • Humber College
  • Centennial College
  • University of Toronto
  • Holland College

George Brown College

George Brown College is one of the colleges in Toronto that offers both theoretical and practical culinary education in a way that balances each other out, in most of their classes they are taught the essential cooking skills to become a well-rounded chef, this school also offers flexible online courses.

The learning environment of this college is very calm and relaxed, and they have a team of professionals who have been teaching the students of George Brown College in recent years the culinary arts.

George Brown College is one of the best culinary schools in Toronto that offers both part-time and full-time culinary programs, It has had an excellent record of launching, a four-year Honours Bachelor of Food Studies Degree and our four-year Culinary Management Honours Bachelor Degree. 

This school also offers detailed externship programs and exposes its students to opportunities like recruitment and programs that help students upgrade skills to the real culinary world standard.

Programs offered by George Brown College

  • Culinary skill program
  • Cook apprentice program
  • Baking/patissier apprentice programs
  • Baking and pastry foundations

Address: 160 Kendal Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1M3, Canada

The Culinary Art school

The culinary arts school is one of the best part-time culinary schools in Toronto, the culinary courses and culinary programs offered by this school are the best for students who want to shape their culinary skills, and also give them the essential skills to become successful chefs in the culinary industry.

This culinary school has a group of highly educated chefs who organize cooking practical classes for students these practical classes are places where students are allowed to apply what they have learned theoretically in practice.

These practical classes take place in a kitchen that is filled with modern facilities and culinary apparatus and they also have a very conducive and relaxed learning environment, this culinary school is also known as one of the best culinary schools in Canada.

Programs offered by the Culinary Arts School of Ontario

  • Professional chef diploma
  • Culinary management diploma
  • Sous chef diploma
  • Culinary arts program

Address: 5732 Kennedy Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1T1, Canada

Humber College

In this culinary school, you are opportune to learn different parts of cooking and also the art of not just making delicious meals but also making healthy meals for their consumers, the teaching environment, and the essential culinary skills you need to succeed in the culinary industry, you will be allowed to practice how to cook practically.

The Humber College often organizes culinary competitions, industry events, and collaborations with local restaurants and businesses. These opportunities allow students to showcase their skills, gain real-world experience, and build valuable connections within the culinary industry.

Humber College is one of the best part-time culinary schools in Ontario, the culinary programs offered by this college are a combination of theoretical and practical skills in the culinary arts, and these skills will help you when you go into the real world of culinary arts.

You will also learn about the business and entrepreneur side of the culinary and hospitality industry, you can also take up an apprenticeship program which will give you real-life culinary experience.

Address: 3199 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M8V 1K8

Centennial College

Centennial College is one of the institutes that offer part-time culinary programs in the culinary arts, do you have other responsibilities like work, and family issues?

This college offers culinary students the opportunity to study the culinary arts flexibly, they also offer part-time programs for courses that are not related to the culinary arts, and they also offer online courses, as a person who is interested in studying the culinary arts you can choose the program or course that suits your interest.

The best part of taking up a part-time program is the fact that you can comfortably study the culinary arts whenever you want, and however you want, There are so many culinary programs you can take up, it all depends on the niche in the culinary arts you want to venture into.

Some classes take place in the evening or online this way you can you can study the culinary arts in a way that accommodates your learning and schedule needs, is it not fascinating?

Address: 941 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON M1G 3T8, Canada

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto might not be a culinary school but they offer part-time food studies programs, this school is recognized as one of the part-time culinary programs for culinary students who need or want to study the culinary arts flexibly.

This culinary school has a culinary research center where students are taught the art of blending research excellence with community engagement and student research experience, taking up a food program in this institute will expose you to different opportunities in the culinary industry.

The food study programs offered by the culinary arts, at this school, they have a goal which involves the blending of theoretical and practical classes in a way that their students can efficiently learn about food sanitation and food in the culture, you will also learn about the relationship between food, diaspora, and inter-ethnic/inter-cultural.

Address: 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON. Canada, M1C 1A4

Holland College

The Holand College is one of the best part-time culinary schools in Toronto that offers world-class industry-based training in culinary arts Pastry Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Operations, and Tourism, Travel, and Event Management, so if you are interested in these niches mentioned above then you can sign up for the programs.

This college offers internship programs that will expose you to real-life culinary work experience where you will be able to check out your culinary skills, the experience you acquire during your internship program will help you start a career in the culinary industry.

I know you have other responsibilities to take care of but you should not let that stop you from achieving your dreams in the culinary industry, that is why there are part-time culinary programs you can take up, both those offered by Holland College and those offered by other culinary schools.

They have provided state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that will facilitate and also make your learning journey in the culinary arts simple not easy, they have made sure that you have access to modern kitchen spaces with cutting-edge equipment, so why not sign up for one of the part-time culinary programs?

Address: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Part-time culinary schools in Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Scholarships for Culinary Studies in Canada?

Yes, there are scholarships for culinary studies in Canada, these scholarships are offered to both international and national students of culinary arts.

Some schools in Canada also offer scholarship programs for international students, the school that offers these scholarships are George Brown College, Centennial College, the University of Alberta, and the Culinary Institute of Canada.

How Many Years Does it Take to Become a Chef in Toronto?

How many years it takes to become a chef in Toronto varies because different institutions, schools, and colleges have different durations for different culinary programs.

But the average duration one needs to study the culinary arts in Toronto can take from six months to, a one-year, or two-year program, you’ll be trained in the fundamentals of culinary techniques.

Can I Work Part-time While Studying Culinary Arts in Toronto to Help Cover my Expenses?

Yes, international students in Canada are generally allowed to work part-time while studying.

However, it’s essential to check the specific work restrictions and regulations set by the Canadian government and your institution to ensure compliance.


In conclusion, the culinary landscape in Toronto offers a rich tapestry of part-time culinary schools that cater to aspiring chefs seeking flexibility and quality education.

These institutions not only provide a comprehensive understanding of culinary arts but also embrace the diverse culinary heritage of the city.

Whether it’s honing skills, exploring passions, or transitioning careers, these part-time programs serve as invaluable platforms for individuals to pursue their culinary dreams.

By blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, they empower students to embark on a flavorful journey, equipping them with the skills and confidence to thrive in Toronto’s dynamic culinary scene.

Embracing the ethos of culinary creativity and innovation, these part-time culinary schools stand as pillars of opportunity for anyone with a zest for the art of cooking in this vibrant and food-loving city.


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