Here are 5 Best Culinary Schools That Accept NSFAS In SA

Do you want to further your culinary studies but have little or no money to fund your culinary education?

Your worries are over because, in this blog post, I have curated a list of culinary schools that accept the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, you can apply for NSFAS, this organization can cover your expenses throughout your culinary journey, so why not seize this amazing opportunity to accomplish your dreams?

I know how challenging it can be to have a burning desire to do something or study a particular course but lack the funds to materialize your dreams, these culinary schools can facilitate your culinary journey, and your dreams of becoming a chef are possible you just have to read ahead.

The South African government has made sure that students can further their culinary and non-culinary education by offering financial aid to students who need the funds.

The National Student Financial Aid scheme was started in 1996, and currently, 399 people are handling the process, the NSFAS covers the full tuition fee along with the living allowances, the fact you do not just attend a culinary school, your living expenses will also be covered, it’s amazing, you should seize this opportunity.

Full Meaning of NSFAS

The full meaning of NSFAS is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, this an organization that was initiated by the South African government, they have the sole aim of becoming a profitable way for students who need access to financial aid, these financial aids are offered to students from poor or working-class families.

To access these kinds of financial aid you have to be an eligible student at a public university and have technical and vocational education and training, this organization supports students who are interested and are determined to complete their higher education.

This national student financial aid scheme is not just for culinary students it is also for other institutions that are not related to the culinary arts, this organization can identify eligible students, they also provide bursaries, and collect student loan repayments to replenish the funds available for future generations of students.

List Of Culinary Schools That Accept NSFAS

JHB Culinary And Pastry School

JHB Culinary And Pastry School is one of the culinary schools that accept NSFAS, this culinary school is located in Johannesburg, and this pastry school offers students detailed culinary training, and a a great culinary and pastry program.

Are you in love with baked food?

Why not apply for NSFAS and take up a pastry course or program, they offer diplomas in culinary supervision and management, a diploma in hospitality supervision (RQF), an International diploma in culinary arts, an international diploma in patisserie, they also offer part-time culinary courses, this way you can balance school and work.

This school is not as popular as most culinary schools but that does not mean that they compromise or play with the quality of culinary education and training offered to their students, whether you are a national or international student you can apply for courses that are created for cooking and baking.

Location: 85 Commissioner St, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa.

KeTala Chefs Academy (Closed)

This culinary school is known as a very prestigious chef’s academy where students who are interested in the culinary arts can hone their culinary skills, this school gives you in-depth knowledge about the culinary arts, and how you can master the art of making delicious meals.

Students are provided with a conducive environment where they can learn, students who are interested in activities like how to bring the ingredients from the farm and cook them in the kitchen, will have the opportunity to learn these things.

You should consider applying for a course that suits your interests, this culinary school is an expensive institution, if you are a student who wants to attend but has little or no funds you can reach out to NSFAS, this culinary school accepts bursaries and funds from programs like NSFAS.

You can decide to apply for admission and pay by using the fund, your culinary dreams should not be hindered by financial problems.

Location: Country Estate, 0056 Pretoria, South Africa.

Silwood School of Cookery

Silwood School of Cookery is recognized as one of the best culinary schools in South Africa, they are also among the culinary schools that accept NSFAS, are you interested in food presentation, texture, and smell?

If yes then this culinary institute is for you, this school has a strong culinary background especially when it comes to food texture, and it is also an award-winning and Internationally rated BEST chef school in Africa, boasting student achievements unmatched by any other school.

They offer professional and part-time cooking courses, so it is left for you to choose a course that suits your goals in the culinary industry, as long as you have a passion for culinary arts or food, in general, this culinary school will help you dominate the food industry in the coming years.

You can apply for NSFAS before entering Silwood School of Cookery to become a professional chef, this will help you especially if you are facing any kind of financial crisis.

Location: 40 Riverton Rd, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Apply For NSFAS At A Culinary School?

To apply for NSFAS funding for a culinary school, you will need to meet their eligibility criteria and apply directly through the NSFAS online portal during the application window.

Are There Non-Professional Reliable Culinary Scholarship Resources?

Yes, Beyond professional associations, some reliable scholarship resources can include:
1. Religious organizations
2. Private and public schools
3. Small businesses
4. Large corporations
5. Generous individuals
6. Community groups
7. Philanthropic foundations

What Costs Does NSFAS Cover For Culinary Students?

NSFAS funding typically covers tuition fees, prescribed textbooks or learning materials, and sometimes accommodation and meals depending on the specific financial circumstances.

Culinary Schools That Accept NSFAS


The accessibility of culinary education through NSFAS-supported programs is a promising avenue for aspiring chefs with limited financial means.

The opportunity to pursue one’s passion for cooking should not be restricted by financial constraints, and these culinary schools accepting NSFAS provide a gateway to skill development and career opportunities in the vibrant culinary industry.

By breaking down financial barriers, these institutions empower individuals to hone their craft, innovate within the culinary sphere, and contribute meaningfully to the gastronomic world.

As more culinary schools partner with funding initiatives like NSFAS, the prospect of a diverse and talented pool of chefs enriching the culinary landscape becomes a reality, promising a future where talent knows no financial boundaries


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