6 Best Culinary Schools In Barcelona

Are you a person who resides in Barcelona and you are interested in attending one of the culinary schools in Barcelona?

These culinary schools will help you hone your culinary schools, are you a beginner in the culinary industry?

Attending one of these culinary schools will equip you with the necessary knowledge needed to facilitate your culinary career, you do not have to be interested in getting a career in the culinary industry to attend a culinary school, you can attend a culinary school to learn how to make diverse meals for you and your family.

These culinary institutes also offer courses for professionals who still want to upgrade their cooking skills or even master their culinary skills by taking it to the next level, some culinary schools in this article offer services like you wanting to learn how to cook in a funfilled way.

There are culinary schools in Barcelona with strong culinary backgrounds, it is just left for you to choose the culinary schools that suit your interest and personality, in this blog I will discuss the best culinary schools and also disclose their locations, their tuition fee and also the kind of courses they offer.

List Of Best Culinary Schools In Barcelona

  • Culinary Institute Of Barcelona
  • Escola d’Hosteleria Hofmann
  • Cooking Area
  • ESHOB Escuela Superior de Hosteleria de Barcelona
  • Born To Cook
  • CETT: School Of Tourism, Hospitality, And Gastronomy

1. Culinary Institute Of Barcelona

The instiute is recognised as one of the best culinary schools in Barcelona that teach students who are interested in the culinary arts how to be creative, innovative, and also the ability to think outside the box, after completing a culinary program in this institution your culinary skills will be transformed.

Are you a culinary students who want to go into enterprenuership or the business aspect of the culinary art?

This culinary school got you covered, there are courses like the enterprenuerchef program, and the executive chef program, you can choose the course that suits your interest.

Do you want to be trained with the most complete and international culinary programs on the market?

This culinary school still offer courses that will help your career and also make your journey to the culinary arts easier, there are courses for students who are interested in the pastry arts, you can even sign up for a combined program.

Programs Offered By The Culinary Institute Of Barcelona

  • Professional pastry and baking
  • Haute cuisine chef diploma
  • Advanced pastry and chocolate
  • Integrative healthy cooking
  • Executive chef diploma
  • Haute cuisine chef diploma
  • Molecular gastronomy
  • Gran chef diploma
  • Pastry chef


de Santander, 49, 51, Sant Martí, 08020 Barcelona, Spain

2. Escola d’Hosteleria Hofmann

The Escola d’Hosteleria Hofmann, located in Barcelona, Spain, is a prestigious culinary school founded by Mey Hofmann, a renowned chef and culinary expert.

The school offers various culinary programs and courses designed for aspiring chefs, gastronomy enthusiasts, and professionals seeking to enhance their culinary skills.

The school offers a wide range of courses catering to different levels of expertise, from beginners to experienced chefs, these programs cover various aspects of culinary arts, including cooking techniques, pastry making, baking, kitchen management, and more.

The school also provides specialized courses in areas like chocolate making, wine pairing, and gastronomic tourism.

Escola d’Hosteleria Hofmann boasts state-of-the-art facilities equipped with modern kitchens, baking labs, and classrooms designed to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience.

The school often invites renowned chefs and industry experts to conduct workshops and masterclasses, exposing students to diverse culinary perspectives.

Escola d’Hosteleria Hofmann often collaborates with prominent restaurants, hotels, and culinary establishments, providing students with internship opportunities to gain practical experience in professional kitchens.


de l’Argenteria, 74, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

3. Cooking Area

Cooking area is known as one of the best culinary schools in barcelona, the school is well-regarded for its culinary programs, where students learn various culinary techniques, kitchen management, menu development, and other essential skills necessary for a career in the culinary arts.

This culinary institute might hold accreditations from educational and hospitality organizations, ensuring that its programs meet industry standards and provide students with a reputable education.

Over the years, the school has gained recognition for its excellence in culinary education, earning accolades and acknowledgments within the industry.


de la Legalitat, 27, Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

4. ESHOB Escuela Superior de Hosteleria de Barcelona

The ESHOB (Escuela Superior de Hosteleria de Barcelona) is a renowned hospitality school located in Barcelona, Spain.

It’s dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training in the field of hospitality, including culinary arts, restaurant management, and hotel administration.

ESHOB offers a variety of programs tailored to different aspects of the hospitality industry, this includes culinary arts, gastronomy, restaurant management, hotel management, and event management, their courses range from introductory levels to advanced degrees, catering to aspiring professionals at various stages of their careers.

ESHOB’s faculty typically consists of experienced professionals and experts in the field of hospitality and culinary arts, their knowledge and industry insights contribute significantly to the quality of education provided at the school.

ESHOB boasts modern facilities, including professional kitchens, classrooms equipped with the latest technology, and simulated hotel and restaurant environments where students can gain practical, hands-on experience.


del Taulat, 243, Sant Martí, 08019 Barcelona, Spain

5. Born To Cook

Born to Cook is one of the best culinary schools in Barcelona that focuses on bringing value and creativity to the art and science of cooking by organizing and teaching students how to innovatively prepare and present their meals.

They offer a hands-practical cooking class where students are taught how to prepare different cuisines which include Spanish, Catalan cuisine, and Mediterranean cuisine, students will prepare different dishes by themselves but with the supervision of a professional chef.

Born to Cook has professional local chefs who have experience and knowledge of different cuisines and are qualified in the culinary industry, with their knowledge they can provide quality education to their students in a fun-filled.


Carrer dels Mirallers, 9, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

6. CETT: School Of Tourism, Hospitality, And Gastronomy

CETT: School of Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy is one of the most renowned culinary schools in Barcelona that has a solid culinary foundation and have secured good relationships with government association and other strong businesses which in turn benefits its students.

This culinary school has a goal which is to make the culinary and cooking journey of their students a fun and good experience by teaching their students the necessary skills need to excel in the culinary industry and this is carried out by certified chefs.

They provide internships for all students where students gain real-life experience by taking part in practical hands-on classes in professionals kitchen and acquiring practical experience in well-known hospitality and culinary business.

CETT: School of Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Gastronomic science, culinary, hospitality, and tourism education.

Some Programs Offered By CETT: School Of Tourism, Hospitality, And Gastronomy

  • Sustainable gastronomy
  • Bachelor’s degree in tourism
  • Higher technician in restaurant and business service management
  • Bachelor’s degree in culinary and gastronomy science
  • Higher technician in Kitchen management
  • Hotel management
  • Event management
  • Expert chef course


Av. de Can Marcet, 36-38, 08035 Barcelona, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Typical Programs Offered By Culinary Schools In Barcelona?

Diploma or Certificate in Culinary Arts
Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy or Culinary Arts
Short-term courses or workshops in specific cuisines or techniques

Are There Opportunities For Internships Or Work Placements?

Yes, many culinary schools in Barcelona have partnerships with restaurants, hotels, or culinary businesses offering internships to students.

There are so many opportunities for internships and work placements, as a culinary student you should make the neccessary research and inquiries about these internships, taking part in an internship program will expose you to culinary work experience.

Do Culinary Schools In Barcelona Offer Accommodation Assistance For International Students?

Some culinary schools might assist in finding accommodation, providing information about local housing options, or have partnerships with student housing services.

Before applying to attend a culinary school as an international student you should make enquiries about accomodation assitance, this will help you make the right decision before embarking on your culinary journey.

What Career Opportunities Can Graduates Expect After Completing Culinary Programs In Barcelona?

The career opportunities for students who have completed a culinary program in the culinary arts includes various careers such as chefs, restaurant managers, food consultants, culinary educators, food writers, or entrepreneurs in the food industry.

Are There Any Language Requirements For Studying At A Culinary School In Spain?

Yes, there may be language requirements for studying at a culinary school in Spain, as classes are typically taught in Spanish.

Some culinary schools may require proof of Spanish language proficiency, such as a minimum score on a standardized language test like DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language).

However, it’s important to note that some culinary schools in Spain also offer programs taught in English, particularly at the graduate level. In this case, proficiency in English may be required instead.

If you are an international student and your first language is not Spanish, it’s a good idea to check with the culinary school you are interested in to see what their language requirements are and if they offer language support or classes to help you improve your language skills while studying.

Culinary Schools In Barcelona


In the vibrant culinary landscape of Barcelona, culinary schools stand as gateways to a world of flavors, techniques, and boundless creativity.

These institutions not only offer the art and science of gastronomy but also serve as incubators for aspiring chefs, fostering innovation and excellence.

Through diverse programs and a rich culinary heritage, Barcelona’s culinary schools provide a delectable journey for those passionate about transforming their love for food into a lifelong career


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