5 Best Culinary Schools In Peru

The culinary schools in Peru are considered to be amongst some of the best things in the country which is filled with renowned and spectacular places such as Lima, Macchu Picchu, Cusco, and other magnificent places in Peru that are breathtaking, read ahead to find out more!

What could be more enticing and flavorsome than embarking on a culinary journey through the rich traditions of Peru’s esteemed culinary schools?

Peruvian cuisine is recognized around the globe by prominent chefs who have been trained and have acquired indistinctive knowledge about the gastronomic tradition of the country Peru, pursue is also recognized as a bee hive for aspirants in the culinary industry.

The common menu items in Peru consist of braised meats, barbecued meats which include lamb, tamales, seviche, and chicharrones, the menus are designed often with taps style with dishes in large and small and portions.

In this blog post, I am going to discuss the advantages of attending a culinary school in Peru, the address of the schools that will be listed in this article, what these culinary schools have to offer to aspirants in the culinary industry, and other important details about these schools.

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Advantages Of Attending Culinary Schools In Peru

There are a lot of advantages that come with studying the culinary arts in Peru, here are some compelling general advantages that make Peru an appetizing choice, I going to discuss but few advantages;

Culinary Diversity:

Immerse yourself in a culinary wonderland where Peru’s diverse regional cuisines, from the coastal ceviche to the highland’s hearty stews, provide an unparalleled learning experience, the diversified dishes in Peru and its professionals chefs are what makes it a perfect place to study the culinary arts.

World-Renowned Cuisine:

Peru is globally acclaimed for its gastronomic excellence, with Lima being recognized as the “Gastronomic Capital of the Americas.” Studying in such a renowned culinary hub can boost your skills and credentials, this is one of the core advantages of attending culinary schools in Peru.

Traditional Techniques:

Learning time-honored cooking techniques passed down through generations, and harnessing the secrets of ancient Peruvian cooking methods and ingredients is what makes studying the culinary arts in Peru a delight because you get to learn ancient and modern cooking techniques, isn’t it magical?

Fresh and Unique Ingredients:

Discover a plethora of unique and fresh ingredients sourced from the Andes, Amazon rainforest, and the Pacific Ocean, adding a distinctive touch to your culinary creations, mastering the art of making diversified dishes with fresh and unique ingredients is one of the advantages of attending the culinary schools in Peru.

Expert Chef Instructors:

Benefiting from the guidance of skilled and passionate chef instructors who possess in-depth knowledge of local ingredients and traditional recipes is considered one of the magnificent advantages that come with studying the culinary arts in Peru.

Hands-On Experience:

Gain practical, hands-on experience by working in professional kitchens, local markets, and during field trips to understand the true essence of Peruvian cuisine, Hands-on training is the heart of the culinary arts and is also one of the advantages of attending culinary schools in Peru.

Networking Opportunities:

Building valuable connections with fellow students, instructors, and industry professionals, potentially opening doors to exciting career opportunities both in Peru and abroad, this one of the most important advantages of attending culinary schools in Peru.

Diplomas Offered By Culinary Schools In Peru

There are a lot of diplomas offered by the culinary schools in Peru, here are some diplomas that are offered by culinary schools in Peru and I am going to discuss a few diplomas;

Diplomado en Gastronomía (Diploma in Gastronomy):

A comprehensive program that covers the fundamentals of culinary techniques, food preparation, and kitchen management, Diplomado en Gastronomía (Diploma in Gastronomy) is offered by schools in Peru, you can visit the particular school’s website to find out if they offer this diploma.

Diplomado en Pastelería (Diploma in Pastry):

Focuses on the art of pastry making, including baking, cake decorating, and dessert creation, taking up a diploma in the pastry arts is a strategy to do if you are a person in pursuit of a career as a pastry chef in the food industry.

Diplomado en Alta Cocina (Diploma in Haute Cuisine):

An advanced program that delves into gourmet and fine-dining culinary techniques, creative plating, and international cuisine, Diplomado en Alta Cocina (Diploma in Haute Cuisine) is a program that will give you in-depth knowledge of how to carefully prepare meals.

Diplomado en Cocina Peruana (Diploma in Peruvian Cuisine):

Concentrating on traditional Peruvian dishes, local ingredients, and the rich culinary heritage of Peru, wouldn’t be magnificent to be able to immerse oneself in the ancient culinary tradition and techniques of the country Peru?

Diplomado en Administración Gastronómica (Diploma in Gastronomic Management):

Focuses on the business and management aspects of the culinary industry, including restaurant operations, finance, and marketing, this diploma can also be taken up by people who want to become nutritionists and restaurant managers in the nearest future, especially those who are looking for ideas to start up a restaurant business.

Certificado en Barista y Café (Certificate in Barista and Coffee):

Covers the art of coffee preparation, latte art, and coffee bean selection, Certificado en Barista y Café (Certificate in Barista and Coffee) is an advanced program that can taken taken up by those who are passionate about the art and science of making coffee.

Certificado en Panadería (Certificate in Bakery):

Concentrates on bread-making techniques, artisanal bread, and bakery management, are you passionate about baking or you are obsessed with cakes and confectionaries you can take up Certificado en Panadería (Certificate in Bakery) to make your very own cake and other baked products.

Certificado en Cocina Internacional (Certificate in International Cuisine):

Certificate in International Cuisine explores various international cuisines and cooking styles from around the world, having international knowledge about the culinary arts is something that everyone who wants to become a prominent chef should consider acquiring.

These are just a few examples, and the specific diplomas and certifications offered by culinary schools in Peru may vary based on the school’s curriculum and specialization.

List of culinary schools in Peru

1. Le Cordon Bleu Peru

Le cordon bleu Peru is one of the best culinary schools in Peru that has been training people in the culinary and food industry for over eighteen years now, they make sure that their approach to teaching their students is innovative and simple.

This school is recognized as one of the worldwide culinary schools that offer careers of five, three, and two years, this school can train its students according to international standards with the most modern infrastructure and technology.

The school Le cordon bleu was founded in 2010 and is also the first worldwide university of Le cordon blue that was founded in Peru, the school has the sole goal of training professionals in gastronomy, food science, nutrition, Hotel and Tourism Business Administration.

After attending these culinary schools you will be able to o create, plan, organize, and manage the food and beverage departments of hotels and restaurants, orienting them towards quality service and satisfaction of external and internal customers, and even work as a chef in culinary establishments.

Programs offered by Le cordon bleu Peru

  • Continuing education programs
  • Master cuisines specialization programs

Address: Av. Vasco Núñez de Balboa 530, Miraflores 15074, Peru

2. Instituto De Cocina y Pastelería D’Gallia

Instituto de Cocina y Pastelería D’Gallia is recognized as one of the magnificent culinary schools in Peru, this school was founded in 1995, and the school believes that a gastronomic campus should be built within everyone’s reach, this means you do not need to travel abroad to achieve excellence.

This culinary institute welcomes everyone both young and old, different courses are specialized for different kinds of people there is a course for juniors, they are programs for bakers and cooks, and there is a courses or programs that suits your interest.

Instituto de Cocina y Pastelería D’Gallia is an institute that ensures that students are provided with valuable knowledge by making sure their learning environment is calm, a well-equipped kitchen and labs should be at the disposal of their students.

Programs Offered By Instituto De Cocina y Pastelería D’Gallia

  • Pastry program
  • Bakery programs
  • Professional sommelier program

Address: Av. del Ejército 430, Magdalena del Mar 15076, Peru

3. PUCP Escuela De Gastronomía y Gestión Culinaria

PUCP Escuela de Gastronomía y Gestión Culinaria is more like a gastronomy program than it is a culinary school but it is also recognized as one of the tops ranked culinary schools in Peru because it provides new opportunities to aspirants in the culinary arts.

Studying at gastronomic at PUCP Escuela de Gastronomía y Gestión Culinaria you will be provided with a new and unique generation of innovative creative professionals committed to their environment who can immerse you in invaluable knowledge about the culinary arts.

PUCP Escuela de Gastronomía y Gestión Culinaria is a school that specializes in training young people who after the training will be able to respond to challenges in the culinary and gastronomic sector, students will also be able to increasingly demanding and informed population.

This school will play a great part in making sure you become a professional who is sensitive enough to respect cultural diversity, ecological balance, and health care, these gastronomy programs prepare you to perform professionally as;

  • Manager or head chef in restaurants, hotels, clubs, recreation centers, clinics, etc.
  • Gastronomic consultant in food industries or nutrition issues
  • Advisor in innovative gastronomic proposals
  • Entrepreneur and manager of your own company, restaurant, or catering
  • food critic
  • gastronomy researcher
  • Food product designer
  • gastronomy teacher

4. Sumaq Machu Picchu Cooking School

Sumaq Machu Picchu cooking school is one of the best culinary schools in Peru that has employed experts in gastronomy and culinary arts, these experts organize classes, cooking courses, and culinary programs that give students in-depth knowledge about the culinary arts.

This school’s culinary institute is one of takes Andean roots, foods from local communities, and the culinary legacy of the Incas and fuses them with contemporary culinary techniques in authentic menus with an unforgettable style, isn’t it magnificent?

This culinary school is interested in honoring ancient culinary traditions and also showing the world why these traditions should be valued because, with these ancient techniques, their distinguished culinary offerings would not exist at global events.

Programs Offered By Sumaq Machu Pichhu Cooking School

  • Culinary demonstrations programs
  • Mini chef classes
  • The culinary demonstration of the Pachamanca program
  • Cooking and bar master class

5. Peruvian Institute Of Chef

Peruvian Institute of Chefs is the last culinary school in this blog post and it is also recognized as one of the culinary schools in Petu that offers quality culinary courses, cooking classes, and gourmet programs in a well-equipped learning environment.

They have a team of chefs who are passionate about teaching the culinary arts, they are chefs who are qualified with years of experience, these chefs are in charge of organizing their student’s curriculum and also making sure that the student learns effectively during classes.

Students who attend this culinary are exposed to different opportunities in the culinary arts like meeting prominent people in the food industry, students are provided with classes that are equipped with up-to-date culinary and kitchen apparatus.

Address: Av. la Marina 3274, San Miguel 15088, Peru

What Are The Admission Requirements For Culinary Schools In Peru?

Admission requirements may vary among schools, but common prerequisites include a high school diploma or equivalent, a completed application form, a personal statement, and sometimes a culinary aptitude test or interview.

Are There Any Language Requirements For International Students Applying To Culinary Schools In Peru?

Some culinary schools may require international students to demonstrate proficiency in Spanish since most of the courses are conducted in Spanish.

However, some schools may offer bilingual programs or have language support services for foreign students.

What Types Of Culinary Programs Do Schools In Peru Offer?

Culinary schools in Peru offer a wide range of programs, including diploma courses in gastronomy, pastry arts, bakery, barista, international cuisine, and culinary management. Some schools also offer short-term workshops and specialized courses.

Are There Any Scholarships Or Financial Aid Options Available For Students?

Some culinary schools in Peru may offer scholarships or financial aid to eligible students.

It’s essential to inquire with the school’s admissions or financial aid office for specific details about available opportunities.

Are There Opportunities For Culinary Students To Participate In Culinary Competitions Or Events?

Yes, some culinary schools in Peru may participate in culinary competitions or events locally and internationally.

These opportunities allow students to showcase their skills and creativity while gaining exposure.

Culinary schools in Peru


In conclusion, Peru stands as a vibrant and diverse culinary destination, and its reputation for exceptional gastronomy has spurred the growth of numerous outstanding culinary schools.

For aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike, these schools provide an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culinary heritage of Peru and learn from seasoned professionals.

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