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In this blog post, Everything you need to know about the Free Online Food Safety Courses With Certificates has been explained in this article, why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to ensuring your food safety?

Just like free online culinary courses with certificates, free food safety online courses offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills in a vital area that impacts public health.

These courses provide accessible and valuable information to a wide range of people, regardless of their educational background or financial constraints.

To take up anyone these food safety courses is really easy you only need a digital device like a phone, laptop, or tablet which can access the internet.

I have carefully curated a list of the best food safety online courses, so if you have been on the search for food safety courses online this article is for you, stay tuned to the last sentence as I take you through a tour of what you have been searching for.

Meaning of food safety

Food safety refers to the scientific discipline and practices aimed at ensuring that food is safe for consumption. It involves the handling, preparation, and storage of food in a manner that minimizes the risk of foodborne illnesses and contamination.

The main goal of food safety is to protect consumers from potential hazards and ensure that the food supply is free from harmful substances, pathogens, chemicals, and other contaminants that can cause illness or injury.

This includes addressing various aspects such as proper food handling, storage conditions, hygiene practices, and the implementation of effective quality control measures throughout the entire food production and distribution chain.

Principles and guidelines of food safety

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP): This systematic approach identifies potential hazards in food production processes and establishes critical control points to prevent, eliminate, or reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Personal hygiene: This involves maintaining cleanliness, such as regular handwashing, proper use of gloves and protective clothing, and avoiding behaviors that can lead to contamination, such as coughing or sneezing near food.
  • Food storage and temperature control: Ensuring that perishable foods are stored at appropriate temperatures to prevent the growth of bacteria or the formation of toxins.
  • Cross-contamination prevention: Keeping raw and cooked foods separate to avoid the transfer of harmful microorganisms or substances from one food to another.
  • Proper cooking and reheating: Ensuring that foods are cooked thoroughly at temperatures that kill harmful bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Traceability and recall systems: Establishing mechanisms to track food products throughout the supply chain and enabling the quick removal of unsafe or contaminated products from the market if necessary.

Adhering to food safety practices is crucial to protect public health, prevent foodborne illnesses, and maintaining consumer confidence in the safety and quality of the food supply.

Regulatory agencies, food businesses, and individuals all play important roles in upholding food safety standards to safeguard public well-being.

Benefits Of Free Online Food Safety Courses

  • Accessibility: Free online courses break down barriers to education by making learning opportunities widely available, anyone with internet access can enroll in these courses, regardless of their location, financial situation, or educational background, this inclusivity allows individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities to gain valuable knowledge about food safety.
  • Cost-effective learning: The fact that these courses are free eliminates financial barriers that might prevent individuals from accessing formal education or professional training, it provides an affordable option for those seeking to enhance their understanding of food safety principles and practices without incurring additional expenses.
  • Flexibility and self-paced learning: Free online food safety courses often offer flexibility in terms of study schedules and self-paced learning. Participants can access course materials at their convenience and progress through the modules according to their speed, this flexibility allows learners to balance their studies with other commitments, making it easier to fit learning into busy lifestyles.
  • Professional development and career advancement: Free online food safety courses can significantly enhance an individual’s professional profile, whether they are already working in the food industry or seeking employment in the field, acquiring relevant certifications or demonstrating knowledge in food safety through these courses can open doors to new job opportunities, promotions, and career advancement.
  • Improved food handling practices: By increasing awareness and knowledge of food safety principles, free online courses help individuals develop better food handling practices in their personal lives and professional settings, learners gain insights into proper hygiene, storage, preparation, and cooking techniques, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and contamination.
  • Public health impact: Free online food safety courses contribute to improving public health outcomes by equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge to handle food safely by promoting safe food practices, these courses help prevent foodborne illnesses, reduce the incidence of outbreaks, and protect consumers from health risks associated with food contamination.

List of food safety courses online

  • Food Safety and Hygiene in the catering industry
  • RSBA1- Food safety and hygiene
  • Implementation of the HACCP food safety system in the food processing industry
  • Food handling and hygiene course
  • Food safety training| Safe practices and procedures
  • The basics of food safety and hygiene
  • Food safety knowledge-basic level requirements
  • Meal planning sanitation and therapeutic nutrition
  • Diploma in food safety
  • Nutrition and health: food safety
  • Food as medicine
  • Farm-to-table safety
  • Food safety and personal hygiene in a professional kitchen

1. Food Safety and Hygiene in the catering industry

Food Safety and Hygiene in the catering industry is one of the best food safety online courses because it will give you guidelines that guide the standard of food safety, this course, as the name implies, focuses on food safety in the culinary industry.

Being educated about food safety is essential in every aspect of life, eating healthy meals will save you a lot of health complications, as a person interested in a career in the culinary industry being enlightened about the safety of food is essential.

This food safety course will help you have good knowledge about food in a way that you will be able to avoid solid and contaminated foods because they have a major hand in food poisoning, apart from this they can also cause serious illness or injuries, being enlightened about food safety is an advantage.

Food Safety and Hygiene in the catering industry will also give you in-depth knowledge about the prevention of spoilage in food and also the art of taking food hygienic measures while handling food, there is a popular saying that says “a healthy man is a wealthy man”.

This course is taught module by module it is held online and it is totally free which means you can attend this in the comfort of your home without having to make any payment, students will learn about food-borne illness, the process of keeping bacteria at bay, they are also options to acquire an official diploma.

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2. RSBA1- Food safety and hygiene

RSBA1- Food Safety and Hygiene is a course that enlightens students about the importance of food safety, which also includes proper handling of food handling, sanitation of food, hygienic measure to take while handling food, and also the art of controlling temperature.

This course is very detailed and helpful, you will learn how to control points in critical times, and after completing this course you will be able to implement your knowledge in your daily activities in the kitchen and also in your working environment for those already working in a food-related space.

RSBA1- Food Safety and Hygiene will also enlighten you about cross-contamination, the disposal and management of waste bins, the prevention of rodents and pests in your farm and also your kitchen, and personal hygiene because you have to be hygienic before thinking of sanitizing and another thing.

This food safety course covers safety guidelines, food hygiene, and cooking, they also present students with course assessments, there is a certificate for this course, and you will be awarded this certificate after the completion of this course.

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3. Implementation of the HACCP food safety system in the food processing industry

Implementation of the HACCP food safety system in the food processing industry is one of the food safety courses online, what makes this food course special is the fact that it’s totally free which means anyone can access it without worrying about financial problems.

This course covers the implementation of the hazard analysis and critical control points HACCP food safety system, they offer tips that are very essential for anyone in the food industry, being careful with food and sanitizing food is a way to avoid unnecessary illness.

This food safety course will also enlighten you about the proper implementation of the HACCP’s prerequisite programs and also give you a step-by-step layout that will make sure that food safety is protected in your establishment.

After the completion of this program, there’s a certificate that is accredited, there are also diplomas in food safety you can consider taking because food sanitation is paramount in the lives of any human being, eating healthy can increase the life span of we humans that is why it is important.

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4. Food handling and hygiene course

The food handling and hygiene course is one of the best online courses given to those who are interested in taking food safety courses online, this course outlines the principles guiding the art and science of food sanitation, food handling, and the hygienic measures needed to take while producing food.

This course gives learners detailed knowledge about the skills and understanding needed for a food producer, chef, or food-related professional to be able to operate safely around environments that are food related and have quality knowledge about sanitation.

This course is more helpful to those who are pursuing a career in the culinary industry, it enlightens you about food poisoning which is usually caused by poor hygiene, and they also give students tips on how to keep the kitchen clean to avoid food contamination.

This course has a duration of two days and the course also takes place online, there are no specific requirements needed to apply for this food safety course, the cost of this course is NGN35,000, and you will also get detailed knowledge about:

  • Food safety hazards
  • Legislation
  • Temperature control
  • Refrigeration
  • chilling and cold holding
  • Cooking, hot holding, and reheating
  • Food Handling
  • Principles of safe food storage
  • Cleaning
  • Food premises and equipment
  • Personal hygiene
  • Multiple choice question paper

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5. Food safety training| Safe practices and procedures

Food safety training| Safe Practices and Procedures is one of the best food safety online courses that provides quality knowledge about safe practices and sanitation procedures to take within food service operations, this course takes place online you can get massive knowledge in the comfort of your home.

if you own any food business operation or you plan to own one in the nearest future or maybe you work in a food business industry, a solid sanitation and safety program is vital for any food service operation, big or small, so taking this course is essential.

After taking this course you will be able to recognize some certain food sanitation tips like the individual cleanliness guidelines applicable to everyone within sanitation and safety operations, as well as the important role the manager plays in these operations.

The course exposes learners to different categories of food poisoning and poor food hygiene is one of them, If you also want to make and sell food as a small business, the course is for you, this course offers accredited certificates too.

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6. The basics of food safety and hygiene

This course is also one of the free online food safety courses with certificates designed to equip learners with the practical skills to handle food in a hygienic way to avoid contamination, the essential details needed to be enlightened about food sanitation are mentioned in this course.

Food safety is a set of practices and procedures required by law to prepare, handle, and store food and prevent food-borne illness and injury taking this course just for your personal use at home for you and your family is the right step to take in the direction of living a healthy life.

The basics of food safety and hygiene include essential details for anyone who works in the food industry and is designed to help you understand food safety procedures, identify potential hazards, and become familiar with what the law requires from you as a business owner or employee to prevent harm to consumers.

The food industry is recognized as one of the world’s biggest businesses, Therefore, making sure that the food we all consume is safe to eat must be a top priority for anyone who works in the food industry, to avoid or reduce food-borne diseases.

Learn the responsibilities required by law for food handlers, identify unhygienic habits, proper handwashing procedures, the proper use of protective clothing and gloves, and the required procedure to follow when an employee becomes ill, these will all be covered in this course.

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7. Food safety knowledge-basic level requirements

Food is one of the essential needs of human beings, it keeps humans alive but when ill-handled can destroy lives, people suffer from food poisoning and other food-borne diseases because of poor hygienic measures taken when handling, cooking, and processing what people ingest.

Food if not handled properly can cause severe discomfort illness and death to the consumers of such ill-made meals, this makes it paramount for everyone to be cautious of how they handle food, especially those in the culinary and hospitality industry.

Food safety knowledge-basic level requirements will teach you to properly handle, prepare, and store food so that the meals you make and contribute to are safe for everybody who enjoys them because your behavior directly contributes to the safety of the food you serve.

This course also covers the quality of water you use to make different meals in the kitchen, contaminated water when taken can cause illness and sometimes death it is crucial to be careful about the water we take and also temperature control.

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8. Meal planning sanitation and therapeutic nutrition

Meal planning Sanitation and therapeutic nutrition is a food safety course that offers free quality knowledge about clinical nutrition which is the study and overall analysis of the relationship between ingested food and the overall well-being of the human body.

This food safety course will also introduce you to therapeutic nutrition, how to practice this kind of nutrition, and also the principles guiding therapeutic nutrition which is based on treatment with nutrition, it includes checking a person’s nutrition status and giving the right foods or nutrients to treat different health conditions.

This course covers food sanitation and hygiene, the dietary requirements for some diseases, and also how nutrition helps with stress, burns, and surgery. You will also learn about water purification, nutritional disorders, a balanced diet, food groups, and meal planning in a healthcare setting. 

Taking this food safety course online will help you learn the right steps to take when treating nutritional disorders, how to make a balanced diet, the art of grouping food, the food guide for selecting an adequate diet, meal planning, and also the practical aspects of food selection.

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9. Diploma in food safety

A diploma in food safety is one of the best food safety courses online that will teach you the proper way to handle food in a hygienic way and also be able to apply this knowledge in real-life situations, one thing is to learn another is to practice, practicing food hygiene is very important.

As many as 582 million people in the world at large experience food-borne diseases every year, which is why this course was designed to give students in-depth knowledge about the principles that guide not just food hygiene but personal hygiene.

You will study food purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation, and sanitation and learn the causes and prevention of unsafe food, foodborne illnesses, and food service accidents, you will also learn the correct sanitization and personal cleanliness that should be followed in food business operations.

Food safety is extremely important to food-related businesses of any size, this course will ensure that you cultivate the habit of when working with food, you are able to prevent foodborne illness, contamination, allergic reactions, and the spread of disease.

The course is specifically designed for aspiring food safety managers working in food processing plants, restaurants, and any food service operation, and aims to make learning about this important subject as clear as possible. 

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10. Nutrition and health: food safety

Nutrition and health: food safety is one of the food safety courses online that offers certificates, this course is for learners who are eager to gain knowledge about food safety, the principles guiding food sanitation, the effects of food processing, and the prevention of food poisoning.

This food safety course teaches people different ways of being able to ascertain the amount of risk not handling food in a careful way can cause, this course is an online course that is taught in a module that is divided into eight different moduli.

This course exposes students to learning about food bacteria pesticides and health hazards present in food, this online course is offered as a MOOC which means that you can study at your own pace, at your own time, and anywhere you want.

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11. Food as medicine

Food as Medicine is a food safety course that teaches people how food can be used as medicine, this course covers a lot about nutrition, according to my research meals have shown efficacy in the treatment of patients with diabetes, heart failure, and chronic liver disease.

This course will also enlighten you about what food contains, what makes it vital to human life, the micronutrients, macronutrients, and even antioxidants, you will be exposed to what each element is and how it contributes to a healthy life.

You will be able to explore food can be used as a preventive measure and how important food can be when needed to aid or used in the management of certain chronic diseases which I already mentioned earlier, healthy food is the gold mine to healthy living in the past and will still be in the future.

You’ll study examples of food as medicine, including the FODMAP diet for IBS and probiotics for gut health, find out how your body controls your appetite, and learn more about the eating pattern known as ‘food addiction’, you will also understand how food affects pregnancy and fertility of both men and women.

This course has been certified by the Association for Nutrition, it meets AfN standards for nutrition training of individuals working at Level 1 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

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12. Farm-to-table safety

Farm-to-table safety is one of the best food safety courses online that teaches learners the art of understanding the animal reservoirs of food safety pathogens, the epidemiology and public health aspects of food safety pathogens, and mechanisms for interrupting their transmission to people through food.

This course is free and is it held online which means you can get so much knowledge not just for free but also in the comfort of your own home, this course also gives the learners in-depth knowledge of the safety of food from your farm to your kitchen and also other kitchen hygienic principals.

Tutor: Greg Habing

Language: English

Duration: 2 hours a week

Platform: Ohio State University Via Canvas Network

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13. Food safety and personal hygiene in a professional kitchen

Food safety and personal hygiene in a professional kitchen are also one of the best food safety courses that provide overall knowledge and skills needed to practice the handling of food in a hygienic way and also the art of avoiding contamination.

This course is for everyone in general but those working in the departments of catering or involved in any food business operation are likely to gain more from this course, for those interested in starting a small food business this course is one that will benefit you.

Food Safety and personal hygiene in a professional kitchen is a certified course, it was certified by the CPD certification service, this course is offered by the international culinary studio, this course will teach you about the importance of food safety and also the skills needed to prepare food in its highest sanitation standard.

This course covers the different types of food poisoning, the course of food poisoning which seems to be poor food hygiene, and the prevention of food poisoning, learners are also enlightened about food with hazardous effects, and also the contamination n of the kitchen.

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Are food safety courses only for professionals in the food industry?

No, food safety courses are not limited to professionals in the food industry, they are beneficial for anyone involved in handling food, including home cooks, volunteers at community events, and individuals interested in learning about safe food practices for personal knowledge.

Are food safety courses available online?

Yes, there are numerous food safety courses available online, online courses provide convenience and flexibility as learners can access course materials from anywhere with an internet connection and study at their own pace.

How long does it take to complete a food safety course?

The duration of food safety courses can vary depending on the course and provider, some courses can be completed in a few hours, while others may require several days, online courses often offer flexibility, allowing learners to complete the course at their own pace.

Food safety courses online


In conclusion, the availability of free food safety courses represents a remarkable opportunity for individuals and communities to prioritize public health, acquire essential knowledge, and promote safer food practices.

These courses break down barriers to education, offering accessible and cost-effective learning options for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

By providing comprehensive and up-to-date information, free online food safety courses empower learners to make informed decisions about food handling, storage, and preparation, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and contamination.


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