11 Kid-friendly Cooking Classes for Little Cooking Enthusiasts

How can we inspire a love for cooking in our little ones while making it a fun and educational adventure? We can do this by letting our little ones be in cooking classes.

I know most parents have a child who loves cooking, baking, and helping out in the kitchen, if you think your child has an interest in the culinary arts you can enroll the child in a cooking class that is friendly for kids. This way your child will be able to learn how to make healthy meals from scratch while having fun.

Embarking on a culinary journey at a young age nurtures a love for food and fosters creativity and valuable life skills. In our bustling world, where convenience often trumps tradition, kid-friendly cooking classes dare to stand out as beacons of wholesome learning and joyous exploration.

If you are an adult reading this article you might want to check out these classes, who am I kidding I know it is mostly adults that will read this article on behalf of their kids — 9 Best Free Online Cooking Classes for Adults.

These classes offer a delightful blend of education and entertainment, turning kitchen novices into confident cooks. Let’s delve into the enriching world of kid-friendly cooking classes, where each whisk, chop, and sprinkle brings forth a newfound passion for culinary artistry.

Meaning and Importance of Cooking Classes

Culinary classes can be defined as academic classes taught by qualified instructors to enhance participant’s knowledge of a given area or training in a particular discipline, culinary classes vary broadly in terms of length, size, content, and duration.

Taking up a culinary course can be a rewarding and valuable experience for various reasons, here are some of the important benefits of pursuing a culinary education:

  • Skill development: culinary courses provide you with the opportunity to develop and refine essential cooking skills, you’ll learn proper techniques, knife skills, food preparation methods, and cooking principles that are crucial for a career in the culinary industry or for preparing delicious meals at home.
  • Culinary knowledge: these courses offer a deep understanding of ingredients, flavors, and food pairings, you will learn about various cuisines, culinary traditions, and the science behind cooking, which can enhance your ability to create diverse and inventive dishes.
  • Industry exposure: culinary programs often include internships or work experiences in professional kitchens or restaurants, this exposure can help you understand the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of the culinary industry and gain practical experience.
  • Creativity: culinary courses encourage creativity in the kitchen, you will be exposed to the opportunity to experiment with different ingredients, flavors, and techniques, enabling you to develop your signature dishes and culinary style.
  • Professional opportunities: a culinary education can open doors to career opportunities in the food and hospitality industry, including becoming a chef, pastry chef, food stylist, caterer, restaurant manager, or food critic.

List of Kid-friendly Cooking Classes

Little Kitchen Academy Program

The Little Kids program is one of the best cooking classes for children who are interested in learning the art and science of cooking, there are different sessions of this program; three to five years old which is for pupils in preschool, six to eight for pupils in primary school, nine to twelve for preteen and thirteen to eighteen for teenagers.

It is left for you the parent to help your child choose the course that suits your child’s age; this program will help the children and teenagers nurture their cooking skills. The kids will learn to use healthy culinary techniques, and be independent and confident while making different dishes.

The chef instructors at the Little Kitchen Academy ensure that students can learn at their own pace without feeling pressured. The kids can take risks and explore the wonder of the culinary world and food literacy; you can enroll your child in cooking classes at a Little Kitchen Academy near you.

Tiny Chefs Academy Program

With the Tiny Chef Academy Program, your child can become a tiny chef by learning the essential skills needed to scale through the difficulties of cooking. This chef academy offers virtual classes, live virtual, and most importantly in-person classes, I like in-person — you get to feel the experience.

The students are taught by professional chefs who are qualified and kind enough to teach kids by letting them explore, create, learn, and make messes while perfecting their cooking skills. The learning environment provided for the students is safe and conducive to learning and practicing.

Kids from age three and above are eligible to enroll and study the culinary arts, the advantage of this course is enormous, they get to learn about food chemistry, and temperature control by adjusting the temperature of various materials. The reading and following of recipes and instructions will be covered in this program.

Kids Learn For Free

The Kids Learn for Free program is an in-person class for little kids passionate about cooking and who love helping their parents out in the kitchen. The name of the class implies that the class is for free, children from eight and above are allowed to be in this program.

This class is not completely for kids, it is more like a parent-and-child class where one adult must cook with one child to complete the meal. If you are allergic to wheat or gluten then I am afraid this will not be suitable for you, you can have fun and bond with your child while cooking food.

You do not need to have prior knowledge about cooking or food, the kind of cuisine taught in this class is Mediterranean and Italian-themed, and the class is one hour and thirty minutes. The adult allowed to cook with a child should be 18 years old and above.

Kids in the Kitchen – ALL CLASSES

Kids in the Kitchen – ALL CLASSES is a kid-friendly class that will give children in-depth knowledge about knife techniques, how to make meals from scratch — explore and try different cooking techniques with vegetables and proteins, and healthy meal choices.

If your child always wants to help out in the kitchen and they always want to explore and get creative while in the kitchen then you should consider enrolling them in a class that is suitable for kids. Children from nine to twelve are allowed to take part in this class.

The chef instructor is a qualified culinary professional who is good with kids and is ready to hold the kid’s hands as they navigate the difficulties of cooking and learning while exploring, taking risks, messing around, and having fun.

Sydney Cooking Class

The Sydney Cooking Class is one of the best Kid-Friendly classes offered by the culinary school — The Sydney Cooking School. The class lasts approximately 90 minutes and is a parent-and-child class for both kids and parents to enjoy quality time with each other while learning.

The class was made intentionally for adults and children, which is why the class is neither too basic for adults nor too complex for the kids to grasp, the adults will take part in the procedure that involves a knife, hot panhandling, and other complex stuff while the kids will enjoy putting the less complex procedures.

The Sydney Cooking Class focuses more on hands-on techniques where students can interact and inform each other, the professional chefs in charge of the class will guide you while you learn how to use fresh ingredients to prepare healthy and delicious meals. The recipes for all the dishes will be provided at the end of the class.

Kids Cooking Club

The Kids Cooking Club is one of the kid-friendly cooking classes for little cooking enthusiasts excited to learn new cooking techniques and easy recipes. The class is one hour and thirty minutes, with students from eight to sixteen allowed to be in this course.

The children will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-understand demonstration
  • Cooking tips and tricks
  • No more fussy eaters
  • Hands-on classes
  • Sometimes you will eat during the class but please bring a large container to take things home
  • A space to get creative
  • Professional teachers
  • All facilities, aprons, equipment, and ingredients included
  • The recipe booklet sent to you after the class

The students will acquire the following skills:

  • Confidence in cooking
  • An understanding of cooking techniques
  • Cooking creativity
  • New recipe ideas
  • Trying new things
  • Working with others – teamwork
  • Having fun while cooking

If your child has any allergies talk to the school management before booking a class. Kids under eight need to be booked with a paying adult — everyone in the kitchen needs to have their own individual paid spot booked regardless of age.

Kids in the Kitchen Cooking and Baking

Children from six to nine years are eligible to be in the Kids in the Kitchen Cooking and Baking, the kids will learn how to make a dessert, snack, or food from scratch. The chef instructors guide the kids through every step and demonstrate the use of kitchen tools and ingredients.

This class aims to make cooking and baking a wonderful and interesting journey for young people, the kids are allowed to reach out to their chef instructor whenever they encounter a problem, have questions, and need assistance of any kind.

Every week the students indulge in kid-friendly recipes, exploring a variety of snacks, desserts, drinks, and more. The children receive weekly recipes via email about a week before the class — giving you plenty of time to gather all the ingredients and even possibly try the recipe out before the class.

Cooking and Baking for Kids – Delicious Desserts

Cooking and Baking for Kids – Delicious Desserts is the last but not the least cooking class for kids who enjoy cooking, baking, and eating. A class will give the kids in-depth knowledge about four different desserts, oreo truffles, apple crisps, s’mores bars, and brownies made with cookie dough and frosting.

In this class, the students are provided with instructional videos to make the desserts and other things I mentioned above, you do not need to have prior knowledge of cooking and baking. The students post their desserts and other products with chef instructors.

The chef instructor of this class enjoys teaching children how to cook and has fifteen years of experience in teaching and cooking. She believes cooking should be fun. She has created a comfortable and interactive class where students can freely ask questions while learning.

Le Petit Cordon Bleu cookery class

The Le Petit Cordon Blue cookery class is offered by one prestigious — Le Cordon Blue. This class is for students aged between eight and twelve years old, your young one will be able to learn basic and important culinary techniques under the guidance of their chef instructors.

The Cordon school has provided an environment that is comfortable enough for students to develop their culinary skills, creativity, and taste, at the end of the class the students can take the gourmet dishes home to share with their family.

The classes are held at their institution in Bloomsbury, a mere stone’s throw away from the British Museum and Covent Garden, and one stop on the central line from Tottenham Court Road. After a busy session, you can relax in Café Le Cordon Bleu, located behind the school in picturesque Pied Bull Yard, with a hot drink and one of their delicious cakes or pastries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Children With Dietary Restrictions or Food Allergies Participate in These Classes?

Many kid-friendly cooking classes accept children with dietary restrictions or food allergies. Instructors often provide alternative ingredients or recipes to ensure they can participate safely and enjoyably.

What are the Benefits of Enrolling my Child in a Kid-Friendly Cooking Class?

Enrolling your child in a kid-friendly cooking class can have numerous benefits. Apart from learning practical cooking skills, children can develop a greater appreciation for healthy eating, gain confidence in their abilities, enhance their creativity, and improve their teamwork and communication skills.

What Age Group are Kid-friendly Cooking Classes Designed For?

Kid-friendly cooking classes are typically designed for children aged between 6–12 years old. However, some classes cater to children younger than 6, starting from around 4–5 years old.


As we conclude our exploration into kid-friendly cooking classes, it is evident that these culinary adventures teach children about food and instill invaluable life skills. From fostering creativity and teamwork to promoting healthy eating habits, these classes lay the foundation for a lifelong love affair with cooking.

As our little chefs graduate from mixing bowls to stovetops, may they carry the joy and confidence gained in these classes into their kitchens and beyond. Here’s to a future filled with delicious creations and happy memories shared around the family table!


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