9 Best Free Online Cooking Classes for Adults

In this article, I have compiled a list of the nine best free online cooking classes for adults for people interested in learning how to cook and other things related to cooking and the kitchen whether you are a professional chef or not, you can learn new recipes and procedures for cooking healthy meals without spending a penny.

Are you curious about transforming your kitchen into a healthy food-powered paradise with free cooking classes?

I know most of us love the idea of learning how to make these meals but the cost of paying for a course or even attending a culinary school has discouraged you in one way or another, these classes and courses below can be your ticket to acquiring in-depth knowledge about cooking with minimal investment.

Take up one of these courses, and upgrade your cooking skills when it comes to meals that are made in a heathy, and the benefits it gives to our healthy, I will also provide the answers to questions you have about these classes, let us delve in into these courses and how they can upgrade your culinary career.

Meaning and Importance of Cooking Classes

Culinary classes can be defined as academic classes taught by qualified instructors that are intended to enhance participant’s knowledge of a given area or training in a particular discipline, culinary classes vary broadly in terms of length, size, content, and duration.

Taking up a culinary course can be a rewarding and valuable experience for various reasons, here are some of the important benefits of pursuing a culinary education:

  • Skill Development: Culinary courses provide you with the opportunity to develop and refine essential cooking skills, you’ll learn proper techniques, knife skills, food preparation methods, and cooking principles that are crucial for a career in the culinary industry or for preparing delicious meals at home.
  • Culinary Knowledge: These courses offer a deep understanding of ingredients, flavors, and food pairings, you will learn about various cuisines, culinary traditions, and the science behind cooking, which can enhance your ability to create diverse and inventive dishes.
  • Industry Exposure: Culinary programs often include internships or work experiences in professional kitchens or restaurants, this exposure can help you understand the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of the culinary industry and gain practical experience.
  • Creativity: Culinary courses encourage creativity in the kitchen, you will be exposed to the opportunity to experiment with different ingredients, flavors, and techniques, enabling you to develop your own signature dishes and culinary style.
  • Professional Opportunities: A culinary education can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in the food and hospitality industry, including becoming a chef, pastry chef, food stylist, caterer, restaurant manager, or food critic.

List of Free Online Cooking Classes for Adults

  • Practical Skills to Become a Chef
  • Ultimate Cookery Course
  • Cook From Scratch
  • Restaurant Kitchen Basics Mini Course
  • How to Barbecue Chicken
  • French Patisserie – Online French Desserts Class
  • A taste of Spain
  • French Desserts
  • Culinary Skills and Techniques
  • Food Safety and Hygiene

Practical Skills to Become a Chef

The practical skills to become a chef is the first free online cooking classes for adults on my list, if you have interest of becoming a chef or you love cooking and want to gain knowledge about the necessary skills needed to make delicious meal and better still become a chef, we have the right course for you.

I know that you know who a chef is but I will go ahead to give a simple definition of a chef, a chef can be referred to as a professional cook and tradesperson who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation, often focusing on a particular cuisine.

After completing this courses you should be able to pair ingredients, the selection of perfect seasoning should be a mere breeze for you, you will also know how to manage cooking temperature and anything that is related to this, your culinary skills and techniques will be upgraded.

Ultimate Cookery Course

The Ultimate cookery course is more of videos where the famous chef Gordons Ramsay demonstrates basic cooking skills, the chef is one of the chefs that made it in the culinary industry without a culinary degree, I know that sounds impossible but trust me it is not.

There are so many videos in the ultimate cookery courses lineup, this means you can find a video that suits your interest and kick-start your learning journey, you can find these videos on You tube and the most amazing part of it is the fact that you can gain this knowledge without monetary investment.

How to Barbecue Chicken

The how to barbecue chicken course will give you a thorough step-by-step guide on how to make barbecue chicken, from the marinade to the cooking process will all be in the content of this course, the most basic thing you should own as a person interested in learning all about chicken barbecue is a smoker.

After completing this course you should be a master when it comes to smoking chicken legs and wings, there are different kinds of marinades, in this course will learn how to make use of two marinades, setting up a smoker will be a easier with this course.

The instructors name for this course is Chris Ahl and he is an entrepreneur who has six years of teaching experience in the culinary industry, he works hand in glove with his lovely wife to publish video contents and also organize courses that suits your interest and needs.

French Desserts

Are you a fan of desserts?

The French desserts will teach you about the fundamentals to the advanced parts of making local French pâtisserie, you will learn how to bake chocolate tarts and seasonal fruit tart, after completing this course you should be a master in pastry dough and tart fillings and the best part of this class is the fact that it is free.

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food Safety and Hygiene is the last but not the least free online cooking classes for adults, this courses covers everything that has to do with food safety, hygiene and sanitation, this courses is for everybody whether you are chef or not, as the popular saying goes health is wealth.

This course will teach you the skills and importance of food safety practices which includes temperature control, food hygiene and handling, how to identify critical control points and how to implement them into your daily activities from home to working environment will be taught too.

Cover cross-contamination, waste bin management, pest prevention and personal hygiene are key to making healthy meals and avoid eating contaminated food and avoid the contamination of raw food materials, if you want to know all about food hygiene then this courses if for you.

Culinary Skills and Techniques

Culinary Skills and Techniques is recognized as one of the culinary skills and techniques, being a professional in the culinary arts is not just about being a skilled cook, you have to know about food nutrition, food safety, and food dietetics, because having this kind of knowledge is what actually makes you a professional in the culinary arts.

This course will teach you how to keep the kitchen clean, how to make new dishes and how to make use of new recipes, how to run the kitchen effectively and safe, how to avoid kitchen accidents, you will be exposed to new skills and techniques which can be effective, the more you learn the more you upgrade your skills.

You will learn about food allergy awareness, your knowledge about various cuisines and flavors will be broadened, you will learn how to make delicious and healthy meals for your consumers, take up this course and see how your culinary skills will be upgraded.

A Taste of Spain

A taste of Spain is one of the online cooking classes for adults, do you want to explore and also learn how to make nice Spain delicacies?

Well you are a tap and zoom call away, this program will introduce you to fascinating flavors of Spanish cuisine, you will get to know different Spanish recipes that you will enjoy making use of because of its simplicity, this class could be the next big thing in your cooking journey especially as a fan of Spanish meals.

This course will provide recipes before the class commence, you will be able to learn from an experienced and qualified chef in English, you will be able to cook along with the chef while he or she teaches you from the fundamentals of making Spanish based meals to the advanced part of it.

Cooking Meat and Seafood

Cooking Meat and Seafood is the last but not the least class on my list, this courses is for people of all levels whether you are a professional in the culinary arts or you are a person who want to learn how to cook meat and seafood, this course got you covered, you will first of all learn about the basic of meat and seafoods.

You will get to learn what the definition of meat really is and also explore types of red meats, types of poultry and variety of edible seafoods which includes shellfish and cephalopods, how to determine freshness of meat and the differences between the ages and breeds of meat-producing animals and ways to cook them.

How to prepare different kinds of meats whether beef or poultry meat will be taught in this class, recipes and heathy ways of cooking meats and seafoods, if you are lover of meat or you are a professional chef who is looking forward to upgrading your meat and seafood cooking skills, i think this is the course for you.

Can I Ask Questions and Get Personalized Advice During the Classes?

Yes, many Free Online Cooking Classes for Adults encourage participants to ask questions and seek personalized advice from the instructors, the goal is to facilitate your learning journey and get a personalized answer that will help you learn faster.

This interaction helps enhance the learning experience and ensures that participants can adapt the recipes to their preferences and dietary needs.

What Can I Expect to Learn From These Classes?

You can expect to learn a variety of plant-based cooking techniques, such as how to prepare flavorful dishes using vegetables, grains, and legumes, how to substitute animal-based ingredients with plant-based alternatives, and how to create balanced and nutritious meals.

Free Online Cooking Classes for Adults


Free Online Cooking Classes for Adults offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels to explore the vibrant world of health-powered cuisine.

From learning basic cooking techniques to discovering new flavors and ingredients, these classes empower participants to embrace a healthier, more sustainable way of eating.

By making cooking accessible and enjoyable, these classes not only contribute to personal wellness but also promote environmental conservation and animal welfare.

So why wait? Dive into the exciting realm of cooking today and unleash your culinary creativity while nourishing both body and soul.


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