10 Best Easiest Degrees to Pass (For Lazy Students)

Is pursuing the “Easiest Degrees to Pass” a genuine investment in one’s education and future success? In a world filled with lazy people, I think it is wise to go for degrees that are easier to pass, earning a bachelor’s degree, this list of degrees can help you narrow down your choices.

Many students are faced with the challenge of taking up difficult courses. I know many people who have struggled to get into a traditional college and even complete a degree, who do not love the idea of taking up a degree that is easy to finish.

When considering the easier degree to take up, you should consider the curriculum structure of the degree and the kind of salary people who have acquired such degrees get after getting the job, you should also check if the major requires an advanced degree to be open to lucrative job options.

I know you are wondering about the way I was able to determine how easy a degree is, while there’s is no particular way to determine, each degree has its level of rigor, there is no degree that does not have challenges, but there’re degrees that are less stressful than the others, if you choose a major you should be determined to complete it.

What makes a degree easy? Fewer math classes? Less time in the Chemistry lab? Or maybe you like classes with lots of writing, I like writing, if I didn’t you would probably not see this particular blog post, I am not a fan of dissecting random animals in a bio lab or diluting a bunch of chemicals in a chemistry laboratory.

What do you enjoy? Let that be your guide as you start exploring Degrees!

Why You Should Get a Degree

Getting and completing a degree has advantages, these benefits include the fact that you will be paid more than a person who has no degree in that field, and of course, the main reason you should think about completing a degree is to expand your knowledge about that field.

A degree can give a guarantee of not just getting a better job but also keeping a better job, your career opportunities automatically increase when you have a degree, other benefits include:

  • Economic Stability
  • Increased Marketability
  • Preparation for a Specialized Career
  • Networking Opportunities
  • A Pathway to Advancement 
  • Personal Growth and Improved Self-Esteem
  • Higher Job Satisfaction
  • Positive Return on Investment

List of Best Easiest Degrees to Pass

  • Creative Writing
  • Anthropology
  • English
  • Sociology
  • Methodology
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Liberal Arts
  • Photography

Creative Writing

Creative writing is one of the Easiest Degrees to Pass, if you have always loved writing or you are a lover of words who is often referred to as a logophile you might find creative writing interesting and easy, if you acquire a degree in creative writing you will be exposed to a lot of opportunities.

These opportunities include being able to work as a journalist or even get a role as a publisher, you can decide to up your game by starting up a blog of your own, where you can perfect your writing skills, the more you write the more your writing skills improve.

Studying creative writing will help you establish useful communication skills such as analyzing existing writing, making your new work, and giving and receiving feedback from your peers, writing majors earn an average of $50,000, and of course, you will not encounter advanced maths throughout your learning journey.


Anthropology is the study of human societies and how they develop, they examine lesser-known findings in archaeology and anthropology to highlight all that we don’t know about human history, it is one of the easiest degrees to pass, anyone who is inquisitive can study this course.

After getting a degree in anthropology you will be able to work at museums and research labs, but then I must warn you this field of study is not one that lands you a position in the workplace, but if you are not interested in becoming a full-time anthropologist there are other sectors you can venture into.

These sectors include government, nonprofit, and business, taking up this degree involves taking a mix of anthropology, history, and sociology classes, you will read and write a lot, but won’t have to do any advanced statistics or other types of math.


If you are a lover of books, reading, words and even analyzing texts then a degree in English is just what you need to kick-start your life in the English language field, this is one of the easiest degrees to pass because you will not have to do much (if any) work in the math or science fields.

During your journey of completing a degree in English, you will be able to master and also broaden your knowledge in writing, reading, and comprehension, you can also decide to gain extra knowledge about writing and reading by taking summer classes or even online classes.

As a degree holder in English, you have many options available to them in a variety of sectors, from teaching to law to healthcare, you will have to take two or more courses from literature which may include specialized topics that focus on a particular theme or writer, I think English is an interesting field.


Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior, sociologists are tasked with investigating the structure of groups, organizations, and societies, and how people interact within these contexts, I find sociologists intriguing because I find the human behaviour intriguing.

You will learn about the connections between people, which can prepare you for work in human resources, market research, and more, if it helps you sleep well at night then you should know that sociology courses don’t require a ton of heavy reading or long writing assignments.

This is why it is recognized as one of the easiest degrees to pass you have to learn how the social welfare system works while gaining hands-on advocacy skills.


The methodology can be said to be a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity while a methodologist is a person who studies or specializes in methods used for doing, teaching, or studying something, the methodology is one of the easiest degrees to pass.


A business degree often covers subjects such as accounting, finance, management, and, increasingly, entrepreneurship, this wide range of subjects helps students understand and reflect on the multidisciplinary nature of business and the importance of understanding all the key elements needed to make a business successful.

Have you always been business and goal-oriented, or do you love the idea of being an entrepreneur, well a business degree is all you need, a businessman or woman can earn even more than an accountant, financial analyst, or project manager.

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

You can venture into these business degree parts I have listed above, studying business is one of the easiest degrees to pass and it also has many job opportunities, if you want to go into management or even start your business then this degree will teach you all you need to know about marketing, finance, and accounting.


I know the moment you saw the word communication your mind told you it’s all about talking or speaking but communication has a lot to do with reading, research, critical thinking, and writing, you are exposed to the opportunity of working in marketing, business management, or public relations sector.

In your learning journey in this field you will learn how to communicate via writing, speaking effectively, and other forms of media (such as video production), you can also decide to extra courses in professional writing, media communication, and public speaking.

  • Journalism
  • Media Studies
  • Technical Communication

A degree in communication is easier to pass because of the lack of advanced science, math, or writing coursework you’ll do, Journalism, Media Studies, and Technical Communication are the popular communication degree parts you can venture into.

Liberal Arts

Liberal arts is one of the easiest degrees to pass especially for lazy students, I know you might be wondering about what you could do with a liberal arts degree, you can work in communication, the nonprofit, and even the business sector.

  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Biology

You can take classes in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences as a liberal arts major, liberal arts education emphasizes rational thought and aims to develop robust critical thinking and analytical skills, problem-solving skills, History, Geography, Political Science, and Biology are common liberal arts degree paths.


A photographer can be referred to as a person who captures and creates images using the camera, photography can be said to be both science and art, getting a degree in photography requires technical skill and artistic vision, and it is one of the easier courses to pass, you can find out more about photography here.

To become a photographer you need to be a passion who is passionate about the art behind the pictures we see every day, if you want photography to become a full-time job or a career, you need to dedicate your time and also have to get in-depth knowledge about the art, science and philosophy of photography.

Getting a degree in photography is the best step to take because you get well-structured information, and they will offer you hands-on classes, where you will learn the technical aspects of photography, you will also get to network with students with like minds, and you can exchange ideas and also collaborate with these students.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions about the Best Easiest Degrees to Pass (For Lazy Students)

What Makes a Degree “Easy” to Pass?

An easy degree typically refers to a program with less challenging coursework or lower academic rigor, factors like subjective grading, straightforward exams, and lighter workloads contribute to this perception.

Are Easy Degrees Less Valuable?

The value of a degree is subjective and depends on individual career goals, while some easy degrees may be less academically demanding, they can still lead to fulfilling and successful careers in certain fields.

Of course, the reason you want to take up an easy degree is cause it is less demanding and that is not a bad thing, you want to acquire knowledge but in a less stressful way, and that is okay.

Do Easy Degrees Guarantee a Higher GPA?

While it may be tempting to assume that easier degrees guarantee a higher GPA, this is not always true.

GPA depends on various factors, including individual effort, study habits, and personal interest in the subject matter. While some may find certain degrees less challenging and therefore achieve higher GPAs, others may struggle to stay motivated or engaged in a subject they find uninteresting.

Moreover, grading systems can vary across institutions and even within different courses of the same degree.

The perception of difficulty is subjective, and what one person finds easy might be challenging for another.

Success in academics is not solely determined by the complexity of the degree but also by the dedication and commitment of the student.

easiest degrees to pass


While pursuing an easy degree may seem tempting to some, it is crucial to recognize that the value of education extends beyond just passing exams effortlessly.

Pursuing knowledge, personal growth, and developing critical thinking skills are integral components of a fulfilling educational experience. Instead of focusing solely on the perceived ease of a degree, individuals should consider their long-term goals, interests, and the potential for meaningful learning.

Ultimately, the journey of education is not just about passing with minimal effort, but about acquiring a well-rounded and enriching foundation that can contribute to personal and professional success in the future.


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