7 Best Low-cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Australia

Can we truly afford to ignore the transformative potential of low-cost boarding schools for troubled youth in Australia, when investing in their rehabilitation and education could be the key to breaking the cycle of adversity and unlocking a brighter future for these individuals?

The world we are in today is made up of youths who are mentally deranged, depressed, and frustrated due to some circumstances they constantly find themselves in and some of these circumstances can be drug abuse, broken homes, behavioral problems, and lots more.

I know it is not easy for any parents to see their kids going through the process of being a troubled youth, you should know that there are schools that have been founded for the sole purpose of helping students who feel disengaged and are close to not being able to live a productive and healthy life.

The fear of most parents who have disengaged teenagers is the cost of boarding schools but in this blog post I have curated a list of low-cost boarding schools for troubled youth in Australia, these boarding schools are beacons of hope for parents who are not rich but want the best for their kids.

The teenage years of your child can be the most challenging years for both a child and the parent, both physically and emotionally, teens crave love and acceptance the most, but sometimes they just want to be their own person, you can send them to a boarding school where they can learn to be independent.

Meaning of Therapeutic Boarding School

The basic meaning of a therapeutic boarding school is a residential building where young people especially those who are troubled can live. At the same time, they complete their education and also receive therapy by engaging in therapeutic programs, classes, and counseling courses that are provided by the school’s structured settings.

This kind of boarding school specializes in not just educating young and troubled adults but also helping them rehabilitate and restore their mental health while achieving their academic goals, after sending your child to a therapeutic boarding school you should be rest assured that they will have control over their life.

If you have a young adult or teenager who is suffering from behavioral issues social problems, emotional challenges, and learning difficulties that cannot be addressed in the traditional school environment, allowing this kind of adult to attend therapeutic boarding schools will expose them to strategies that will help them succeed.

Why Your Child Might Need A Therapeutic Boarding School

Ever wondered why your child might thrive and find healing in a therapeutic boarding school environment, where challenges are met with understanding, growth is nurtured, and individualized support becomes the cornerstone of their journey?

If your teenage child is troubled they might get disruptive in class and may isolate themselves from their peers, you should watch your teenagers closely because they pass through a rollercoaster of emotions, they may get sad or angered over very little but sensitive issues.

Before sending your teenage child to a boarding school you should make sure you have face-to-face conversations with them, you should provide them with positive and encouraging words remind them that no matter what happens you will always be on their team, and make sure you are in a relaxed state before engaging in such discussions with your teenage child.

Let them know that you are sending them to a Therapeutic boarding school not because they are being troubled or experiencing failure due to their level of intelligence, but because they are facing problems when it comes to socializing, emotional problems, and also mental challenges. These schools will help them succeed academically and socially.

How to Detect a Troubled Teenager

  • Skipping school
  • Lying
  • Spending too much time sleeping
  • Body image issues
  • Being the bully
  • Trying drugs and alcohol
  • Excessive outbursts
  • Quitting sports or other activities
  • Weight loss
  • Secretive Behavior
  • Changing appearance
  • Mood swings
  • Doing drugs and alcohol

List of Low-cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Australia

  • The Salvation Army’s Gateway Program
  • Dunlea Center
  • Backtrack
  • Sir David Martin Foundation Triple Care Farm
  • Veteran Mentors-Junior Leader Program
  • Benevolent Society
  • Homestead for Youth

The Salvation Army’s Gateway Program

The Salvation Army’s Gateway program is offered by the organization named the Salvation Army, this program was designed for adults who are experiencing homelessness, and also for kids and women who have experienced and barely escaped from domestic violence, they help these affected persons find a permanent solution to their problem.

As long as you are a single adult who is over twenty-five or even a married adult who is also over twenty-five years old, according to the name of the program, it is a gateway for people who have passed through one trauma or the other by offering them a fresh start, sometimes all we need is a little help.

According to research, this salvation organization is one of the biggest providers of homelessness services across the country, where candidates might either completely stop or reduce their addiction, so if you have a teenager who is going through addiction this might just be where he can get help.

Cost: approximately $1,200 per week.

Dunlea Center

The Dunlea Center is recognized as one of the Low-cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Australia, this boarding school stands out amongst others because it offers a very unique program which is called common sense parenting where parents and guidance can not just learn but also develop and practice skill that will help them raise better teenage kids.

The Dunle Center is a place where your child learns a lot by engaging in therapeutic and educational programs, after attending this school your child should be able to build positive relationships, avoid unhealthy relations, and also maintain healthy behavior, of course, there are comfortable dormitory where your kid will reside.

The programs offered by these schools can be completed in a space of eighteen months, these programs are designed to help your teenager scale through whatever challenges they have, whether it’s their academic life, their emotional or social life, and even their mental state.

Cost: $150 per week

Location: 35A Waratah Rd, Engadine NSW 2233, Australia.

Veteran Mentors-Junior Leader Program

Veteran Mentor is one of the best Low-cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Australia, this school offers programs that are designed to help young adults who are struggling with self-worth, technology addiction, and bad behaviors, these programs are developed by Defence Force veterans who have experienced the impact of military-style training on behavior and perspective.

This boarding school is more expensive than most of the schools in the article, and the kids can learn about work ethic, high self-worth, and breaking away from addictions, they are taught how to be courageous, resident, and respectful young individuals who have learned what it takes to set and achieve goals.

Age: 12 to 17

Cost: $5,500


The Backtrack is for young adults who are having a hard time, this is an institution that has all it takes to help your child develop a healthy lifestyle, and they do not care about how long it is going to take for them to achieve it, they want to impact the life of young people positively.

This is among the Low-cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Australia, this institution was created by Bernie Shakeshaft because of the passion he had for young minds, he knew that a lot of kids were facing challenges that they may not be able to overcome without the help of a therapeutic school.

They will develop personally and get to find out who they are while achieving academic excellence and I know this is what almost every parent wants for their child.

Backtrack caters to their students’ needs and they do not pressure them into anything, they can take their time to develop healthy habits, it’s not easy to leave substance abuse, mental health problems, and family conflict, so these kids need, attention and care.

Cost: Average of $1,000 per week

Location: 15-17 Grafton Rd Armidale, New South Wales.

Homestead for Youth

Homestead for Youth is a group dedicated to empowering at-risk youth (and their families) by offering mentoring and cutting-edge, holistic therapies on their cozy Meelon farm in Western Australia’s southern suburbs if you are having a tough time you should consider going to this institution

Since 2014, they have welcomed hundreds of young people and their families to experience wellness and safety via a loving home thanks to the support of their committed Board, enthusiastic volunteers, and the generosity of the Western Australian community, this can be your gateway into a new life and a fresh start.

Sir David Martin Foundation Triple Care Farm

The governor of New South Wales is the founder of this care farm, his name is Sir David Martin, I guess he notices how addiction to drugs, and alcohol, and homelessness of young people increase daily, this care firm is also recognized as one of the low-cost boarding schools for troubled teenagers in Australia.

It is also an alcohol residential rehabilitation facility that helps young adults overcome addiction and develop skills to find their independence in the community, the school offers its students the opportunity to learn valuable skills while taking care of their mental and emotional well-being.

After completing a program at the David Martin Foundation, the farm usually holds a graduation ceremony where these young adults who once struggled with one problem or other share their accomplishments with their friends and family, the tools every young person needs to empower their lives lie within the four walls of this school.

Age: 16 to 24

Cost: $140 one-off non-refundable administration fee plus $150

Location: 580 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000

Benevolent Society

Benevolent Society is one of the oldest and cheapest boarding schools for troubled teenagers in Australia, the school helps vulnerable students who have mental issues, it teaches them how to stay engaged and connected, they also practice early intervention which means they address issues before they get out of hand.

I know the fear of every mother who has a child with mental illness is their child does not amount to anything but this particular institution has made it possible for a child to not just recover but also leave a fantastic life, they engage their students in work and study to keep them busy.

The services of the Benevolent Society go beyond children, youths, and family support, they also provide care for older Australians, support for people with disabilities, and many more, you can visit their official website to find out more amazing facts about this institution and how they can help you.

Age: 12 to 17

Cost: approximately $1,400 per week

Location: 2E Wentworth Park Road Glebe NSW 2037

Low-cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth In Australia

Frequently Asked About Low-cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth in Australia

Below are some questions you might want to know the answers to, they are the most frequently asked questions about the low-cost boarding schools for troubled youth in Australia.

Why are Boarding schools better than Public?

The opportunity to live away from home and in a dorm on campus offers priceless chances for personal development.

Boarding school students typically grow more quickly than public school kids in the development of life skills including time management, work ethic, and independence.

Is a Therapeutic Boarding School or Teen Treatment Program Right for Teenagers?

A therapeutic boarding school or teen treatment is a good option for teenagers who are succeeding or coping with the way things were done in a traditional school environment, if exposed to attending this kind of school they will be provided with mental health support and consistent supervision.

If your teen is struggling with substance use and/or a mental health disorder, and healing is your priority, it is recommended that you pursue a residential treatment program for your teen, these programs can help your students live an exceptional life.

So yes if you are going through some kind of problem and you are a teenager and have a child who is troubled you should consider attending or taking up a therapeutic Boarding School or Teen Treatment Program Right for Teenagers.

At What Age Can a Child Be Allowed to Attend a Therapeutic Boarding School?

A child of 11 years old and upwards can attend a boarding with the consent of their parents, attending a boarding school at a young age will give that child a sense of belonging and independence, the age limit differs, you should check the official website of the schools to know about their rules and regulations.


low-cost boarding schools for troubled youth in Australia stand as beacons of hope and opportunity, offering a lifeline to those grappling with adversity.

By combining affordability with a supportive and structured environment, these institutions address immediate challenges and pave the way for long-term transformation.

Investing in the well-being and education of troubled youth is an investment in the future of our society, fostering resilience, self-discovery, and the potential for positive contributions.

As we navigate the complex landscape of youth rehabilitation, the significance of accessible and effective solutions cannot be overstated.

The prospect of brighter futures for these individuals, and consequently for the community, underscores the importance of furthering our commitment to low-cost boarding schools as valuable catalysts for change.


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