11 Best culinary schools in Lagos

This article is going to enlighten you on the best culinary schools in Lagos, culinary schools are establishments where students are taught how to cook, varieties of cuisines, bake, fry, and basically anything that is related to food or cooking.

Culinary schools teach students who are interested in building a culinary career the art of preparing, presenting, cooking, and serving dishes, there are different schools located in Lagos there are also culinary schools outside Lagos.

Culinary schools are about anything that has to do with the activity and practice of cooking, there are eleven culinary schools in this article, and we will throw more light on the most prominent culinary schools in Lagos state.

The skills you can acquire in the culinary industry include; human nutrition, efficient kitchen control, time management, menu planning, time planning, visual presentation, food safety, and cooking food in a limited amount of time.

How do I become a chef in a few days?

Becoming a chef in a few days is a bit impossible because becoming a chef requires a combination of education either through school or learning on the job, experience, and rank to earn the title.

A cook must continue to learn and work their way through the ranks of a kitchen before they can be called a chef. That title is taken very seriously in the culinary world.

Can you make money after culinary school?

Of course, you can make money after attending a culinary institution, Upon graduation from Culinary Arts school, you would see a wide range of salaries across available professional culinary job offerings. Contemporary chefs work in a wide array of kitchens job, in environments that require varying levels of skill.

Reasons to attend catering school: 4 benefits of earning a catering art degree

  • You will learn how to cook beyond basic meals
  • Gain catering experience and certification
  • Gain catering networking opportunities and Jobs
  • Have skills to start your own business in the catering industry

List of 11 best culinary schools in Lagos

  • CMK Culinary Arts School
  • Redish chronicles
  • Crumbles Chef Academy
  • JTH Culinary Academy
  • Speedmeals Culinary School Lagos
  • Culinary Academy
  • Wavecrest College Of Hospitality
  • Meenah’s Academy
  • Chef Lynda’s kitchen Hospitality Services
  • Rubels &Angels-Food Court
  • Rosebuk Catering

 1. CMK Culinary Arts School

This culinary institute has been approved by the city & Guilds and recognized by the international hospitality Council (IHC), this institution teaches professional culinary, different kinds of culinary arts, and baking lessons which makes it one of the best culinary schools in Lagos.

CMK Culinary Arts School’s goal is to embed its students with advanced culinary skills, extensive coaching, and practical pieces of training, they also offer courses like a diploma in cooking, Nigeria cookery, level 1 cuisine, and professional certification of chefs.

Address: 39, Osolo Way Ajao Estate Lagos Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria

Contact: 0803 578 2455

Email Address: info@cmkculinary.org

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2. Redish chronicles

Redish chronicles culinary school is an institution-approved center by ILM, this culinary school has different branches in both Lagos and Abuja where their culinary services consist of large-scale catering.

Their learning duration ranges from 3 weeks to 1 year and it’s a place for students looking to get a career in the culinary world, this institution aims to train its students in different aspects of the culinary study.

Address: 18 Fola Jinadu Crescent, Off Gbagada Expy, Gbagada, Lagos

Contact: 09092222208

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3. Crumbles Chef Academy

Crumbles Chef Academy is one the best culinary school in Lagos, this culinary institute focuses on basic culinary techniques, and procedures they not only teach you how to cook but also teach you how to be successful.

They also offer culinary programs such as the Amateur chef program, professional chef program, young chef, and also courses like day courses.

Address: 21 deco medical rd, chevy view estate, off Chevron Dr, Lekki

Phone: 0803 338 7883

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4. JTH Culinary Academy

This culinary institute is one of the best culinary institutes in Lagos that has a goal of providing inclusive extensive culinary training which covers basic and advanced culinary skills.

They offer courses to culinary enthusiasts and businesses worldwide depending on your preferred training they train their students to revolutionary careers as a chef or refine their culinary skills.

Email Address: info@jthculinaryacademy.com

Phone: 0906 559 7492

Address: 41, Shogbamu street, Baale Bus-stop, New Garage, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria

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5. Speedmeals Culinary School Lagos

Speedmeals Culinary School Lagos is one the best culinary schools in Lagos, this culinary institute offers the best culinary services in Lagos, and they train their students on basic and also advanced culinary techniques.

This culinary school also offers culinary courses like cooking, baking, cake decoration, frying, and a lot more, food is capable of bringing people together, cooking requires confidence and culinary schools will help you attain that.

Email Address: speedmealsculinary@gmail.com

Address: surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: 0809 663 8815

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6. Culinary Academy

This culinary school is one of the best culinary schools in Lagos, which trains people to become professional chefs and retrains chefs to deepen their skills, also offers recreational classes.

They also teach its students how to manage and operate other restaurants. Provides consultancy services for a restaurant set up, sells, and supplies kitchen utensils and equipment.

Address: S.W, 50, Raymond Njoku Street, Off Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos

Phone: 0808 335 5268

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7. Wavecrest College Of Hospitality

This culinary school is also one the best culinary schools in Lagos, The Wavecrest College of Catering and Hospitality Management is a project of the Women’s Board, Educational Co-operation Society.

The Women’s Board is a Nigerian non-governmental not-for-profit organization created in 1972 to contribute to women’s development in both rural and urban settings.

The Waverest College of Hospitality is of the largest catering schools in Lagos, It is a project of the women’s board educational cooperation society. The institution focuses on the development of careers in the hospitality industry.

Student pay subsidized tuition of about just 25% of the original cost and they are coached in cooking, baking, and hotel management.

Address: 75 Adisa Bashua St, Surulere 103251, Lagos

Phone: 09096856606

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8. Meenah’s Academy

This academy offers the best detailed and practical catering classes in Lagos; such as baking classes, cooking classes, event planning classes, and more. The school provides students with the right culinary skills that make them stand out and secure catering opportunities in the industries, they also secure internship and employment opportunities for their trainees.

Their training is practical and they also give all the necessary support to start a business immediately, they are ready to hold your hand to become that super chef.

Address: 15 Idowu odunnuga street surulere 101241 Lagos.

Phone: 07060876145

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9. Chef Lynda’s kitchen Hospitality Services

Chef Linda is a Nigerian food explorer, food critic, and nutritionist. She runs a hotel, and restaurant service company located in surulere under which her catering school is operated.

As professional hospitality consultants, they offer guidance and solution to problems the hotel and restaurant may be having as a whole, improve or renovate the hospitality business, they are very passionate about food and its entire cooking, eating, tasting, styling, and meals and they also provide career guides for chefs at all levels.

Address: pilot Crescent,4, Bode Thomas street surulere 10001, Lagos.

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10. Rubels &Angels-Food Court

Rubels &Angels-food a catering institute that focuses on coaching its students in cooking, baking, making parties, hotel management, and hospitality, they are one the best catering schools in Lagos, they are good at what they do, and they offer catering/culinary skills to the student who wants to upgrade your cooking skills.

Location details:52 Ogunlana Drive Surulere, Lagos.

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11. Rosebuk Catering

This institution is a culinary academy where young people, students, and even professional chefs get degrees in catering skills like cooking, baking, hospitality, and hotel management.

Location details: Aina, surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

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Culinary Schools In Lagos

Which course is best for catering?

There are various undergraduate courses and programs in the field of catering such as B.Sc. (Catering Science and Hospitality Management), B.Sc. (Catering and Hotel Administration), BBA in Hotel and Catering Management, and Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts.

Which course is best in catering school?

All popular UG level courses are best in catering like BSc in Catering Science and Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, BSc in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, BSc in Catering and Hotel Administration, Catering Technology and Tourism, Catering Technology, and Tourism.


This Brings Us To The End Of This Article On Catering Schools In Lagos, You Can Start Your Career By Applying To Anyone That Soothes Your Personality And Is Also Convenient For You.


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