7 best culinary schools in Michigan 

In this article, I will throw more light on the best culinary schools in Michigan, interested in upgrading your culinary career or have little or no experience in the culinary field but are interested in the culinary industry consider attending a culinary school.

Each culinary school though slightly different from the other has a strong focus on the basics of culinary techniques, if you want to get a job in the culinary world you have to be able to differentiate between dicing, mince, and julienning.

There are many career opportunities you can pursue as a chef, caterer, or cook, you can work as a chef or private chef or caterer, the more experience you have, the more money you can earn.

Michigan has a rich tradition of education in the culinary arts, culinary schools in Michigan offer one of the world’s most curriculums, and they also embed students into the craft with world-renown degree programs.

Meaning of culinary school

A culinary school is a professional institute that provides training that focuses on the culinary arts, They offer both accredited and non-accredited courses in menu planning, cooking, cake decorations, and time management.

Culinary alone is about food and anything related to the kitchen or food itself sometimes hospitality is involved, however, there are various culinary schools all over the world with curricula from traditional cooking to raw cooking.

These culinary schools also offer culinary courses such as restaurant management, fresh meat courses, catering, baking classes, vegetables, and ethnic cuisines, there are also degrees available at culinary schools.

Having a degree in the culinary world makes job opportunities easily available to you as a degree holder in the culinary field, various jobs are available working as food band beverage director, baker, chef, caterer, and other relatively available jobs.

Advantages and disadvantages of culinary schools


  • It will help you become a better cook
  • You will learn to cook with finesse
  • Monetizing your career
  • Makes cooking less difficult
  • Better Knife Skills are Commendable advantages of Culinary School
  • learning from several top culinary professionals


  • You won’t learn about different cuisines
  • You won’t learn much about cooking at home
  • It will cost you money
  • Its a physically demanding job
  • Your social life will suffer

Are chefs in demand?

Cooking is involved in our everyday activities and yes chefs are in high demand according to the bureau of labor and statistics which is faster than the national average for all occupations, chefs and cooks are amazing job prospects.

Professional gratification

Professional gratification can be said to be happy with one’s choice of work, it’s critical to feel fulfilled with one’s job in the culinary field if you’re just starting in your career, or want to upgrade your career.

Consider enrolling in any of the amazing culinary schools in Michigan is a great way to improve your career taking over to a whole new level while also pursuing professional work satisfaction.

List of 7 best culinary schools in Michigan

  • Schoolcraft college
  • Eastern Michigan university
  • Macomb community college
  • Oakland community college
  • Henry Ford College
  • Great lakes culinary institute
  • Jackon community college

#1. Schoolcraft college

This culinary institution is one the best culinary schools in Michigan, Schoolcraft’s culinary arts programs have good national repute, quality culinary education, and creativity in culinary education.

This culinary establishment was founded in 1961, and was formerly named northwest wayne county community college but was changed because of the length, its graduate go on to work in some of Europe’s and America’s most prestigious kitchens.

This culinary academy aims to increase focus on operation and nutrition thereby helping students land good positions on graduation.

Programs offered by Schoolcraft College

  • Professional culinary arts
  • brewing and distillation technology
  • culinary baking and pastry arts
  • culinary and dietary operations management.

Courses offered by Schoolcraft college

  • Baking courses
  • Culinary arts
  • Nutrition science
  • Food science
  • culinary management

Location: 18600 Haggerty Rd, Livonia, MI 48152, USA

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#2. Eastern Michigan university

Eastern Michigan University has a goal to achieve a high-quality graduate and undergraduate university education university that provides students with the skills, abilities, and knowledge they need to succeed in the culinary field.

Programs and outcomes offered by Eastern Michigan university

  • Develop effective written and oral communication skills needed to be successful in the hospitality business environment.
  • Apply classroom theory with practical application in the hospitality industry through targeted work experience related to career objectives.
  • Analyze and apply solutions to managerial problems and implement quantitative reasoning concepts and critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate core competencies in hotel and restaurant management that includes cost controls, food production, hotel operations, legal aspects, events management, human resource practices, restaurant operations, services marketing, and strategic and management skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in identifying and solving problems to meet organizational objectives.

Location: 900 Oakwood St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA

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#3. Macomb community college

This is one the best culinary schools in Michigan, this establishment was founded in the year 1972, and this culinary institute has high-quality staff and chefs who are capable of traditional methods of baking.

Macomb community college teaches its students varieties of kitchen skills, international and regional menus, food ordering, and safe handling of food in the kitchen.

This culinary academy will teach you all you need to know about baking production, knife techniques, cake decorations, continental cuisine, and different culinary techniques.

Courses offered by Macomb community college

  • Culinary techniques
  • International food and food culture
  • Food ordering and handling
  • Menu management
  • Decorative food presentation
  • Wine and food pairings
  • Old world bread baking
  • Wedding cakes and other desserts

Location: 14500 Twelve Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48088, USA

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#4. Oakland community college

This culinary academy has a goal to prepare its students to achieve careers as experts in the culinary world, having culinary education will give you job opportunities like a beverage manager, executive chef, or food manager.

Oakland community college is one the best culinary schools in Michigan, in this culinary institute students learn fundamental skills, cookery, guest services, food safety, practical classes, pastries, and culinary skill refinement.

Their culinary curriculum also includes financial applications used in beverage and food operations, they cover human resources, industry standards, and management principles all covered in this curriculum.

Location: 27055 Orchard Lake Rd

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#5. Henry Ford college

Henry Ford college is one of the best culinary schools in Michigan where students master the arts of culinary and also gain massive knowledge in the business of cooking.

They also offer special opportunities in their practical sections where students are able to grow lettuce, herbs, flowers, and vegetables you also get to learn baking, menu planning, food safety, cost management, and nutrition.

Courses offered by Henry Ford College

  • Professional TV studio kitchen
  • HFC Ice carving club
  • Garden maintenance

Location: 5101 Evergreen Rd, Dearborn, MI 48128, USA

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#6. Great lakes culinary institute

Great lakes culinary institute is one of the top best culinary institutes that aim to provide enthusiastic students with the basic culinary procedures required to work in the culinary field.

Programs and Great lakes culinary institute

  • Baking Level I Certificate
  • Culinary Arts Level III Certificate
  • Associate Applied Science Degree
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Culinary Sales and Marketing

Baking Level I Certificate

This curriculum is designed for students who plan to work in the baking industry. Learners receive hands-on training in all aspects of industrial baking preparation and presentation.

Culinary Arts Level III Certificate

This course is designed for students who want to work in the culinary industry. Learners receive hands-on training in all phases of commercial food preparation and presentation.

Other areas include nutrition, sanitation, purchasing, and management lecture courses. This Michigan culinary institute is an American Culinary Federation-accredited Michigan college.

Associate Applied Science Degree

The course is focused on preparing for entry-level chef and kitchen manager positions. It is concerned with the science and techniques of food selection, preparation, and service.

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Culinary Sales and Marketing

The Culinary Sales and Marketing program is designed to prepare students for careers in food sales, marketing, and other related fields.

Location: 715 E Front St, Traverse City, MI 49686, USA

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#7. Jackon community college

This culinary academy is one of the best culinary schools in Michigan, this establishment is a major part of the culinary services program, and students acquire the basic culinary procedures and skills to deal with real-world kitchen challenges.

Jackon community college makes sure that students learn everything about the preparation of meals, and serving food in a casual or formal dining set with the aid of kitchen equipment.

Location: 2111 Emmons Rd, Jackson, MI 49201, USA

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best culinary schools in Michigan 

How long is a culinary school in Michigan?

People often ask this question “How long is a culinary school in Michigan” it all depends on your choice during the enrollment process, culinary schools in Michigan offer three associate degree programs in the important areas of food.

How many years is a culinary Diploma?

Getting a diploma in the culinary arts in Michigan takes 2 years to achieve it, while a degree takes approximately 3 years.

Some culinary schools in Michigan also offer shorter culinary courses ranging from 6-12 months.


This is the conclusion of this article on the best culinary schools in Michigan, if you are interested in cooking you can conveniently find an excellent culinary school of your choice and one that suits your interest.

Attending a culinary school is very good for you in the culinary field because you get to learn how to cook various types of meat, dish presentation, and baking are some of the most common topics and training covered by a culinary arts program.


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