Best 12 Culinary Schools In Italy

Do you know that getting enrolled in one of the best culinary schools in Italy is an opportunity for those who are interested in attending one of the culinary school in Italy because these schools will help hone their cooking and culinary skills, Read through this blog post to find out more!

What could be more enticing than exploring the cradle of gastronomy, where the heavenly aroma of culinary excellence perfumes the air and tantalizes your taste buds at the best culinary schools in Italy?

Italian food is ranked first as the world’s best cuisine in the world and the culinary industry in Italy has won so many awards over recent years, especially in the year 2022, and hopefully will continue to give the world the best culinary experience.

There are a lot of arguments surrounding attending culinary school, some people believe that you can become successful in the culinary arts without formal education this is very possible but attending a culinary school will make it easier for you to succeed in the culinary industry.

In this article am going to enlighten you about the best culinary schools in Italy, the advantages of attending culinary schools in Italy, the Diplomas offered by culinary schools in Italy, and even what culinary school means.

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Meaning of culinary school

A culinary school is a college, institution, or university that offers the culinary arts or is dedicated to education in the art and science of preparation, the art, and science of cooking, and other culinary-related skills.

Numerous cooking\culinary schools around the world are focused on the culinary arts, training professional chefs, kids cooking courses, and amateur enthusiasts, these culinary schools sometimes can be where you can learn how to prepare dishes while having fun.

Most culinary schools also offer certificates after graduation, academic degrees in the culinary arts, and vocational qualifications while some offer immediate employment after graduation this might depend on your performance in the school.

Advantages of attending culinary schools in Italy

Attending culinary schools in Italy offers several advantages for aspiring chefs and culinary professionals. Here are some of the benefits:

Rich Culinary Heritage:

Italy is renowned for its rich culinary heritage and is considered one of the world’s gastronomic capitals.

Attending a culinary school in Italy provides an opportunity to learn authentic Italian cooking techniques, traditional recipes, and regional specialties directly from experienced Italian chefs. You can gain firsthand knowledge of Italian cuisine’s history, ingredients, and cultural significance.

Exposure to Diverse Regional Cuisines:

Italy has a diverse regional culinary landscape, with each region boasting its own unique dishes and culinary traditions.

By attending a culinary school in Italy, you can explore and learn about the distinct cuisines of different regions, such as Tuscan, Sicilian, Venetian, and more, this exposure allows you to develop a broader culinary repertoire and a deeper understanding of the regional variations within Italian cuisine.

High-Quality Ingredients:

Italy is renowned for its high-quality ingredients, including fresh produce, cheeses, olive oils, cured meats, and seafood, attending a culinary school in Italy provides access to these premium ingredients, allowing you to work with and learn how to properly handle and showcase them in your cooking. You can develop a keen sense of ingredient selection, quality, and sourcing.

Networking Opportunities:

Culinary schools in Italy often have strong connections within the food industry, including renowned chefs, restaurants, and hospitality establishments.

By attending such schools, you have the chance to network with industry professionals and build relationships that can benefit your future career. these connections can lead to internships, job opportunities, or collaborations that can accelerate your culinary journey.

Cultural Immersion:

Italy is a country rich in culture, art, and history, attending a culinary school in Italy allows you to immerse yourself in the Italian way of life and experience the country’s vibrant food culture firsthand. You can explore local markets, visit vineyards, participate in food festivals, and engage with the local community, all of which contribute to holistic culinary education.

Prestige and Recognition:

Culinary schools in Italy are highly regarded worldwide, and graduating from a reputable Italian culinary institution carries significant prestige and recognition within the industry.

Employers often value the skills and knowledge acquired from studying in Italy, giving you a competitive edge when seeking employment opportunities globally.

It’s important to note that attending a culinary school in Italy requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources.

Diplomas offered by culinary schools in Italy

Diploma in Culinary Arts:

This is a comprehensive program that provides students with a solid foundation in Italian cuisine and culinary techniques. It covers various aspects of culinary arts, including cooking methods, ingredient selection, menu planning, and kitchen management.

Diploma in Pastry Arts:

This program focuses on the art of pastry making, including the preparation of cakes, pastries, bread, and desserts. Students learn techniques such as dough preparation, baking, chocolate work, and sugar crafting.

Diploma in Italian Cuisine:

This program delves into the regional and traditional cuisines of Italy. It covers the preparation of authentic Italian dishes, including pasta, risotto, sauces, and regional specialties. Students also learn about Italian food culture, wine pairing, and culinary traditions.

Diploma in Baking and Bread Making:

This diploma program focuses on the art of bread making, including different types of bread, rolls, and baked goods. It covers techniques such as dough fermentation, shaping, and baking, as well as specialty breads like focaccia and ciabatta.

Diploma in Hospitality and Restaurant Management:

This program combines culinary education with management skills, preparing students for roles in the hospitality industry. It covers topics such as restaurant operations, customer service, menu design, food and beverage cost control, and culinary entrepreneurship.

Gelato and Sorbet Diploma:

Gelato, the Italian version of ice cream, is highly regarded around the world. This diploma program focuses on the techniques and artistry of making gelato and sorbet, including flavor development, freezing methods, and presentation.

The specific programs and titles may vary depending on the school and its curriculum. It’s recommended to research different culinary schools in Italy to find the one that offers the diploma program that aligns with your interests and career goals.

List of 12 best culinary schools in Italy

  • Italian Chef Academy in Rome
  • Italian Culinary Institute
  • Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners
  • Le Cordon Bleu Florence
  • Apicius international school of Hospitality
  • Alma: international school of Italian Cuisine
  • Congusto Gourmet institute
  • Culinary Institute of Bologna
  • Tuscookany cooking school
  • The Florence culinary art school (FCAS)
  • Vesuvio International School of Hospitality in Naples
  • Umbra Institute in Perugia

1. Italian Chef Academy

Italian Chef Academy is one of the most renowned culinary schools in Italy that offers professional chefs courses organized by chefs who are well-experienced in the culinary field, the culinary lessons are also held by renowned Italian and international chefs.

This culinary institute offers master’s degrees, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and other culinary programs for students who are determined to become top-notch chefs and successful professionals in the culinary industry.

The international classes held by this chef’s school are all in the English language making it easier for international students to be able to take part in these classes without much difficulty, this institution helps students hone their cooking skills and also gives them a strong foundation in culinary arts.

Italian chef academy provides students with culinary laboratories where seminars and analyses are made on wine and oil techniques, they also offer hands-on training programs where students get real-life experience on how to make varieties of meals, and recipes used to make different dishes.

This culinary school also has a bio-kitchen garden, and a wide space for growing culinary herbs, after taking up a program in this culinary school you get a recognized certificate after the completion of whatever program of your choice.

Programs offered by Italian Chef Academy

  • Professional chef courses
  • Advanced courses in culinary arts
  • Professional courses pastry

Address: Via Decio Filipponi, 15, 00136 Roma RM, Italy

2. Italian Culinary Institute

Italian Culinary Institute is one of the top-ranked culinary schools in Italy that is committed to providing quality culinary education by having culinary courses and programs that will immerse students in baking, culinary, gelato, and pastry arts.

All courses offered by this culinary institute are hands-on courses that give students in-depth knowledge of how the kitchen is managed, how to make healthy and delicious meals, and safety rules on how to make use of different knives that are found in a modern kitchen.

Italian Culinary Institute will not only teach you the fundamentals of the culinary arts but also the advanced part of culinary arts where you will be taught substitution of ingredients, and also how to use different valuable raw ingredients to make delicious meals.

The Institute has on offer guest rooms and private villas built for the comfort of students, the hotels and guest rooms are located just a few meters away from the facility, and they have also made provisions for free Wi-Fi within its campuses, on-site restaurants, room services, cocktail lounge, washing machines, concierge services.

Courses offered by Italian Culinary Institute

  • Pasta course
  • Pizza, Focaccia, and specialty bread
  • The foundation of Italian cuisine
  • Artisan Italian cheese making
  • Traditional Italian charcuterie
  • Pastry, desserts, and Gelato: tradition and Evolution
  • Evolution of Italian cuisine
  • Master of Italian cuisine

Address: Loc. Caminia, 88068Copanello, Province of Catanzaro, Italy

3. ICIF: Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners

ICIF: Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners was founded in 1991, this culinary institute has over eight thousand people who have graduated from this school and has operating and also doing well in the culinary industry for over twenty-nine years.

They offer a wide range of cooking courses, programs, and classes some of these classes takes a few days to get completed, some weeks while other takes months or years it all depends on your choice and what program suits your interest and personality.

The programs offered by ICIF: Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners are all held in English and Italian, this school as the name implies is a school for international students who are interested in mastering Italian cuisine as well as the Italian culture.

The chefs at this culinary school are committed to constantly teaching students updated cooking techniques and menu development, and also offer courses that specialize in developing the student’s culinary skills by teaching different culinary techniques and recipes.

Programs offered by the Italian culinary institute for foreigners

  • The new techniques
  • The technological innovations of modern culture
  • Master course in Italian cuisine
  • The modern techniques applied to the bakery and pastry sectors

Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 10, 14055 Costigliole d’Asti AT, Italy

4. Le Cordon Bleu Florence

Le Cordon Bleu Florence is one of the best culinary schools in Italy that offers courses held by professional chefs which also includes the two founders of the school, Gabriella Mari and Cristina Blasi, this school is also known for professionalism, competence, and creativity.

This culinary school offers a lot of cooking courses like professional courses and also amateur courses there is something for everyone no matter what level you are in the culinary field, they also offer classics like Basic Cuisine, Haute Cuisine, Pastry, and Professional programs.

This culinary school has over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry, they also provide bachelor’s degrees in the Italian culinary arts, these degrees are for people who are determined to take a dive into Italian cuisine.

Le Cordon Bleu Florence is one of the culinary schools in Italy that offers culinary education to the highest level of the culinary arts, and all programs offered by this school are held by chefs who are friendly and have years of real-life experience in the culinary field.

This culinary has also provided well-equipped and state-of-the-art kitchens, le cordon bleu has trained so many people who have turned out to be prominent people in the culinary industry, students are also allowed to apply for internships in any of the restaurants, kitchens, and hotels in Italy.

Programs offered by Le Cordon Bleu Florence

  • The Art of pasta making
  • Aroma Italia labs: mastering the art of Italian cooking
  • Advanced professionals courses in Italian cooking
  • Professional pastry course
  • Diploma in higher education in culinary arts and science
  • Master in culinary arts and science

Address: Via Giuseppe Giusti, 7, 50121 Firenze FI, Italy

5. Apicius international school of Hospitality

Apicius international school of Hospitality is one of the well-known culinary schools in Italy that offers valuable culinary education to people who are interested in becoming chefs, caters, and professionals in the culinary field.

Apicius international school of Hospitality was founded in 1997, and since then the school has internationally respected leader in academic, professional, and career-oriented education, students participate in an internship that takes place at Ganzo which is a modern dining restaurant of an educational institution. Baking and pastry students run the bakery, Fedora.

This school is also recognized as one of the first international hospitality schools in Italy and they are committed to providing their students with modern kitchens, and culinary laboratories, and also organizing a curriculum that covers all necessary culinary skills needed for students to succeed in the culinary industry.

They also teach students the basic and also advanced parts of hospitality and tourism by reinterpreting the concept of hospitality and tourism in the international destination of Florence, where the cityscape is teeming with traditional and contemporary structures sought by people from all over the world.

Programs offered by Apicius international school of Hospitality

  • School of Food and Wine Studies (FW)
  • School of Hospitality (HP)
  • School of Sports and Health Sciences (SH)

Address: Via Ricasoli, 21, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

6. Alma: international school of Italian Cuisine

Alma: international school of Italian Cuisine is a school that was founded in 2004 and since that has been specializing in providing culinary education in Italian cuisine, this school is also recognized as a vocational culinary arts school in Italy.

This culinary school has a goal in mind which is to train the next generation of hospitality and culinary art professionals, they have a team of professionals in culinary art who are in charge of motivating, inspiring, and also teaching students about cooking and the culinary arts.

The courses offered by this culinary school are focused on giving the students in-depth knowledge of Italian cuisine and Italian culture, they are taught traditional healthy recipes, how to make use of local ingredients, substitution of ingredients, and the production of raw materials.

Alma: international school of Italian Cuisine has so many collaborations with different Italian institution which includes the Italian Trade Agency for the worldwide promotion of Italian agri-food heritage, the Italian Ministry of External Affairs, and the International Cooperation for the activities of the World Week of Italian Cuisine e.t.c.

Programs offered by Alma: international school of Italian Cuisine

  • Italian pasta program
  • Italian pizza program
  • Italian culinary program
  • French and Italian pastry arts diploma
  • Italian pastry program

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 26, 43052 Colorno PR, Italy

7. Congusto Gourmet institute

Congusto Gourmet Institute is one of the best culinary schools in Italy that offers diverse culinary training and programs which includes kitchen, dining room, pastry, and bakery, or choose integrated gastronomic training.

Congusto Gourmet Institute was founded in 2003, they have a team of top-notch culinary professionals who are passionate about sharing all they know about the culinary arts and also teach the students how to prepare diverse meals in a creative way.

This gourmet institute has classrooms equipped with cutting-edge and always up-to-date equipment, including kitchens, pastry and white art laboratories, a shop/library, a break area, changing rooms, an auditorium, offices, and a courtyard with a didactic vegetable garden. 

Attending this culinary school will expose you to different opportunities in the culinary industry, and you will also be taught to gain a balance between the values ​​linked to tradition and a natural tension toward innovation.

Programs offered by Congusto Gourmet Institute

  • International master’s degree in culinary and gastronomic arts
  • Pizza maker course
  • pastry course
  • Healthy cooking course
  • Hotel pastry course
  • Gourmet gelato course
  • Food and beverage administration course
  • Sala & restaurant manager course
  • Masters in white arts
  • Multi-specialist master in gastronomic arts management

Address: Via Bernardo Davanzati, 15, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

8. Culinary Institute of Bologna

Culinary Institute of Bologna is one of the culinary schools that is committed to offering those who are passionate about cooking, those who want to become chefs, and also those who are foodies and are interested in learning how to make diverse, delicious, and healthy meals.

The classes and courses offered by the Culinary Institute of Bologna are for people of all levels in the culinary field whether you are an amateur, intermediate student, or a professional there’s a course that will suit your interest and level, and they also a cooking course that is available for children.

This culinary school also made special provisions for chefs to be able to accompany their students to a middle Bologna market to choose the day’s food, after exploring the markets they return to the cooking school to continue the culinary adventure planned for the day.

All classes, programs, and courses are conducted in the English language but arrangements can be made for private or group classes in Italian, German, or Spanish, in this culinary school the chefs will teach you cooking techniques that will transform your culinary skills.

Students with allergies are placed in a separate class designed just for them, and almost every lesson includes a lunch or dinner.

Address: Via Agamennone Zappoli, 5, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy

9. Tuscookany cooking school

It’s impossible to discuss Italian culinary schools without mentioning Tuscookany cooking school, originally some individuals founded and transformed a piece of land into villas that were rented out to those seeking a place to host their weddings and family reunions.

During the weeks, a group of determined individuals who are said to be the founders of Tuscookany cooking schools use this same property to run an Italian cooking course and programs within some of these wonderful villas.

Certificates are issued at the end of the student’s training period, and a cookbook and aprons are as well issued to students, this culinary school believes that the best way to learn is to practice because there is this popular saying “practice makes perfect”.

This school lets students undertake what they have learned by themselves which is why it is considered one of the best culinary schools in Italy, courses offered by this school are taught in the English language, and professional chefs lecturing do so in the English language.

Programs offered by Tuscookany cooking school

  • Italian Cookery Classes
  • Italian Cooking Holidays Course
  • Mediterranean Cooking Classes

Address: Larniano 21, 52014 Poppi, Tuscany, Italy.

10. The Florence culinary art school (FCAS)

Chefs, culinary professionals, and home gourmets with a passion for cooking can enroll in programs at the Florence culinary art school (FCAS), here you will discover a variety of cooking methods as well as Italian gourmet culture.

They offer a wide range of cooking courses, classes, and culinary programs that lasts from a few days to weeks and months, they offer the shortest cooking courses in Italy, so you are welcome to choose from the numerous courses offered by this culinary institute.

The Florence culinary art school (FCAS) makes sure that all their courses, classes, and programs are held in either English or Spanish, this is one of the things that differentiates them from any other culinary school in Italy.

The courses begin in January, April, and September and the package includes accommodation and also a lot of free food, you will also learn about traditional Italian cuisine and also other essential culinary skills needed for you to become successful in the culinary industry.

Address: Via dei Conti, 4, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

11. Umbra Institute in Perugia

This culinary school has the aim of teaching students the art and science of making not just delicious but healthy meals, this culinary school is a place that has the ability to ignite the passion of students, and the learning environment of this culinary school is calm and vibrant.

This culinary school has an innovative way of making sure students are motivated to be able to learn different cuisines and creative ways to make delicious and healthy meals, this school has a solid culinary foundation and makes sure all their classes are mostly practice-oriented.

This culinary school has classes and kitchens that are well-equipped, cooking workshops, and a maximum of eight induction fields, they also provide twelve multi-steam cookers for students and offer the best cooking courses, classes, and programs.

Address: Piazza IV Novembre, 23, 06122 Perugia PG, Italy

12. Vesuvio International School of Hospitality in Naples

This is one of the finest culinary schools in Italy, Vesuvio International School of Hospitality in Naples is a school that, provides a variety of hands-on cooking programs, cooking courses, culinary programs, knife skills, and other culinary-related programs.

Depending on your preferences, their lessons might last anywhere from a few days to many weeks or even months. But, in the end, you may be confident in your ability to combine high-quality, fresh ingredients to produce food magically.

The sessions are interactive, and you’ll learn about the culinary and social history of the meals you’ll be making, classes are small and intimate. Professionals, novices, families, and children all attend their sessions to ensure that no one is left behind.

Address: Via Porzio 4, Centro Direzionale Isola A7, Scala C, Piano &, 80143 Napoli NA, Italy

What is the name of the most famous culinary school in Italy?

Cordon Bleu is famous for its Italian cooking courses and for creating high-quality, top chefs around the world. if you are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary industry, Cordon Bleu is one of the best to attend.

Cordon Bleu offers three-year Bachelor’s programs and two-year Master’s programs all in the Culinary Arts

What is the highest degree in the culinary industry?

People often ask this question “What is the highest degree in the culinary industry” The answer is a master’s degree in culinary arts, a master’s degree in culinary arts is the highest degree you can achieve in the culinary arts.

Is culinary a difficult career?

Cooking is not an easy skill, you have to be determined if you are interested in pursuing a career in the food industry because you Will Work Long, tiring hours It’s not uncommon to work 10 to 12-hour shifts, chefs often have challenging and inconsistent schedules.

Culinary schools in Italy


In conclusion, culinary schools in Italy are renowned for their commitment to excellence, their emphasis on authentic Italian cuisine, and their ability to provide students with a solid foundation in the culinary arts.

Whether it’s learning traditional recipes from experienced Italian chefs, working with high-quality ingredients, or immersing oneself in the country’s vibrant food culture, attending a culinary school in Italy offers an unparalleled culinary education experience.

The prestige, recognition, and networking opportunities that come with graduating from these esteemed institutions further solidify Italy’s position as a global leader in culinary education. So, to all aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts, consider Italy as your destination of choice for a remarkable culinary journey.


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