10 best culinary schools in Arkansas

The culinary schools in Arkansas are very creative, committed to impacting knowledge, and passionate about food production and presentation, and in this article am going to throw more light on the best culinary schools in Arkansas.

Arkansas is a city that is located in Desha county, Arkansas, united states and this city has a lot of culinary arts schools that offer associate and bachelor’s degrees in the culinary arts and also associate degrees in culinary arts.

If you are interested in attending a culinary institute or you are in pursuit of a career in the culinary industry attending one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas is the first step to take in the culinary field.

Attending a culinary school will expose you to various opportunities, Arkansas is a beautiful city with varieties of opportunities in the culinary industry which is the reason out-of-state and even local people are going to culinary schools in Arkansas for training.

Cooking is an essential part of human life, in a culinary school you will be taught how to plan your preparation skills before cooking a delicious and healthy meal, and you will also be taught the artistic way of being creative while cooking.

Food is a vital human life necessity because it sustains human life and when prepared in a healthy way, food contains essential nutrients that a capable of repairing the body tissues and maintaining the regulation of the body.

Food affects our physical health but learning how to prepare food plays a big role in eating healthy meals according to researchers studying how to cook or attending a culinary institute can increase one’s confidence while cooking.

Cooking careers, and food professionals are professions or careers most people earn a living out of, after going through this article you will be able to find a culinary school that suits your interest or personality.

Is culinary a good career path?

The answer is yes culinary is a good career for those who want to make a future out of the culinary arts.

An individual has to know how to cook and manage a kitchen, restaurant, and the food industry to keep the trend and demand, working in the culinary is much more than preparing a tasty meal.

In the culinary career path, you can learn how to cook and create, you can get culinary networking skills, gain real-world experience, and also have the skills to start your own business and restaurant or even start up your kitchen, you can also learn the culinary arts online.

How good are culinary schools in Arkansas?

So is going to culinary school in Arkansas worth it? There’s not one right answer to the long-asked question. It depends on a lot of factors, including the costs of culinary school, alternatives, career aspirations, and temperament. There are passionate arguments on all sides.

Most culinary institutions in Arkansas are good and conducive to learning the art and science of culinary techniques, there are also online culinary courses with certificates.

Arkansas is a city that values traditional cuisines like fresh, seasonal ingredients that are highly valued which are mostly ingredients from local farmers and fishermen and local dishes I think your experience in Arkansas is going to be nice.

Culinary schools in Arkansas have quality courses and culinary programs for beginners and advanced people in the culinary field and also well-qualified chefs with years of experience in the culinary industry, if you are interested in creating a blog that is about the food there are websites that will put you through.

Popular cooking courses

  • Certificate Course in Food Production
  • BA in Culinary Arts
  • BHM Culinary Arts
  • PGD in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Local & International Cuisines
  • Catering Management & Control System
  • Introduction to Bread & Pastry Production

5 eateries that are cheap in the city of Arkansas

There are many eateries in the city of Kansas but below are the cheapest eateries in the city of Kansas.

#1. Mr, Chen’s

This is one of the cheapest eateries in the city of Arkansas its at least cheaper than an average Chinese place, with a very nice menu that contains a list of dishes that are assorted like the standard Kung pao and lo mein, roast dust, boiled beef in hot water and other dishes.

In this eatery everything is perfect, their meals are fresh and delicious and they have a good cooking department who make healthy meals for their customers and a very nice well-ventilated environment.

Address: 3901 S. University Ave., 562-7900

#2. Vino’s

This eatery is a straightforward work institution that was established in the year 2014 with calzones, pizza, roast dust, and other food on their daily menu, in the Vino’s you can get two slices of cheese for four bucks.

The vino’s is a very nice and cheap eatery for those who don’t have money or those who are not really rich to be able to get afford a decent delicious and healthy meal in the city of Arkansas.

Address: 923 W. Seventh St., 375-8466

#3. Mike’s Vietnamese

Mike’s Vietnamese is one of the cheapest eateries in the city of Kansas with a menu that has a lot of foods on it including Vietnamese dishes, solid Chinese fare, seafood, spring rolls, terrific bun, and barbecues fish or meat that are served with sauce.

Address: 5501 Asher Ave., 562-1515

#4. Taqueria Samantha

This eaterie has so many options on the menu of Taqueria Samantha and they have really cheap meals for students and people of the city of Kansas, in Taqueria Samantha you can get a veggie burrito, carnitas, Lengua, Asada, grilled peppers, and onions, luscious crema is all gotten at a very cheap rate.

Address: 7521 Geyer Springs Road, 744-0680

#5. Layla’s

This eaterie is one of the cheapest eateries in the city that has varieties of dishes alike falafel sandwiches, gyro, yogurt, and Mubarak plate, which are very delicious, they also have dishes for vegetarians like the falafel and baba ghannouj available in this eatery.

Address: 9501 N. Rodney Parham Road, 227-7272

List of best culinary schools in Arkansas

  • UAPTC – culinary arts and hospitality
  • Brightwater-center for the study of food
  • Ozarka college
  • Rich mountain community college
  • Northwest Arkansas community college
  • Pulaski technical college
  • Arkansas tech career center at Arkansas tech university
  • Arkansas career development center
  • Black river technical college
  • Arkansas state university- Newport

1. UAPTC – culinary arts and hospitality

UAPTC – culinary arts and hospitality is one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas that offers hospitality and culinary arts programs with quality cooking courses that will help you in the culinary industry.

This culinary school is a well-renowned hospitality, culinary, catering, baking, and pastry and also a wine training center that has the best and most committed staff and chefs and a very good learning environment.

Attending this particular culinary school will expose you to a lot of good things in the culinary industry because this culinary institute is student-centered in everything practical class and other things they do in the culinary field.

Programs offered by UAPTC – culinary arts and hospitality

  • Hospitality mamagement
  • Baking and pastry
  • culinary arts
  • 3D program
  • Dietary management

Professional studies offered by UAPTC – culinary arts and hospitality

  • Culinary arts and hospitality technology
  • Technical studies
  • Business and information technology

Address: 30 Frontage Rd, Little Rock

2. Brightwater-center for the study of food

This culinary school focuses on teaching its students about culinary skills, larger food systems and preparation, health, local and traditional cuisines, knife skills, and other related culinary/food skills.

Brightwater-center for the study of food is a culinary school that has a team of qualified chefs with years of experience who create quality cooking courses and a very good curriculum to make sure that their students are well rounded in the culinary field.

This culinary institute provides the best culinary, food, health, and diet training for individuals, students, and professionals at any point on their journey when they are having difficulties in the culinary world of food.

Programs offered by Brightwater-center for the study of food

  • Culinary masters
  • Baking
  • Pastry
  • Culinary arts
  • Artisanal food
  • Beverage art

Address: 801 SE 8th St #71, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA

3. Ozarka college

Ozarka College is of the culinary schools in Arkansas that offers AAS degrees in the culinary arts with this students are able to have access to well-equipped laboratories where they can get experiences to get life-changing opportunities and jobs in the culinary field/industry.

This culinary school is one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas where students get the opportunities to be taught by professionals in the culinary industry and also participate in the practicals where they see professionals teach them up close.

Depending on your choice during registration, once you attend all your classes and culinary programs and have a lot of experience in cooking, and other culinary-related skills, after all these processes you will be able to take exams and also get a certificate accredited by American Culinary Federation or The Retail Bakers Association.

Address: 218 College Dr, Melbourne, AR 72556, USA

4. Rich mountain community college

Rich mountain community college is one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas that offer varieties of certificates in the culinary field, this school has a population of approximately 929 in the section of 2-year culinary programs.

This school is accredited by the North central association of colleges and schools higher learning commission and the tuition of this school cost approximately $2,600 for students living in the district and $3,000 for those living in the states and $6,000 for those who are not living in the states.

Address: Abernathy Building, 1100 College Dr, Mena, AR 71953, USA

5. Northwest Arkansas community college

This is one of the colleges that offer varieties of culinary programs in the culinary bakery and pastry arts to be able to teach their students, especially their freshers fundamental and also advanced skills in the culinary field.

This community college is one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas that has a relaxed but vibrant ambiance and instructors and chefs who are well-educated in the culinary industry with lots of experience their classes are small in a way that each student is given enough attention while learning

Attending this college will expose the students to various opportunities like an externship opportunity and also have close experience with a well-equipped kitchen and also qualified supervisors who guide them in the kitchen.

Address: 1 College Dr, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA

6. Pulaski Technical College

Pulaski Technical College is a technical college but also one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas because they offer culinary arts associate degrees and the opportunity to earn a diploma in the International Baccalaureate program.

This college offers various culinary and non-culinary skills which give the student the opportunity to take a break from culinary stuff to actually study things like technology electives, which include plumbing, vehicle repair, air conditioning, and even refrigerator.

This school is accredited and they offer training in the culinary arts and pastry studies. Advanced culinary students have the opportunity to prepare and serve lunch and dinner to the public, and baking and pastry students learn the art of making bread, chocolates, candies, and cakes.

Address: 3000 W Scenic Dr, North Little Rock, AR 72118, USA

7. Arkansas tech career center at Arkansas tech university

Arkansas tech career center at Arkansas tech university is one the most renowned school in the city of Arkansas that offers culinary management associates degrees and an externship opportunity to learn real-life culinary work skills before graduation.

This institution is one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas where students are taught about kitchen techniques, problem-solving skills, management skills, customer service skills, and other culinary-related skills.

Students are given the privilege to practice their culinary skills by being responsible for all aspects of the Dining Room including planning, preparation, and serving both dinner and lunch to students, faculty, and the general public.

Address: 2201 S Knoxville Ave, Russellville, AR 72802, USA

8. Arkansas career development center

Arkansas career development center is one the best culinary schools in Arkansas for not just culinary arts but also vocational studies in a three to eight-week culinary program which varies by choice.

Furthermore, students are trained in the culinary arts in a way that they become outstanding and well-rounded students with the ability to gain employment in cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, and other places.

They are often taught serving food, using common kitchen equipment, and other food-related topics.

Address: 200 Reserve St, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA

9. Black River Technical College

Black River Technical College is a technical college and also one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas that offers AAS in a way that students are really lucky to have understanding, patient, and qualified chefs as their mentors.

Students are exposed to the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the food service industry by completing a rotation in a food service operation students also learn how to implement good food safety practices and quality customer service to drive business success.

They also offer courses in this program that provide students with the knowledge and skills required to operate food service management businesses, including restaurants, institutional, or convenience stores.

Address: 1410 Highway 304 East, Pocahontas, AR 72455, USA

10. Arkansas State University – Newport

Arkansas State University – Newport is one of the best culinary schools in Arkansas that offers students quality courses and culinary programs that will expose the students to opportunities to develop their knife skills, master the art of seasoning and flavoring, and create gourmet dishes.

in this culinary school students gain knowledge through the culinary programs organized by the school like the skills, and confidence needed to enter the workforce as a professional cook or chef.

Address: 7648 Victory Blvd, Newport, AR 72112, USA

10 popular foods in Arkansas

Cheese dip: this is probably the most popular food in Arkansas and the cheese dip originated from a restaurant owner named blackie Donnelly according to research who has a lot of ideas for spices, he made the cheese dip in the year 1940.

Cheese dishes can be found in almost every restaurant in the city of Arkansas cause it’s spicy and very delicious.

Fried pickles: this is one of the most delicious and popular meals in Arkansas, the fried pickles were created in the year 1963 by a person named Burnell Austin, fried pickles can be served with ranch dressing, most of the restaurants in the city of Arkansas.

Arkansas possum pie: this pie as the name implies is a very popular food in the city of Kansas and according to research this pie doesn’t contain possums most of the restaurants in Arkansas has this pie on their menu.

The possum pie is a dessert that is layered with delicious pecan shortbread crust then is followed by other layers of cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream with more pecans sprinkled lastly on top.

Chocolate gravy: one of the most delicious meals in Arkansas City is chocolate gravy it was created in the city of Arkansas, and it is usually taken as breakfast and sometimes served with biscuits it can also serve as dinner.

Chocolate gravy is typically made by mixing butter or oil, cocoa powder, sugar, flour, and milk, this meal is quite delicious and is also served in restaurants as breakfast or light dinner sometimes.

Cavender’s greek seasoning: Cavender’s greek seasoning is one the best and most popular delicious meals that were made in the year 1969 in the Ozark mountains of Northwest Arkansas and was invented by Spike and Katherine Cavender.

Barbecue: Some of the best barbecues can be found in the city of Arkansas, they also have barbecue sandwiches with a spoon full of coleslaw because the crunch coleslaw goes perfectly with a spicy barbecue sandwich.

Arkansas delta tamales: Arkansas delta tamales are the favorite of most people in the city of Arkansas this tamale was created by an Italian immigrant who visited America in the year 1892 he made his own kind of tamale with different meats and spices.

Up until now restaurants in the city of Arkansas make and serve this tamale, it also has a recipe that a lot of people use in making tamales.

Smoked meats: smoked meats are a bit similar to barbecue just a bit traditional the idea of smoking meat is an old idea but is an artistic way of preserving and also cooking meat, especially in Arkansas.

Barbecues are more popular when compared to smoked fish meals, in Arkansas people and sometimes restaurants smoke turkeys, cheeses, chickens, and even hams which turns out to be quite delicious.

Mountain valley water: This is a beverage that originated in the city of Kansas It comes from a spring in the Ouachita Mountains near Hot Springs, Arkansas, This spring is clear and pure as it filters through granite-based aquifers.

This is one of the foods in Arkansas that you will definitely want to try especially if you are visiting the Hot Springs National Park, water has won multiple awards, is still sold in glass bottles, and is a favorite of chefs.

Watermelon: watermelon is not just a fruit but an Arkansas food. They are grown all over the south. However, if you are visiting the state in the summer you should really try an Arkansas watermelon.

Cave City, Arkansas is said to be the home of the sweetest watermelon in the world, Some of the best and sweetest watermelons are grown in the state.

Culinary schools in Arkansas

How much do culinary schools in Arkansas cost?

The cost of culinary schools in the city of Arkansas is differentiated by the school, some schools are cheaper than others schools but the average amount of tuition fee is the cost of $3,240

Do culinary schools require maths?

everything in human life requires maths, whether cooking, eating or even working out, but culinary schools need the basics of mathematics so that you will be able to know the principles of chemistry, numbers, and biology.

What is the best culinary school in the US?

The culinary institute is the best culinary school in the US and also in the world. With campuses in New York, California, and Texas, it has many options for students across the country., this culinary institution was established in the year 1964.


In conclusion, finding the best culinary school in Arkansas can be a daunting task. However, after conducting extensive research and analyzing various factors, I have concluded that the Arkansas Culinary School is the best option for aspiring chefs.

Even with its rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and hands-on approach to learning, students are guaranteed to receive top-notch culinary education that prepares them for success in the food industry.

Furthermore, the school’s collaboration with local restaurants and farms allows for real-world experience and networking opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned chef looking to elevate your skills or a beginner with a passion for cooking, enrolling in the Arkansas Culinary School is a smart investment in your future culinary career


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