5 Best Part-Time Cooking Schools

While there’s no definitive ranking for the “best” part-time cooking schools, several well-regarded culinary institutions offer part-time catering programs to various people who have different skills, levels, and interests.

Are you interested in attending a culinary school but have other responsibilities like work, and family?

If yes then you can attend one of these part-time cooking schools, this way you will be able to juggle your culinary academics, work, and family duties simultaneously.

Just like there are online culinary courses with certificates that are flexible, these part-time cooking courses are very flexible, I know that juggling work and your academic life will not be easy but taking up a part-time culinary program will help you when it comes to balancing your school life and your personal life.

As a culinary student there are food safety courses offered by these culinary schools below you should consider taking up one of these courses, these part-time cooking schools offer quality culinary education, are you interested in taking up a culinary program, or a short course during your part-time journey?

Read ahead to find out more about these cooking schools, I will discuss the programs offered by each school and how their part-time program works, frequently asked questions about these schools will be answered in the blog post, I know you will find the culinary school that suits your interest and goals.

Meaning Of Part-Time Cooking School

A part-time cooking school typically offers culinary education on a less intensive schedule compared to full-time culinary programs.

It caters to individuals with other commitments like work or studies who can’t dedicate themselves to a full-time culinary education.

These schools often provide classes, workshops, or programs in various aspects of cooking, ranging from basic culinary skills to specialized cuisines or techniques.

The courses are designed to accommodate flexible schedules, allowing students to pursue their culinary interests without committing to a full-time curriculum.

List Of Part-Time Cooking Schools

  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • International Career Institute
  • Cookery School At Little Portland Street
  • Culinary Tech Center
  • Culinary Institute Of Barcelona

1. Le Cordon Bleu

This culinary school offers part-time culinary courses for students who are looking for culinary courses with flexible learning schedules, the part-time course offered by this culinary school is open to international students, and they also offer short courses that are very interesting and might just be what you need to kick-start your career in the culinary arts.

This culinary school also offers online culinary courses that are not accredited, for the vegans in the house they offer plant-based culinary arts courses that focus on teaching you how to make food from plants, they will teach you the recipes and also give you tips on how to make food solely from plants.

As a person who has other responsibilities taking up a part-time culinary course in a prestigious culinary school can be a great way to study the culinary arts while being in charge of your time and also being able to balance your work and culinary academic lives.

2. International Career Institute

This career institute offers flexible catering and culinary courses, I know a lot of us love cooking and are looking for opportunities to thrive in the dynamic culinary industry this institute has made it possible for you to study the culinary arts in a flexible manner.

These courses are not just for beginners in the culinary hub, as a professional in the culinary arts one of these courses can help you enhance your cooking skills, people who attend this culinary school are exposed to diverse opportunities like networking with not just your fellow students but also professional chefs.

Are you interested in starting a business in the culinary arts or maybe you want to become a chef, taking up a part-time culinary program is a way to conveniently acquire the necessary knowledge needed to turn your passion for the culinary arts into a profession.

The International Career Institute offers online courses, I love online courses because you can literally learn a lot in the comfort of your own, if you can’t make it for part-time programs online culinary course is another way to learn flexibly.

3. Cookery School At Little Portland Street

Are you interested in learning how to make delicious meals for you and your family?

This cookery school offers part-time cooking courses that teach students how to make delicious home-made meals, this school has the goal of raising the best chefs, they do this not by getting famous chefs to teach their students but by getting professional chefs who are ready to teach you about food.

This cookery School has the highest possible rating for sustainability from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and has been virtually plastic-free since the beginning.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword but runs through the veins of the school, from sourcing top quality, seasonal, mostly organic ingredients, to running the kitchens on renewable energy.

4. Culinary Tech Center

When you hear culinary and technology in the same sentence you should know that you will be getting premium culinary knowledge with a touch of technology and that is one of the amazing perks that come with attending this culinary technology center.

This school also offers scholarship opportunities, the programs offered by this school have been designed to you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you’ll need to start your culinary or hospitality career, and this tech center has provided the necessary equipment for you to conveniently learn the art and science of cooking.

5. Culinary Institute Of Barcelona

This culinary school gives students in-depth knowledge about the culinary arts through a combination of hands-on training and theoretical coursework, they provide a well-rounded culinary institute New York education that prepares you for a new career in the culinary industry.

Their part-time programs have a focus on both international and regional cuisines, you will expand your culinary horizons and develop a diverse repertoire of culinary skills.

At Culinary Tech Center, they have the aim of nurturing your culinary creativity and empowering you to bring your unique culinary vision to life, there are a variety of things to learn like chocolate making, pastry and confectioneries and even becoming a professional chef, your dreams can come through as long as you are determined and consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Attending A Part-Time Cooking School Over A Full-Time Program?

Part-time programs allow individuals to pursue their culinary passion while balancing other commitments like work or studies.

They provide flexibility in scheduling and can be more affordable.

How Do I Know If A Part-Time Cooking School Is The Right Fit For Me?

To know if part-time cooking school is right for you, you have to consider your goals, the school’s offerings, the curriculum, the instructors, and the overall learning environment, visiting the school, attending an open house, or even taking a trial class can provide insight.

Can I Get Certified Through A Part-Time Cooking Program?

Some schools offer certificates upon completion, however, the type of certification and its recognition in the industry may vary, so it’s essential to research this aspect.

Best part-time cooking schools


In conclusion, the culinary world offers a diverse array of part-time cooking schools catering to enthusiasts with varying skill levels, schedules, and culinary interests.

While determining the “best” school might be subjective, the quest for the right culinary education should be driven by personal goals, learning styles, and desired outcomes.

From renowned institutions like The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and Le Cordon Bleu to local community colleges and online platforms, the options are extensive.

Each school offers its unique strengths, be it flexible schedules, specialized cuisines, experienced instructors, or opportunities for hands-on experience.

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