11 Best Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Can the transformative power of fully funded scholarships in Canada for international students pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive global future?

Yes, these scholarships can be your gateway to getting a quality education as an international student in a country named Canada, I know living in a country like Canada is quite expensive but these programs have provided an opportunity for you to overcome the financial aspect of studying as an international student.

There are scholarships for students who are interested in completing their Master’s, Ph.D., and undergraduate, this article has the answers to most of the questions you might have about these scholarships and also how to apply, and the eligibility status of this scholarship.

I know it is not easy to find and get scholarships, especially as an international student that is why I have curated a list of scholarships that will make your academic life easier, some of them are awarded based on how good your academic performance is, while others are awarded by how good you are in sports and many other ways.

In this article, we delve into the profound impact of fully funded scholarships in Canada, exploring how they empower individuals and contribute to the broader tapestry of international education and societal progress.

Application Requirements For Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Students who are interested in Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students must submit an application, transcripts, and letters of recommendation, students should also note that these scholarships are highly competitive.

Applicants must be a person who is passionate about their studies and ready to work hard, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate financial need, the demonstration of financial need depends on whether the scholarship is need-based.

I would advise them to submit a strong application that highlights their passion for whatever course they are interested in studying and also how determined they are to learn.

Types Of Fully Funded Scholarships

There are different Fully Funded Scholarships because different types of schools assess applicants in distinct ways, I have listed three types of scholarships which include;

Merit-based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students or individuals who have been assessed and evaluated based on their academic accomplishments and culinary talents.

Competition-based Scholarships

Scholarships based on competition are granted to students or individuals who have taken part in or emerged victorious in a culinary competition.

Personal Criteria Scholarships

Personal Criteria Scholarships are awarded to students who meet certain personal criteria, for instance, active-duty military or veterans, single parents, certain ethnic groups or races, place of residence, or members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Need-based Scholarships

Need-based Scholarships are awarded to students or individuals who are financially unstable or lower-income students, to help bridge their financing gap.

Lists of Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students

  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
  • President’s International Scholarship of Excellence
  • Canada McCall MacBain
  • University Of Manitoba International Students Awards and Financial Aid
  • Quebec Canada Scholarship
  • Concordia University Scholarships
  • One Young World Z Zurich Foundation Scholarships
  • UdeM Exemption Scholarships
  • Deloitte One Young World Scholarship
  • CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships
  • Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program is the first fully funded scholarship for international students in Canada on my list, this program is offered by the University of Toronto which is one of the world’s best Universities, thirty-seven students are awarded this scholarship manually.

To get this scholarship you have to demonstrate extraordinary academic performance and achievement, you should also be a creative person, if you are a student who has a positive impact on your fellow students, school, and community then your chances of getting this scholarship are bigger.

I must warn you the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program is one of the most competitive scholarships for international students, this program covers the tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years, you should know that the University of Toronto does not work with recruitment agents.


  • You must be an international student (i.e. a non-Canadian requiring a study permit);
  • You must be currently in your final year of secondary school or have graduated no earlier than June 2023
  • Beginning your studies at the University of Toronto in September 2024 (students already attending post-secondary studies cannot be considered; students starting their studies in January 2024 at another post-secondary institution cannot be considered).

President’s International Scholarship of Excellence

The President’s International Scholarship of Excellence is a scholarship program that York University offers with the sole aim of providing opportunities for international students wishing to undertake Bachelor studies at the University, this is a merit-based program that awards up to CAD 45,000 (INR 27,36,985).

This program covers the student tuition fee and other necessary expenses, the reason this scholarship was created was to support young, talented, and intelligent students who are interested in getting formal education outside their country without going through financial stress.


  • You must have passed your 12th standard to be eligible for this scholarship.
  • You must have received at least 80% in your final admission average.
  • You must appear for a standardized English language proficiency test and score at least 88 in TOEFL, 6.5 in IELTS, or 60 in PTE.
  • You must apply to York directly from high school no more than two years after passing out and have no previous university or college studies.
  • You must apply to an undergraduate degree program at York that begins in the Fall.
  • If an applicant has already received a free bursary or has applied for another scholarship offered by the university, then he/she is not eligible for this scholarship.

Canada McCall MacBain

The Canada McCall MacBain is recognized as one of the Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students, getting this scholarship comes with benefits like access to mentorship, interdisciplinary learning and the chance to connect, innovate, and grow with people who have similar academic goals, domestic students can also apply for this scholarship.

This organization collaborates with more than 80 universities in 28 countries to facilitate their international scholarships and programs, these universities play a big role when it comes to nominating candidates who are eligible for these scholarships and awards

The Canada McCall MacBain program offers up to thirty full scholarships and a hundred entrance awards, to get more information about the application process for this scholarship you can attend one of their information session or you can sign up for an email reminder, this will make it easier for you not to miss a step in the application process..


  • You are a current student on track to earn your first bachelor’s degree by August 2025
  • You earned your first bachelor’s degree in the last five years (January 2019 or later)
  • You earned your first bachelor’s degree more than five years ago and will be 30 years or younger in 2024
  • You must possess an exceptional character
  • You must engage in community services
  • You must have leadership skills
  • It would be best if you were an entrepreneur
  • You should demonstrate academic strength and intellectual curiosity

University Of Manitoba International Students Awards and Financial Aid

This award and the financial program is one of the scholarship programs that are open for international students from all over the world to apply, the University of Manitoba offers this program and they have campuses that are located at the original lands of Anishinaabeg, Ininew, Anisininew, Dakota and Dene peoples, and on the National Homeland of the Red River Métis.

The international awards offered by the University of Manitoba were created for students who have stellar grades, and demonstrated success and interest in their academic pursuits, students who are in financial need are also considered for these scholarships and bursaries.

To apply for this scholarship you have to apply for the University of Manitoba General Bursary through Aurora, this will be added to the individual application that may or may not be required, you have to check the official website for this scholarship to be sure.


  • You should be an international student (i.e. in Canada on valid study permits) who has applied for admission to any Faculty or School at the University of Manitoba by the deadline date of March 1;
  • you must be paying the international student tuition fee rates;
  • You must have achieved a minimum high school average of 85% based on the best five senior-level academic courses from their approved General Entrance Scholarship list.

Quebec Canada Scholarship

Quebec Canada scholarship is a fully funded scholarship offered to both international and domestic students, this is a great opportunity for you to start and complete your master’s and Ph.D. programs in the field of all subjects that are taught in Canadian universities, have you dreamt of attending a school in Canada?

If yes then this is your opportunity as an international student, this program is not just helping you financially, it was created to enhance students’ proficiency in French, you will be exposed to the opportunity to network and engage with students who share similar goals with you.

The Quebec Canada Scholarship covers the tuition and other necessary fees that you need to complete your program, you do not need IELTS to apply for it, there are requirements you need to meet up to increase your chances of landing a scholarship.


  • Have strong experience in writing and publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers.
  • Possess the skills of autonomy and excellent ability to interact with students and faculty members.
  • Possess good knowledge of programming in various languages (e.g., Fortran, C/C++, Matlab, Python, Julia, R) and
  • Be experienced in handling large volumes of climate datasets.
  • Demonstrate Fluency in English (oral and written skills) and interest in learning and interacting in French.

Concordia University Scholarships

Concordia University offers scholarships to both international and national students but I will throw more light on the scholarships, it is open to international students, you do not have to be enrolled at the host university for you to get the scholarship, these scholarships were created to foster growth.

I must warn you, these scholarships are competitive, you have to keep your grades up and also make sure you do not submit your application documents to Concordia late, because they will have to apply for the scholarship on your behalf, to get any scholarship your academic record should be stellar.


Never accept admission or scholarship application forms sent to you via email, always consult the information and download documents directly from official websites, you have to be careful there are a lot of fraudulent letters claiming to be from Erasmus+ Canada have been circulating within the Concordia community, please do not fall these beautiful scams.

One Young World Z Zurich Foundation Scholarships

These foundation programs are recognized as one of the Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students, these scholarships were created to help disadvantaged communities adapt to the ever-changing climate, and these scholarships want to improve the mental well-being of young people.

The Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship has great plans for thirty young students and leaders who are passionate about the prevention of mental breakdowns, and people who know how to enable others through education, employability, or entrepreneurship solutions, if you love humanity this scholarship could be for.


  • Aged 18 to 30 at the time of the One Young World Summit 2024.
  • Passion for local and global issues.
  • Demonstrated commitment to creating positive change.
  • Willingness to engage and collaborate with fellow scholarship recipients and Zurich employees who are also attending the Summit.
  • Demonstrated impact in a field aligned with the work of the Z Zurich Foundation namely:
    • Improving Mental Wellbeing
    • Enabling Social Equity
    • Adapting to Climate Change 

UdeM Exemption Scholarships

The UdeM Exemption Scholarships is a program for exceptional international students who are interested in getting a formal education in a university, this program could be your ticket to attending one of the best francophone research universities in the world, and you will be exposed to diverse cultures and people.

This scholarship covers bursaries, tuition fee reductions, and discounts, living costs, you may need to apply for scholarships on your own. In contrast, in others, you will be automatically considered for a scholarship or award based on your application to the university.

The Universite de Montreal Canada offers this scholarship, if you are interested in a Matsre, Ph.D., or undergraduate degree then this scholarship might just be your gateway to getting a formal education in any field of your choice, they offer students up to $27,300 per year.

Undergraduates can receive between $2,000 and $11,998 annually.,master’s students can obtain $10,474.65 to $15,149.70, and Ph.D. candidates can benefit from a complete tuition waiver with additional funding of $19,339

  • Have received an offer of admission to a study program at UdeM as of Fall 2020
  • Have valid study authorizations (CAQ and study permit) for all sessions of their study program.
  • Be continuously enrolled full-time (unless absence is approved) for their entire study program
  • Not benefit from another form of tuition fee exemption
  • Not enrolling in an independent study program
  • Not be admitted to the following undergraduate programs starting with the Winter 2024 session: certificate, major, minor, short program, and preparatory year program for university studies

Deloitte One Young World Scholarship

Deloitte One Young World Scholarship is one of the Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students who are interested in climate change and climate action, students are allowed to apply and get the scholarship summit, we all know that the climate crisis is one of the challenges we are facing now.

This scholarship was established to ensure that the next generation is equipped to meet the climate crisis we might face in the future, students will be able to learn how to develop creative solutions that will not just tackle but eliminate climate crises and also meet the Paris agreement.


  • Age Range: Individuals aged 18 to 30 are encouraged to apply; exceptions may be considered for older candidates showcasing notable personal impact, initiative, and engagement.
  • Evidence of Commitment: Demonstrated dedication to effecting positive change. Leadership Skills: Displayed capacity for effective leadership roles.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: A grasp of crucial local and/or global issues.
  • Track Record: Proven history of devising impactful and innovative solutions for either climate and environmental challenges, or education and skills-based challenges.

CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarships

Are you an international student who is interested in studying Global Affairs, this program will expose you to other students from diverse backgrounds who can connect, and share learnings, you can also get mentored by world-renowned political, business, and humanitarian leaders.

The full meaning of CUSEF is China-United States Exchange Foundation which is a Hong Kong-based non-profit that seeks to build trust, facilitate exchange, and advance understanding between the world’s two largest economies, they are celebrating their fifteen anniversary by inviting global youth to apply for the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship to accelerate progress on the SDGs.


  • Age: Between 18-30 at the time of the One Young World Summit 2024.
  • Interest in fostering East-West exchanges.
  • Proven leadership abilities. Evidence of a strong commitment to driving change.
  • Engagement in addressing significant local and/or global issues in their work.

Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program is the last but not the least scholarship on our list and it is fully funded by the government of Canada for both international and domestic students, which has entrusted the management of the program to the consortium Canadian Bureau for International Education / World University Service of Canada since January 1st, 2015.

How Can I Find Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada?

You can find fully funded scholarships in Canada through various sources such as university websites, government scholarship portals, scholarship search engines, and international organizations.

Researching and applying for scholarships that align with your academic goals, interests, and eligibility criteria is essential.

How Can I Increase my Chances of Receiving a Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada?

To increase your chances of receiving a fully funded scholarship in Canada, focus on maintaining a strong academic record, actively participate in extracurricular activities, demonstrate leadership skills, conduct thorough research on available scholarships, tailor your application materials to each scholarship program, and seek guidance from mentors or advisors during the application process.

Start the application process early to meet deadlines and submit a well-prepared and compelling application package.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada?

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship program. Still, generally, international students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership skills, and a strong commitment to their field of study are eligible to apply.
Some scholarships may also have specific requirements based on factors like nationality, level of study, or chosen field of study.

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students


Fully funded scholarships in Canada offer a gateway to unparalleled educational opportunities for international students.

These scholarships cover tuition fees and provide comprehensive support for living expenses, travel costs, and other essentials, making studying in Canada a feasible and enriching experience.

Despite their competitive nature, with diligent preparation, a strong academic record, and a clear demonstration of leadership and commitment, international students can enhance their chances of securing these prestigious scholarships.

Ultimately, these scholarships not only empower individuals to pursue their academic dreams but also foster global collaboration and cultural exchange, contributing to a brighter and more interconnected future.


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