Top 9 Culinary Schools in Scotland

If you are interested in studying the culinary arts in Scotland, then you will find this blog post helpful in your quest of finding an excellent culinary school because most of the culinary schools in Scotland are places where you will not just receive top-quality culinary education, but also get familiar with the unique culture and traditions of Scotland.

Are Scotland’s Top culinary schools producing just good chefs, or are they fostering the next generation of culinary innovators and leaders?

Attending a culinary school in Scotland can provide students with access to top-notch instructors, experienced chefs, and valuable networking opportunities.

Students can learn from accomplished chefs who have worked in some of the world’s best restaurants and can gain exposure to the culinary industry through internships and other hands-on experiences.

Not being able to attend a culinary school can potentially limit the depth of knowledge and exposure to different cuisines and techniques that aspiring chefs can receive.

It can also mean a lack of access to experienced instructors and networking opportunities, which can be valuable assets in the competitive culinary industry.

If you are living outside Scotland, you do not have any plans of visiting but you are interested in getting quality culinary knowledge you can check out the best online culinary courses with certificates, culinary schools in Finland, and also culinary schools in Austria.

Benefits of studying culinary arts in Scotland

World-renowned culinary tradition:

Scotland has a rich culinary tradition that has been influenced by its history and geography. From haggis to fish and chips, Scottish cuisine has gained worldwide recognition, and studying culinary arts in Scotland provides an opportunity to learn from renowned chefs who have helped to develop the country’s food culture.

High-quality education:

Scotland has several reputable culinary schools that offer high-quality education in culinary arts, such as Edinburgh School of Cookery, and Edinburgh School of Food & Wine these institutions provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the culinary industry.

Diverse food culture:

Scotland’s diverse food culture provides students with the opportunity to explore a range of ingredients and cooking techniques. With access to fresh seafood, game meats, and locally grown produce, students can learn to create dishes that are unique to the region.

Job opportunities:

Scotland’s thriving tourism industry and growing food scene have created job opportunities for culinary arts graduates. With many restaurants, hotels, and catering companies in need of skilled chefs, graduates can find employment in a variety of settings.

Cultural experiences:

Studying culinary arts in Scotland can offer cultural experiences that go beyond the kitchen. Students can explore the country’s historic castles, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cities, while also learning about its traditions and customs.

Benefits of getting a diploma in the culinary arts

Comprehensive culinary education:

A diploma program in culinary arts typically provides students with a comprehensive education in all aspects of the culinary industry, including food preparation, kitchen management, and menu planning. Students can develop a range of skills and techniques that are essential for success in the industry.

Job opportunities:

The culinary industry is vast and constantly growing, and a diploma in culinary arts can provide students with the qualifications and skills needed to pursue a career in a variety of settings, such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, and catering companies.

Networking opportunities:

Diploma programs often offer students the chance to connect with industry professionals, such as chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary school faculty. This can help students build their professional network and potentially lead to job opportunities.

Hands-on experience:

Diploma programs in culinary arts often include hands-on experience, such as cooking in a commercial kitchen, preparing meals for customers, and working in a team. This can provide students with practical experience that is invaluable in the industry.

Creativity and innovation:

The culinary arts require a high degree of creativity and innovation, and a diploma program can help students develop their culinary creativity and explore new flavors and ingredients. This can lead to the creation of unique and innovative dishes that can set them apart in the industry.

Personal growth:

Pursuing a diploma in the culinary arts can be a challenging and rewarding experience that requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance. This can help students develop a sense of personal growth, self-confidence, and self-esteem that can be applied to all areas of their lives.

List of the top 9 culinary schools in Scotland

  • The cooking school in Scotland
  • Edinburgh School of Cookery
  • Edinburgh School of Food & Wine
  • Queen Margaret University
  • Oakwood Cookery School, Morray
  • Praveen Kumar’s Indian Cook School, Perth
  • Coulston School, East Lothian
  • The Larder cook school, Linvingstone
  • The Dundee Cooking Academy.

1. The cooking school, Scotland

The cooking school is one of the best culinary schools in Scotland that has over 15 different themed classes, and new classes are being added all the time, we’re sure there’s a class to suit every taste and every level whether you are a total novice or you are a professional seeking to improve your culinary skills.

The chefs in this culinary school are very friendly and are qualified chefs with years of experience they are the ones who supervise the students during their hands-on classes where students will be allowed to make different meals, this makes the students grasp a lot of things in a short period.

The cooking school, in Scotland is a culinary school that has won a lot of awards in the culinary industry such as Winner of the Tourism Award, Winner of the Ayrshire Business Excellence Award, Winner of the Excellence in Customer Service Award and so many others.

The cooking school, in Scotland, makes learning how to cook and getting familiar with other culinary skills a bit more stress-free, informative, and fun.

Before their classes get started, they deliver a box to your home with all the ingredients you will need, including instructions on the required equipment.

Contact: +441 563 550 008

Address: Moorfield Park, 7 B7081, Kilmarnock KA2 0FE, UK

2. Edinburgh School of Cookery

Edinburg School of Cookery is one of the well-renowned culinary schools in Scotland that was founded in the year 2009 and has been giving out quality culinary education most creatively and innovatively, with the aim of producing well-rounded chefs in the country of Scotland.

The teachers employed by this prestigious school are top-notch chefs who are certified with years of experience in the culinary field, they are the ones in charge of giving the students both theoretical and practical cooking classes where students can get familiar with diverse recipes and techniques.

This culinary school has taken it upon itself to provide well-equipped classrooms and kitchens which are designed for the student’s hands-on practical classes, there are also other buildings provided by this culinary school, like a team building, a dining building, and also an entertainment building.

Edinburg School of Cookery offers a wide range of cooking courses with approximately 30 different courses, these courses are very detailed and there is a cooking course for everybody at any level in the culinary field, like people who want to become chefs, food enthusiasts, and also food-business entrepreneurs.

Programs offered by Edinburg School of Cookery

  • Practical cookery diploma
  • Children and teenagers
  • One month cookery course
  • Three months intermediate
  • Three months beginners certificate courses
  • Three-day essentials
  • One and two-week courses
  • Getting ready for university
  • Evening classes
  • Beer and wine events
  • Gap year courses

Contact: +440 131 226 4314

Address: 7 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JE, UK

3. Edinburgh School of Food & Wine

Edinburgh School of Food & Wine is one of the top culinary schools in Scotland that was established in 1986 and is one of the award-winning culinary schools in Scotland and is also said to be one of the oldest culinary schools.

This culinary school is accredited by ICSA – The Independent Cookery School Association, this school despite being accredited welcomes people of all levels who are interested in learning how to cook, whether you are a beginner or you have an average knowledge of culinary but still want to upgrade your culinary skills.

They offer a variety of activities, professional chef training, leisure cookery classes, kids cookery summer camps, Sunday classes, outside catering, wedding catering, bar services which include horsebox bar, and Training courses in licensing, hospitality, and food hygiene.

Courses offered by the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine are mostly hands-on practical classes, where students are taught different culinary skills which include knife skills, kitchen safety rules, ingredient substitution, and other skills essential for students to become successful people in the culinary industry.

Courses offered by Edinburgh School of Food & Wine

  • Basic Health & Hygiene training
  • Basic and Intermediate Breads
  • Savoury and Sweet Doughs
  • Chocolate
  • Dehydration
  • Set and Frozen Desserts
  • Sauces and Dressings
  • Ice Cream & Sorbet
  • Mousses and Gateaux
  • Menu Planning
  • Food Styling & Plating

Contact: 0131 333 5001

Address: Newliston Estate The Coach House, Edinburgh EH29 9EB, UK

4. Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University is one of the top-ranked Schools of Gastronomy, Hospitality, and Tourism in Scotland that has the goal of providing students who are interested in upgrading their culinary skills with a high-quality culinary education.

This culinary school was established in the year 1875 and since then have been committed to giving top-notch education to students in culinary, hospitality, tourism, and other non-culinary related field, they welcome people of all levels with warmth.

Queen Margaret University is a school that offers cooking courses that are held in well-equipped classes that are usually small in size, these classes are this way because this school wants every student who attends these classes will be given adequate attention.

This school has trained a lot of well-renowned chefs in the country of Scotland and is still training more people in the culinary industry, students who graduate from Queen Margaret University get employed easily and are well respected in the culinary, tourism, and hospitality industry.

Contact: +44 131 474 0000

Address: Queen Margaret University Way, Musselburgh EH21 6UU, UK

5. Oakwood Cookery School, Moray

Oakwood Cookery School, Moray is one of the best culinary schools that was founded in the year 2012, and this culinary school has a network of chefs who are determined to give the world quality culinary education through innovation.

This culinary school offers a wide range of hands-on cooking courses, programs, and classes which includes evening classes, full-day classes, kids’ Birthday parties, kids’ cookery classes, and corporate classes.

Oakwood Cookery School, Moray is a school where people who are interested in becoming chefs, can learn how to make diverse dishes creatively, this culinary offers varieties of hands-on courses and classes where students learn the practical aspects of cooking in a fun-filled way.

The class offered by this culinary school has a maximum of twelve students, the cooking classes offered in this culinary school are mostly demonstrated, techniques explain, and most importantly essential cooking tips shared.

Courses offered by Oakwood Cookery School

  • Full-Day Cookery Course
  • Parent and Child Cookery Course
  • Teens Cookery Course
  • Short Day Cookery Course
  • Thai cookery
  • A Taste of Cuba
  • Chinese cookery
  • A taste of Italy
  • Quick bread

Contact: 01343 552 202

Address: The Oakwood, Forres Road, Elgin IV30 8UN, UK

6. Praveen Kumar’s Indian Cook School, Perth

Praveen Kumar’s Indian Cook School is a place where people who are interested in attending a culinary school can follow to improve their cooking skills, like learning about culinary skills like spices, essential Indian cooking techniques and so much more.

This school gives the best quality education when it comes to teaching students the practical aspect of cooking is a hands-on activity, these hands-on activities help the students the ability quickly breaks down barriers to develop team spirit and build new skills.

The cooking courses offered by this culinary school are flexible a relaxed and informal atmosphere and give each student someone to one personal tuition, this school makes learning how to cook a fun activity and you are going to be allowed to explore the world of culinary skills.

Praveen Kumar’s Indian Cook School is a culinary school in Scotland that offers quality training to its students, this is why this culinary school is considered one of the best culinary schools in Scotland, you are going to learn how to prepare diverse dishes.

Email Address:

Contact: +44 1738 444630

Address: 38 Edinburgh Rd, Perth PH2 8DR, UKty

7. Coulston Cookery School, East Lothian

Coulston Cookery School, East Lothian is one of the best culinary schools in Scotland, this school is an award-winning college that offers quality cooking courses and a range of Day and Week-long cookery courses for beginners through to experienced cooks.

This culinary school offers a wide range of cooking courses that includes Seasonal Entertaining, Foraging, Preserving, Bread Making, Introduction to Beekeeping, French Bistro, Thai, Traditional Indian, and Italian. 

Coulston Cookery School, East Lothian has a team of chefs who are committed to giving the students quality culinary education by teaching diverse culinary skills in a well-equipped kitchen where students are allowed to make meals by themselves with the supervision of professional chefs.

They also offer a wide range of culinary programs that are designed for cooks of all skill levels and their 1:5 instruction ratio means that beginners will never be left behind.

Address: Colstoun Estate, Near Haddington, Haddington EH41 4PA, UK

8. The Larder Cook School, Linvingstone

The Larder Cook School, Linvingstone is one of the culinary schools that quality cooking courses, programs, and classes, they also offer hands-on classes, these classes are held in a modernized kitchen, students are also taught the substitution of ingredients.

The chefs in this culinary school help their students develop practical, technical, and transferable skills in food preparation and cooking.

This culinary school offers the National Progression Award which introduces learners to techniques that are important in professional cookery.

The courses offered by The Larder Cook School, Linvingstone cover a lot in the culinary industry such as food hygiene, food preparation techniques, cookery processes, and organizational skills.

NPA in Professional Cookery at SCQF levels 3,4 and 4, is suitable for those currently attending school, or for adult returners who have no formal qualification in catering and may lead to employment in hospitality or next steps to College.

Contact: +441 506 412 819

Address: Unit 6 Brewster Square, Brucefield Industrial Estate, Livingston EH54 9BJ, UK

9. The Dundee Cooking Academy

The Dundee Cooking Academy is one of the well-renowned culinary schools in Scotland that offers cooking courses, programs, and the culinary arts degree in Scotland which according to research is the first of its kind, the programs offered by this culinary school are aimed at budding cooks of any level of ability and to covers a wide range of interests and specialist topics.

This culinary school welcomes people of all levels, especially beginners, there are also courses for people of all levels where they can master the basics of cooking and improve their skills in a fun-filled, relaxed, and interactive way.

The Dundee Cooking Academy offers a variety of cooking classes which are organized by a team of experienced and certified chefs and are led by Head Chef Tutor, Lewis Donegan.

This culinary school is committed to making sure that its students can learn at a much faster rate and are having fun and interactive classes students are also able to develop their food knowledge and will be presented in a highly entertaining yet casual, stress-free environment. 

Address: 5B Bank St, Dundee DD1 1RL, UK

Culinary Schools In Scotland

Can international students study culinary arts in Scotland?

Yes, international students can study culinary arts in Scotland. However, they may need to meet additional requirements such as English language proficiency and obtaining a student visa.

What are the admission requirements for culinary schools in Scotland?

Admission requirements for culinary schools in Scotland vary, but most programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent, and some may require additional qualifications or work experience. English proficiency may also be required for international students.

What kind of culinary programs are offered in Scotland?

Culinary schools in Scotland offer a variety of culinary programs, including diploma programs, certificate programs, and degree programs. Some schools may also offer specialized programs in areas such as pastry arts or wine studies.

What is the cost of studying culinary arts in Scotland?

The cost of studying culinary arts in Scotland varies depending on the school and program. International students may pay higher tuition fees than domestic students. Scholarships and financial aid may be available to help offset the cost of tuition.


In conclusion, Scotland is home to some of the best culinary schools in the world, offering exceptional programs for aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

From hands-on training to theoretical classes, these schools provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive culinary industry.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the best culinary school in Scotland for your needs and goals?


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