15 Best Small Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget (My Experience)

A new kitchen makeover is often expensive and also a bit difficult and fantastic simultaneously, are you interested in transforming your kitchen?

If yes this blog post will tell you about fifteen small kitchen makeovers on a budget, I am also going to tell you about my experience during the time I transformed the out-look of my kitchen, There are ways to make your kitchen over with minimal investment and also create space in your kitchen without doing a full redo.

Kitchens are one of the not just important places in a house but also one of the most used rooms in a house, so it’s only wise that you get a kitchen makeover that will provide enough space for you to comfortably carry out your daily activities and also have your kitchen space looking magnificent.

I have tried using different small but beautiful makeover ideas that are budget-friendly over the recent years, these ideas may include changing the painting on the walls, getting a kitchen cabinet or a multipurpose fridge are good ideas that will give your kitchen a lot of space and also give your kitchen a nice look.

Small kitchen makeovers on a budget

When I was transforming my kitchen I got this fridge above and it is a multipurpose fried Instead of getting a fridge and a freezer separately you can get this kind of fridge, you can put your chicken and other things you want to be frozen in the freezer which is above, and your vegetable and drinks in the fridge, this kind of fried saves space and also gives your kitchen a nice look.

Upgrading your kitchen’s look and also creating space in your kitchen can mean changing several things like the cabinets, getting a better fridge, painting your walls, or swapping your color pallets, You can even decide to change the furniture, all this can be achieved even if you are on a budget.

Read ahead to find out more

List Of Small Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget (My Experience)

  • Using Of Light Colors
  • Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Your Cabinets
  • Install Lighting
  • Vintage Kitchen Stools
  • Add A Dark Color In The Middle Of A Bright Place In Your Kitchen
  • Painting Cabinets
  • Open shelving
  • Washable kitchen rug
  • Mix-and-Match Vitality
  • Coral Addition To Cabinets
  • Replace the Cupboard and Cabinets Doors
  • Decorate Your Fridge With Wallpaper
  • Hanging Rail
  • Label Your Container
  • Make Sure the kitchen is Always Clean

1. Using Of Light Colors

I do not like light colors but hey light colors can spice things up especially if you are dealing with a dull, maybe brown or black stormy kitchen, You can make things look magnificent with a white theme instead, you can touch up the white colors using a brown lovely tile, this blends out the look of your kitchen.

You can decide to go for completely white cabinets or even a grayscale color, The cabinet will suffice, lighter colors will end up giving your kitchen a classic, clean, and modern look If you look at this image you will see that darker colors give your kitchen a dull and stormy look.

small kitchen makeovers on a budget

2. Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Your Cabinets

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a new look with minimal investment is to add a new color or maybe change the color of your cabinet, You can paint your cabinet yourself to give it a new look, your cabinet might be black, grey, brown or any other moody color but giving a lighter color will make your kitchen inviting over something simple and easy-to-ignore.

There is a paint that is specially made for cabinets You can get one for your cabinet redo, When changing the outlook of your kitchen very few things can make a huge difference, You can decide to alter your cabinets look by decorating the cabinet hinges, cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls and cabinet handles.

3 Install Lighting

Extra lighting can make a significant impact on the way you feel when you look at your kitchen, I love a well-illuminated kitchen, a well-illuminated kitchen gives me a feeling of warmth and lights can give your kitchen a relaxed and serene look, When I was changing the outlook of my kitchen this lighting method gave my kitchen a nice touch.


Looking at this image above you can see that the extra lightening effects gave this kitchen a nice and classy look, With minimal investment you can get task lights, such as spotlights, over the worktops; halogen bulbs on the extractor; and overhead lighting with ambient light in a dining area.

Installing lights is very different from changing or painting your cabinet which you can do by yourself to save cost, When it comes to installing lights you have to make sure you get a professional electrician so that you will be able to avoid certain complications that you may not be able to handle yourself.

4. Vintage Kitchen Stools

small kitchen makeovers on a budget

Looking at the stools in the image above you will see that Vintage kitchen tools can give your kitchen a different video and different look, If you are not a fan of dull colors you can decorate with a row of stylish pearls or a row of classic pendant lights, you can even switch things up a bit by painting the furniture.

Before painting you can research the best shade for the kitchen stool, I love my vintage stool in its natural state but I know it might be different for you my dear reader, Vintage kitchen stools can add an extra charm to the look of your kitchen, you can get vintage cookware at affordable prices.

You can also get other vintage cookware like vintage dressers with glass doors or repurposed furniture, All this can be used to achieve a different but classic look, you can even visit some charity shops, car boot sales, or other places where you can find vintage materials.

5. Add A Dark Color In The Middle Of A Bright Place In Your Kitchen

Being on a budget does not limit you from giving your kitchen a classic look, Looking at the island kitchen above you can see that the freestanding cabinet or countertop is accessible from all sides, the color of the cabinet is black while most parts of the kitchen are in light colors gives the a nice look.

6. Painting Cabinets

You can spice up the look of your kitchen by changing the color of your cabinet, Painting your cabinet is something you can do by yourself to save cost since we are on a budget, Before you engage in painting your cabinet on your own you should remember you can watch youtube videos or tutorials on how to paint kitchen cabinets.

I can brief you on how I did mine, My cabinets have been previously painted and my cabinets were painted previously with a water-based product which means I was able to paint over them without encountering any problems, but your case might be different.

If your cabinet has been painted before there are chances the product used to paint it before was oil-based or a two-party spray, You will have to use a primer-sealer first, this primer will ensure that the paint adheres properly after application and it also prevents the paint from peeling or flaking.

Sometimes on rare occasions, you may need to go over your paint finish with a clear decorator’s varnish to protect the paint from chipping, flaking, or even peeling.

7. Open Shelving

Open Shelving Is the Budget-Friendly Secret to Completing Your Kitchen Now, open shelving allows you to put more colors and patterns into your kitchen space, The secret of maintaining open shelving is neatness and organization, this pattern of shelving does not work for everyone especially those who do not want to put their mismatched plates on full display.

I love the open shelving because it allows you to break up the monotony of the cabinets, Not every kitchen space needs pen shelve because open shelving is like the focal point in a kitchen this means that not every kitchen needs that focal point to look classic, open shelving is very affordable.

Open shelving can cost as little as $60 if you do not consult a professional but if you want to consult a professional it will cost more, You can also reduce the cost of open shelving by strategically selecting your materials, and you can also decide not to use metal and glass to reduce the cost fo the open shelve.

You can remove the door of your cabinets to create open shelving, This process will cost you little or no money, but you should always remember to keep the cabinet neat and organised because without a cabinet door, you will not be able to hide any mess or untidyness.

8. Washable Kitchen Rug

 small kitchen makeovers on a budget

Kitchen rugs can help prevent drink spills from damaging the floors of your kitchen, Adding a kitchen rug to your space gives your kitchen a warm and inviting atmosphere while still making your life in your kitchen space easier, I know adding a rug in your kitchen might not sound like a good idea but trust me it is a nice idea.

A rug can also give your kitchen an extensive look even if you are on a budget, In my opinion, the best place to place a rug is in front of the sink because it is the most used place in every kitchen space and it also gives your feet a warm feeling while doing the dishes, making a meal or chopping some vegetables.

If you have a washing machine you can go for a machine washable rug, This will help make your cleaning life easier, A kitchen rug is capable of giving you a comforting and satisfying feeling whenever you make use of your kitchen space, I will advise you to get a washable kitchen rug.

9. Mix-and-Match Vitality

Mixing and matching is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a nice out-look, This Mix-and-Match Vitality is a kitchen makeover style that involves the use of different objects, styles, and products together to get an effective, creative, attractive, and beautiful out-look to your kitchen space.

During my time when I was trying to transform my kitchen, I decide to reface my cabinets by adding glass inserts to the doors of my cabinets, after that I adorned my kitchen drawers with nickel knobs, you can also decide to make your design your floor in an asymmetric pattern this will give your kitchen a modern and beautiful look.

Decorating or transforming your kitchen can be very fun especially when you are trying to introduce frivolity and fun to your kitchen one of the best makeover ideas is mixing and matching kitchen cabinet styles, colors, materials, and other things that can be used to decorate your kitchen.

10. Coral Addition To Cabinets

As a person who is interested in transforming your kitchen are you looking for a way to make your kitchen look fresh, modern, bright, feminine, and spunky?

Do you want your kitchen space to give you a feeling of warmth, neatness, and a playful vibe?

Adding a coral design to your cabinets or even your kitchen as a whole will give your kitchen a stylish and cheerful look, You can use bright coral colors to spice up a brown cabinet, or you can pair your coral colors with creamy shades, This combination taupe and white this combination will give your kitchen a delicate look.

Adding coral designs to your kitchen is affordable Even if you are on a budget this kind of design will not cost too much, and the coral colors also go well with blue colors, and green colors.

You can also decide not to make the coral colors the center of attraction this can be achieved by using it as a bright spot-detailing, For example, you can use coral chairs or towels with the coral color, this pattern of design can act as the focal point of your kitchen without giving it an overwhelming look.

11. Replace the Cupboard and Cabinets Doors

The Replacement of your cupboards and cabinets is one of the small kitchen makeovers on a Budget, In some occasions or situations painting might be enough to give your kitchen space a new look you can replace the doors of your cupboards, cabinets, and drawers front, this will save you the cost of buying a new cabinet or cupboard.

You can also improvise by mixing the doors that have patterns and those that are plain This will give your kitchen a stylish look, If you are kitchen is an island you can decide to give your freestanding cabinet or countertop that is accessible from all sides a bold patterned front this will make it the center of attraction in your kitchen space.

12. Decorate Your Fridge With Wallpaper

If you can not afford an already decorated fridge you can spice up the look of your boring old fridge or even freezer with a roll of wallpaper that you can attach to your fridge with double-sided sticky tape this method is not permanent which means you can still change the look of your fridge from time to time.

If you want a more permanent method of decorating your fridge you get creative by using spray paint to design your fridge, There are hacks you can use you just need to watch a few YouTube videos and you will be ready to give your fridge a splash of color, There are also tutorial videos you can watch on youtube to ease your decorating journey.

13. Hanging Rail

Getting a hanging rail for your kitchen is one of the small kitchen makeovers on a budget, Some people do not really like the idea of an open shelve, in this case, you can go for a hanging rail because, with a hanging rail, there are more opportunities to hang utility rails for pots, pans, utensils and other hardworking kitchen items.

In a small kitchen where storage space is limited, it is not always easy to find space for pots and pans because these kitchen utensils are space hogs in situations like this a hanging rail is the ultimate solution to the limitation of space in your kitchen.

Even if you have massive storage for pots and pans, sometimes where these utensils are situated may require a lot of bending over, squatting, and digging around in a cabinet or low drawer to fetch what’s needed.

Well-placed pot rails are very affordable and effective for people who have small kitchens and are also on a budget.

14. Label Your Containers

Labeling the containers in your kitchen is one of the small kitchen makeovers on a budget, You can use waterproof chalkboard labels or make your clay swing tags, I have also tried using paint markers, and it’s a very good method when it comes to labeling containers.

You can watch tutorials online on how to make beautiful hand-drawn labels for your jars, you can also get extra jars to practice what you have learned from the tutorials, these little things can give your kitchen an organized and classic look.

15. Make Sure the kitchen is Always Clean

This is one of the cheapest small kitchen makeovers on a budget because it costs almost nothing to always keep your kitchen neat is something that gives your kitchen a pleasant look, and thorough cleaning is one of the ways to make sure your kitchen is looking new and fresh.

You should also learn how to clean your gas cooker or other appliances if you have marble worktops, make sure you avoid using anything harsh or abrasive or you might end up scratching the surface.

Where can I find inspiration and ideas for my small kitchen makeover on a budget?

You can find inspiration from home improvement websites, magazines, social media platforms like Pinterest, and even by visiting local home improvement stores.

Should I hire a professional for my small kitchen makeover, or is it possible to DIY?

It depends on your skills and the complexity of the project. Many budget-friendly updates, like painting and small repairs, can be DIY, but for major changes, it may be wise to consult a professional.

How Can I Make A Cheap Kitchen Look Good?

A great tip to make a cheap kitchen look good is to replace flimsy hardware with smarter styles. Handles, locks, and latches can all be easily replaced and if you opt for on-trend brass or matt black choices, they can elevate your kitchen instantly.

Another way to achieve good looks with budget kitchen ideas is with great styling. Stylishly displaying accessories and plants will make those items become the hero and the eye will be led away from the dull design of your kitchen cabinets.

Plants, whether fresh or faux, will always bring life and energy to a space and are a cheap way to update the decor.

small kitchen makeovers on a budget


In summary, making over your small kitchen on a budget is not just attainable but can also be highly effective in converting your kitchen into a practical and trendy area.

With proper planning, design, and materials, you can get a beautiful and practical kitchen that suits your requirements without spending too much.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or seek the assistance of a pro, bear in mind that even minor changes can have a significant impact and that innovation and ingenuity are essential in achieving your ideal kitchen.


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