10 Best No-experience Cooking Jobs

Getting a job in the culinary sector with or without a degree is not easy, I know you think that getting a degree in the culinary arts will make your job hunting easier and yes you are right, but you should be ready to start small, that is why I would not advise you to go in dept to get a degree in the culinary arts.

After getting that degree you might still start your culinary journey in a dish room or as an assistant prep cook, I am not trying to discourage you from getting a degree or trying to pursue a career in the culinary industry, to succeed you have to make sure that you have the work ethic, drive, and attention to detail.

How can no-experience cooking jobs serve as a stepping stone to a flavorful career in the culinary industry?

If you are a student who is looking forward to upgrading your hands-on experience, this article has a list of carefully written cooking jobs for students with no experience there’s an advantage that comes with taking part in such jobs and that is having real-life experience, and getting to learn different cooking techniques.

In this blog post, I will talk about how to become a chef with no experience, the advantages that come with taking up one of these cooking jobs, and how they can upgrade your cooking skills, some answers to the questions related to this article will be provided in the article.

Meaning of Cooking Job

A “cooking job” generally refers to employment or work that involves preparing food in a professional setting. This can encompass various roles and responsibilities within the culinary industry.

Here are a few examples:

A chef is a professional cook who typically oversees the kitchen operations in restaurants, hotels, catering companies, or other food establishments.

They are responsible for creating menus, supervising kitchen staff, managing food preparation, ensuring food safety and quality, and sometimes interacting with customers.

A line cook works under the supervision of a chef and is responsible for preparing specific dishes or components of meals according to recipes and standards set by the establishment.

They may work on different stations in the kitchen, such as grill, sauté, or pastry.

The sous chef is the second-in-command in the kitchen and assists the head chef in various tasks, including food preparation, menu planning, inventory management, and supervising kitchen staff.

They often step in to manage the kitchen without the head chef.

How to Become a Chef with No Experience

We all at one point are void of experience and experience is a crucial factor in every job sector, I know becoming a chef with no prior knowledge is challenging. Still, it is possible with dedication, willingness, and determination, every organization wants a person who has experience.

Researching is the first step to take, you have to know about the culinary industry, the different types of culinary chefs, cuisine, and if possible food cultures, read about cooking styles, techniques, and ingredients, and you can decide to network with people who share the same goals.

To become a chef you need to have cooking skills, you can start learning basic cooking skills, you can take up cooking courses online and practice in the comfort of your home or you can attend a culinary or chef school, there are a lot of online resources and cooking tutorials at your disposable.

Getting a formal culinary education will facilitate your culinary journey, attending a culinary school and taking up culinary-related courses both online and offline will provide you with the opportunity to learn from qualified and experienced chefs, and build quality relationships with your teacher.

Hands-on experience is what every chef needs to perfect his or her skills, you can consider working in a restaurant or taking up a job that is related to cooking, this way you can work while gaining real-life experience, you can apply for positions like dishwasher, prepare cooking ingredients, or kitchen assistant.

Apprenticeship or internship, learn from experienced chefs, build a network of people who share the same goals and interests as you, and be willing to start and dare to do something different, the goal is to be unique, so do not forget to practice consistently because it is the key to success.

List of No-Experience Cooking Jobs

  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Dishwasher
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Pot Washer
  • Food Service Worker
  • Food Service Assistant
  • Prep Cook
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaner

Kitchen Assistant

To be a kitchen assistant you should be comfortable working with kitchen equipment, a kitchen assistant is someone who assists the line cook and sous chef, your primary duties as a kitchen assistant include stocking ingredients, slicing produce, cutting meat into portions, and sometimes cleaning the kitchen.

You have to prepare your mind and self before applying for the position of kitchen assistant because your range of duties in detail includes:

  • Washing, peeling, and preparing food ingredients
  • Using equipment such as mixers, special knives, and cutters
  • Reviewing kitchen inventory and determining what items are needed
  • Unloading fresh supplies and organizing the stockroom
  • Checking sell-by dates and rotating food stock
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances, ovens, dishes and pans
  • Observing cooking times and correct temperatures

By the time you work as a kitchen assistant for one to two years your hands-on experience, cooking skills, observation skills, and other culinary skills will be better than they were on your first day of work.

Kitchen cleaner

A kitchen cleaner is referred to as someone whose responsibility is to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of a kitchen, they are in charge of cleaning and sanitizing the tables, cutting boards, and countertops, as a kitchen cleaner you should be able to effectively remove cooking grease, grime, food, oils and much more from the kitchen surface.

Sometimes a kitchen cleaner is allowed to manage tasks related to food preparation, they also part take maintaining kitchen equipment, by so doing you will be able to learn how to make use of a lot of cooking equipment, and the basic skills needed to know how to prepare and manage food.

You can become a kitchen cleaner with little or no experience, it can take you a month to get the necessary on-the-job training which includes learning and also researching,  cleaning procedures, sanitation regulations, and proper use of cleaning equipment, depending on where you work, you will be learning all about the company policies.


I know being a dishwasher may not sit well with you but you have to start somewhere, you have to take a step even if they are baby steps, being a dishwasher is one of the easiest no-experience cooking jobs, so applying for the post of a dishwasher will increase your chance of exposed to the on-job culinary experience.

As a dishwasher, you will be opportune to receive on-job training to learn the basics of learning appliances and how to sanitize the kitchen effectively, you will also acquire communication skills because as a dishwasher you are a kitchen staff, you should be able to communicate with other kitchen staffs effectively.

  • Clearing excess food from dishes and loading dishes into the industrial dishwasher
  • Washing fragile glassware by hand if necessary
  • Drying and putting away clean dishes
  • Cleaning small kitchen appliances, such as blenders, coffee machines, mixers and toasters 
  • Emptying and cleaning trash and recycling receptacles
  • Following sanitation guidelines
  • Cleaning spills or broken dishes
  • Reporting sanitation or mechanical issues to the supervisor

This list above is an overall summary of the duties that can be entrusted to the hand of a dishwasher.

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff is one of the no-experience cooking jobs, the duties of a kitchen staff include assisting in the preparation of food and maintaining the cleanliness of dishes, workstations, storing ingredients, and food storage facilities, with time you can work yourself up to any point you want in the culinary industry.

It depends on the institution or organization you want to for, some culinary establishments can hire you with no experience and provide you with on-the-job training, while their establishments will want you to have a High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Thorough knowledge of food safety procedures.
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and multitasking abilities.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to lift to 50 pounds.
  • Capacity to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to stand for extended periods.
  • Ability to work shifts, over weekends, and on public holidays, as needed.

Possessing the qualities I mentioned above will make your journey as a kitchen easier while working you will be gaining real-life experience.

Pot Washer

A pot washer is someone who follows cleaning checklists and keeps the pots in the kitchen clean, their duties may also include keeping the kitchen and cooking equipment clean, he/she cleans and sanitizes the whole galley, fridge, and freezer, including floors, walls, steps leading below and elevator according to the USPH standard.

As of Apr 21, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Pot Washer in the United States is $14.43.

While hourly wages are as high as $18.51 and as low as $8.17, most Pot Washer wages currently range between $12.50 (25th percentile) to $16.11 (75th percentile) across the United States.

The average pay range for a Pot Washer varies greatly (by as much as $3.61), which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience.

Food Service Worker

A food service worker can be said to be someone who not only prepares meals but also ensures that the kitchen and dining area are clean and safe, they do not necessarily need to do the cleaning by themselves, they have to make sure that the dishwasher, kitchen cleaner, and the other kitchen staffs do their job.

A food service worker can work in restaurants and other food-related institutions, your duties as a service worker vary with position and the kind of organization you work for, so you will be opportune to receive on-job training to meet additional qualifications, especially for entry-level positions.

An average food service worker is paid $16.22 an hour.

Food Service Assistant

A Food Service Assistant typically works in settings, like restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, or schools. Their responsibilities include assisting with food preparation, serving meals, cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment and areas, and ensuring food safety standards are met.

They might also help with inventory management, taking orders, and interacting with customers.

The pay for a Food Service Assistant can vary widely depending on factors like location, level of experience, type of establishment (e.g., restaurant, hospital, school), and whether the position is full-time or part-time.

In the United States, for example, the average hourly wage for a Food Service Assistant ranges from around $9 to $16 per hour, with the median wage being around $12 per hour.

However, this can be higher in certain areas with a higher cost of living or in positions that require specialized skills or experience.

Prep Cook

A prep cook is a kitchen staff member responsible for preparing food items before they are cooked or served. Their main tasks include chopping vegetables, preparing meats, making sauces, and measuring ingredients according to recipes.

Prep cooks often work in restaurants, catering companies, hotels, or other food service establishments. They play a crucial role in ensuring that all ingredients are ready and organized for the chefs or cooks who will finish the dishes and serve them to customers.

The average hourly wage for a prep cook typically ranges from around $10 to $17 per hour, with the median wage being around $13 per hour.

Kitchen Deep Cleaner

A Kitchen Deep Cleaner is a professional who specializes in the thorough cleaning of commercial kitchens.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that all areas of the kitchen, including equipment, surfaces, floors, and storage areas, are properly cleaned, sanitized, and maintained to meet health and safety standards.

The pay for a Kitchen Deep Cleaner can vary depending on factors such as location, level of experience, the size of the establishment, and whether the work is done independently or as part of a cleaning service team.

In the United States, for example, the average hourly wage for a Kitchen Deep Cleaner typically ranges from around $11 to $20 per hour, with the median wage being around $14 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about how to go to culinary school for free and answers to questions you might have.

What are the typical Duties of a No-experience Cook?

Typical duties may include assisting with food preparation tasks such as chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients, assembling dishes, cleaning and sanitizing work areas, and following recipes under the guidance of more experienced chefs or cooks.

What are the Opportunities for Advancement in No-experience Cooking Jobs?

No-experience cooking jobs can be a stepping stone to more advanced culinary positions.

With dedication, hard work, and gaining experience on the job, cooks can progress to roles such as line cook, prep cook, sous chef, and eventually head chef with additional training and experience.

How can I Prepare for a No-experience Cooking Job Interview?

To prepare for a no-experience cooking job interview, familiarize yourself with basic cooking terminology, demonstrate enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, highlight any relevant skills or experiences (even if not in a professional kitchen), and be prepared to discuss why you are interested in starting a career in the culinary industry.

No Experience in Cooking Jobs


No-experience cooking jobs serve as valuable entry points into the culinary industry, offering opportunities for individuals to gain hands-on experience, develop essential skills, and carve out a rewarding career path.

While these positions may start at entry-level wages, they provide a stepping stone for advancement, allowing cooks to progress to higher-level roles with dedication and continuous learning.

With the right mindset, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn, no-experience cooks can embark on a fulfilling journey in the dynamic and diverse world of culinary arts.


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