8 Best Culinary Schools In New Zealand For International Students

With a bouquet of options available, one would ask which of the culinary schools in New Zealand for international students are considered the best?

That is answered by this post as we have skimmed through the myriad of culinary schools and other institutes in New Zealand for international students to bring you those which are considered by many on the international scene as the best universities.

So, with an unbiased mind, I present you with the 8 best culinary schools in New Zealand for international students.

Just like there are magnificent culinary schools in Switzerland for international students there are also amazing culinary schools in New Zealand for international students that have solid culinary backgrounds and are interested in offering both national and international students value.

New Zealand is an ideal study location for individuals seeking adventure, with breathtaking natural scenery, pleasant and hospitable people, and good universities.

Over 106,000 foreign students are already studying in New Zealand; if you’re interested in joining them, keep reading to learn about the programs offered by these culinary schools and other essential details.

List Of Culinary Schools In New Zealand For International Students

  • Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand
  • Auckland university of technology
  • Otago Polytechnique
  • Eastern institute of technology
  • Waikato institute of technology
  • Ara Institute of Canterbury
  • Manukau institute of technology
  • University College of Learning

1. Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand

Le Cordon Bleu is one of the culinary schools that accept international students interested in studying the culinary arts, this school offers Culinary Certificates, Diplômes, Le Grand Diplôme, bachelor of culinary arts, and business degrees.

Studying in this culinary school exposes you to learning through workshops with embedded theory, and on-site industry visits, you will be equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the culinary industry by offering quality classes and culinary programs.

As an international student who is going to study at Le Cordon Bleu, you should ensure that your passport will not expire while you are studying, there if you receive confirmation that you have been offered admission to study in this culinary institute, you can apply for the student visa.

To apply for the student visa, you must complete an ‘Application to Study in New Zealand’ form INZ 1012 or a ‘Visitor Visa Application’ form INZ 1014 if you intend to study for less than 3 months.

List Of Things To Do To Gain Your Visa Successfully You Will Need;

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the travel date
  • An official ‘Offer of Place’ at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand
  • A receipt for the payment of your tuition fees
  • Evidence of confirmed accommodation in Wellington
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses and return flights home (see visa application form section F5)
  • Evidence of valid medical and travel insurance for your term of study (which we can provide for our students, see letter of offer)
  • One or two character references

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Address: 52 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

2. Auckland University Of Technology

This University of Technology offers quality programs on culinary and non-culinary programs, this university is one of the culinary schools in New Zealand for international students, and they offer programs like culinary arts-major-bachelor of Arts.

The Course Available For A Person Majoring In Culinary Arts Includes;

  • CULN510 Professional culinary arts
  • CULN611Anatomy of a dish
  • GAST601 Gastronomy
  • CULN702 Food Ethics and Sustainability
  • CULN703 Contemporary Cuisine In Aotearoa

Taking a program in the culinary arts offered by this university will provide you with an overview of the critical skills and techniques needed to be a professional in the culinary arts, the advanced theoretical and practical aspect is covered in the student’s curriculum.

This school makes sure that its programs give you in-depth knowledge about food science and technology ethics, and your creativity and innovation will be enhanced, this school has a wide range of options for students who are coming from secondary school and professionals who want to upgrade their skills.

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Address: 55 Wellesley Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

3. Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic is one of the schools in New Zealand that offers both national and international students the chance to study the culinary arts, studying the culinary arts at this polytechnic will provide you with the essential cooking skills needed to be a market leader in the ever-evolving world of food.

This school provides students with the necessary equipment and facilities needed for them to practice and master the art of culinary, kitchens that are well equipped with a modern approach to the culinary arts, teachers, and staff that are qualified and certified.

During your learning journey in this culinary school, you will be taught how to focus on your creativity when it comes to the preparation of meals, sensory experiences behind the ingredients, and develop an understanding of business principles. 

This school allows students to explore and experiment during their learning journey, they are allowed to prepare and design dishes in test kitchens, and they also have a food truck students get to design all the dishes that will be displayed in the food truck, which helps them master their skills.

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Address: Forth Street, Dunedin North, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

4. Eastern Institute Of Technology

Eastern Institute of Technology accepts international students who are interested in studying the culinary arts, you can make a career out of your passion for food, and the culinary programs offered by this school will equip you with the necessary skills needed for you to kickstart a career in the culinary industry.

Learning the preparation of meals in this institute of technology will require you to cook different meals with different types of meat you will also be required to consume meats of all kinds so if you are vegan or on a specialized diet, you should talk to the school authorities before applying.

They offer a certificate in cookery (Level 3) program is a program that will give in-depth about the culinary arts, this school exposes you to numerous opportunities such as your first employment opportunities in food establishments like restaurants and hotels.

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Address: 501 Gloucester Street, Taradale, Napier 4112, New Zealand

5. Waikato Institute Of Technology

All International students enrolling with Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) (including group students) MUST have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while in New Zealand. Your insurance must cover you from the beginning of your studies until at least the expiry date of your student visa.

This culinary school is one of the rare culinary schools in New Zealand that has the aim of helping students who have a passion for cooking turn their passion for cooking into a Career by teaching the students the art and science of balancing their creativity through various culinary skills.

Waikato Institute of Technology for culinary arts offers students the opportunity to go for an externship where they will be allowed to apply the skills they have successfully learned at this prestigious university, this externship takes place at places like Hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other food service industries both nationally and otherwise.

As an aspirant in the culinary industry, you should consider getting a degree from this culinary school because it is sure to help you in your quest to become a certified and qualified culinary professional, chef, and other culinary-related positions.

Address: Tristram Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand

6. Ara Institute Of Canterbury

Ara Institute of Canterbury is a school that has the resources needed to turn the passion of people who are interested in cooking into a meaningful career in the culinary industry, they offer different certificates in the culinary industry, and you can also continue your culinary education in pursuit of a culinary associates degree.

The classes offered by this culinary institute are designed to help students upgrade their cooking skills, these classes are where students are taught fundamental culinary skills like knife skills, and other diverse culinary skills needed for students to succeed in the culinary and hospitality industry.

Students are allowed to explore and create new ideas in a well-equipped kitchen, where they are taught by professional chefs how to manage a commercial cooking kitchen, different culinary procedures, knife skills, substitution of ingredients, food presentation, and how to make use of different cooking utensils and equipment.

Address: Madras Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

7. Manukau Institute Of Technology

This institution is one of the rare schools that will teach not only about food, preparation of food, and presentation of food, they also do their best to enlighten students on the business aspect of the culinary and hospitality industry because if you want to become successful in the culinary industry you need to know different business strategies.

Attending this culinary school will teach you a whole lot about the processing of meats, safety kitchen rules, hygiene, and how to make healthy meals by choosing healthy ingredients, they offer courses online that can be completed fully online, which means you can learn how to cook at the comfort of your home.

They also give students the opportunity to study back-of-house operations and also prepare them to be able to run their own restaurants, food service companies, hotel, and restaurants, they offer programs in culinary management, restaurant management, tourism, and hospitality

Address: 53 Otara Road, Ōtara, Auckland 2023, New Zealand

8. Universal College Of Learning

University College of Learning offers different courses, classes, and culinary programs which involve diplomas in global culinary arts, professional culinary arts, and chef catering courses, the courses offered by this school also enlighten students about food business management, and also the art of customer service.

This culinary school also makes sure that they are able to ignite the passion for cooking in each of the students, depending on the course you are taking up this culinary school offers certificates at the end of most of their programs, and students are also given the opportunity to go for internships where they are able to apply their knowledge in real life situations.

The students in this culinary school are taught the art and science of cooking in an innovative way, students are also allowed to operate in the restaurants near their campuses where students perfect their cooking skills by putting them into practice and also strive to be creative.

What Are The Prospects For International Culinary Students After Completing Their Studies In New Zealand?

Graduates of culinary programs in New Zealand may have opportunities to work in various roles within the culinary and hospitality industry.

Some students may also choose to explore entrepreneurship and start their own food-related businesses.

The post-study work visa options for international students vary, so it’s important to stay informed about immigration regulations and job prospects.

Please note that specific details and policies may change over time, so it’s recommended to verify information with the relevant institutions before making any decisions.

Are There Any Scholarships Available For International Students Pursuing Culinary Education In New Zealand?

Some culinary schools in New Zealand may offer scholarships or financial aid opportunities for international students.

It’s advisable to check with individual schools for information on available scholarships and application procedures.

What Is The Duration Of Culinary Programs In New Zealand?

The duration of culinary programs in New Zealand can vary.

Certificate and diploma programs may range from a few months to a year, while degree programs can take two to three years to complete.

Culinary schools in New Zealand for international students


In summary, culinary schools in New Zealand offer a great opportunity for international students who are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts.

With a wide range of programs and courses offered, students can gain valuable skills and experience while also experiencing the unique culture and cuisine of New Zealand.

Whether you are interested in traditional cooking techniques or innovative culinary trends, there is a program that will suit your needs and help you achieve your career goals.

With the support of experienced instructors and a welcoming community, culinary students in New Zealand can look forward to a bright future in the food industry.

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